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New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 7


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New Horizons is the official weekly bulletin for the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Perth.

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New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 7

  1. 1. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Last Week’s Manna Industries, Interact update, Responsibilities of Update on Meeting Young cook Letter to PM about Members, members, Gillian Yudelman update, Group Polio, PR scoop, Directories, Bill Birthdays informs members study exchange New Generations and Sue Hassell Page 4 about Maiti Nepal hosts needed Chair is Peter have a new one of our Durrant granddaughter, RAWCS Projects Ian Westoby Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 Page 4 Meeting posts between India an end to trafficking – a The Club was and Nepal. She has shame to humanity. delighted to have Wednesday 10th placed 5 trained girls at visitors Tas Dhillon, August A great presentation by 10 border crossings, Calum Foulner and who check every Gillian and Clifford – Carina Marshall withMaiti Nepal was vehicle in order to emotive and us for the meeting.started by CNN Hero, identify traffickers and informative. Thank youAnuradha Koirala in trafficked girls. so much for telling us1993. Around 15,000 Between 50-60 girls are about her organisation,girls, aged 7-24, are Meeting intercepted daily, and and for assistingtrafficked from Nepal currently this project is Anuradha and Maiti Wednesday, 17thto India each year. being supported by a Nepal . AugustCurrently, there arebetween 150,000- RAWCS project www.MothersHome Next meeting is a300,000 Nepalese girls through our club, so all donations are tax Vocational Visit toworking, against their deductable. Anuradha EmbroidMe, Stirlingwill, in brothels in is determined to do Hwy, Claremont (nearIndia. Anuradha has whatever it takes to put Loch St). There willrescued over 12,000 NOT be a meeting invictims, who return to the cafe at BethesdaNepal, where she Hospital. Same time asprovides them with usual, 5.45pmfood and shelter,medical care, As you know, the RCpsychological FB does not have thecounselling, and skills usual ‘Fines Sessions’training. Because a as their small weeklylarge number of fundraiser that all otherrescued girls are Rotary Clubs have, weinfected with AIDS, she instead run a raffle,also runs two hospices. which, whilst notHer most innovative Speakers Gillian and Clifford Yudelman compulsory, we ask asproject is at the border many members toRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. support as possible, as knitted bears and has kindly offered to contact Ken if you canwithout funds the Club blankets from residents help. unable to carry out at St Louis Estate wereprojects. Graeme Bain collected by Manna RYDA is being held between 9.00am and 4.00pm at Lathlain Young Cook Oval, Roberts Rd, Carlisle. It’s a great Jenny Gill reported that opportunity to see a 320 letters have gone wonderful Youth out to all metropolitan project in Primary Schools. Jenny, action. Contact with the assistance of Hamish if you are able her father Les to come, even for a Robinson, stuffed short while. envelopes (that Les had addressed) last weekend. Guests Tas Dhillon and Carina Marshall Group Study The Website is nowhas generously offered industries on 10th activeto give the Club a towel August. Exchange Hosts a raffle prize, which so take a look and also Host families arehe suggests is drawn They will make good please take every required for the Groupearly so he can use of all of these opportunity to promote items. Study Exchange Teamembroider the winners from Fiji to Wiluna 6- the Young Cookname on the towel as a 10th September and 8- competition to all you A Certificate ofdemonstration. It will know. Appreciation has been 10th October. Pleasebe a great opportunity don’t think you have to signed by Pres. Bryant Many thanks to Jennyto purchase those be a couple to which will be given to for all her hard work,‘extra’ tickets. host. Hosting by our St Louis Estate. along with theGraeme will tell unattached members invaluable assistance is just asmembers about a rendered by her acceptable. It’s another‘Franchised Business’, brother, niece and dad Rotary Youth way to gain firsthandand show us what Les. Let’s hope the Driver Awarenesshappens atEmbroidMe. An urgent need for at least one more volunteer at RYDA on Club Dues this Tuesday, 16th August is required toA reminder has been assist with handingsent to all members around morning teawho have not yet paid and lunch betweendues. Treasure Toni 10.00am and 1.30pm.will be pleased toreceive your money. Members who have Les Robinson stuffing envelopes for Young Cook volunteered on the day are Pres. Bryant, experience of one of Hamish, Jen, Mignon, fundraiser is an Rotary’s programs andManna Industries Ken and Di. Also, our outstanding success to learn something DGE from the RC and that this successThe caps from Ange about the people and Perth, Phillip Skelton increases annually, asCampbell’s work and culture of Fiji. Please has happened withRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. other fundraisers that schools in that State distributed to each Are you sending yourJenny has conceived for and they too have member in attendance club bulletin to theRocky Bay namely agreed to seriously at last Wednesday’s Local Press, Local‘Little Miss Crowning look at this request. Di meeting and other GovernmentGlory” and “Little has asked Claudia to members will be given Councillor, StateAussie Smiler”. also investigate if NSW a copy to sign and post Member of Parliament, Water Authority will at subsequent Federal Member of do likewise. meetings. PRID Ken Parliament, local had prepared schools? Microscopes in envelopes for each Schools member to post off Do you sell your club The Interact Club their letter, however as at every opportunity?A large volume of of Freshwater Bay he was not at thecorrespondence Please contact PDG Ian meeting (and hadcontinues to transpire The Interact Club, Murray if you need forgotten to tell the Sec.with this project. Two under the any assistance to get ) they were notmore Clubs, Ballajura leadership of Dir your Public Relations distributed.and Manjimup, have Hamish and Jen is policy working in yourresponded to requests going strongly. In this month’s RDU club.from schools for magazine the letter is PE Kathleen Elliott is reproduced on P. 35. loving Interact. She 9276 7977 office reported that their 0414 9276 79 mobile fundraising ‘Talent’ PR comes under the show is progressing PR ‘Scoop’ from Club Service Director well. No doubt when it in Rotary Clubs. PDG Ian Murray, is held the Interactors District Chair will look to members of our Rotary Club to Have you appointed a New Generations – support them by Public Relations/Media Dist. Chair is Peterunits. The RCFB will attending the event officer for your club which will be later Durrantprovide microscopes yet?for Quintilian and in the year. New GenerationsDalkeith Primary Has your club got a covers those activitiesSchools from the next budget for PR and programs in theshipment which is due purposes? Letter to the PM on District which arethis month. A large associated with the Polio Do you have an officialnumber of Clubs are development of youth photographer for allstill working on either To follow up on the and young adults in club events?funding or permission meeting by PRID Ken, Australia in thefrom their Board to WHO Chris Maher and Are you taking great following areas:support schools who Global Poverty Michael photographs of all yourhave asked for a set of club events?  Interact Sheldrick to Foreignmicroscopes.  Rotaract Minister Kevin Rudd’s How is your club  Rotary Youth Office a few weeksNSW and SA have “scrapbook/ journal” Driverresponded positively to back, a letter has been progressing for this Awareness prepared which allrequests from schools year? (RYDA) members are requestedin their State and  National YouthClaudia Renner to sign to add weight to Do you have Rotary Science Forum(Watercorp) has asked the request for funding signage at EVERY  Four Way Test for Rotary’s Polio Rotary function thatif SA Water might also Speechsponsor manuals to Program. A letter was you conduct? CompetitionRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4.  Science Roster published in the Congratulations to Resignation Experience Bulletin. New Grandparents  Rotary Youth It is with regret that Bill & Sue members are advised Program of Enrichment of the resignation of District Directories Bill and Sue Hassell (RYPEN) Alan Stewart who, welcomed their first  Rotary Youth grandchild, a little girl since joining the Club District Directories Exchange has been in Wiluna were distributed to named Sophie Anne  ROTEX Viola on Tuesday, 9th working with the members at last  Rotary Youth August. Aboriginal community. Wednesday’s Leadership meeting. There is a Alan is now back in Awards Congratulations on the Directory with your Perth, however, his (RYLA) new addition to the name on in the Club’s time in Wiluna has  School Link family. You’ll LOVE Property cupboard so taken its toll and he is Program your new role! please be sure to pick now requiring time to  Storm the Stage up your copy. It recuperate and redirect  Australia-Japan contains a vast amount his life. He and we are Youth Group of information on Update on Ian hopeful that once he is Exchange Rotary and District settled again, he will be Westoby programs and projects, in a position to re-join along with contact DG Liz reported that the Club.Responsibilities of information on clubs Ian is doing well and Members and District Alan is appreciative for he ate a small amount Committees. It is a of solid food for the the support he gainedMembers NOT able to treasure trove of first time on from the RCFB with theattend a meeting please information and Wednesday. His main GSE between Wilunaput your apologies in resource tool which frustration is with and Fiji and with theto Sec. Di. Otherwise it will assist you with trying to communicate lovingly knittedwill be taken that you expanding your Rotary and although he will be beanies, blankets,will be attending the knowledge if you take in hospital for at least jackets and toys. Weweekly meeting. the time to look two months, all in all thank you for theMembers rostered for through and read it. his prognosis looks far opportunity to work invarious responsibilities better than initially Wiluna and looki.e. ‘Duty’ which is thought. forward to having yousetting up the venue back with us very soon.and putting away afterthe meeting,Attendance Officer, Update onIntroduction or Vote ofThanks for the Speaker Membersand who will be unable Safe and happy travelsto attend on the date to Margaret Stuart whorostered, please will be away for fiveremember that you are weeks.responsible fororganising for another Welcome back Bill andmember to either swap Sue Hassell, althoughor fill in for you. Also, they were hardly in theplease let Sec. Di know door when Bill had to Sue Hassell and baby Sophie Anne Violaso that she can make board a fight tothe necessary Sydney.adjustment to theRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Ken had a surgical Birthdays and 19th August. Have arepair to his left Anniversaries. great day Hamish.shoulder on Tuesday,is now home from Nil anniversaries. A very Happy BirthdayHospital and on the to Hamish Mackie forRoad to recovery.Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of August / Sep 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 17th August Voc Visit to - Toni James - Clifford Yudelman EmbroidMe 24th August Prof Ray Wills Bill Hassell Jenny Gill Rob Pearce Graeme Prior CEO Sustainable Energy Association of Australia 31st August Max Hipkins Wilma McBain Rex Evans Mignon Shardlow Paddy Ramanathan7th September GSE Team from Donna Bicknell Sue Hassell Ken Collins Warren Milner FijiNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Board Rotary 2011-12 Hamish Mackie – New Generations Meetings Director Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Café, Bethesda HospitalBryant Stokes – President Queenslea Jim Gould – Membership Director Claremont, 6010 Collins – Secretary Jenny Gill – Fundraising Director E-mail James – Treasurer Bill Hassell – Vice President 0419 919 572 Evans –Club Service Director Club Details Bulletin Clifford Yudelman/Di Collins The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay,Wilma McBain - Community/ Inc. WebsiteVocational Service Director PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 FacebookKen Collins – International Service Chartered 19 December 2008Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 6