New Horizons Volume 2 Issue 1


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The bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for 5 July 2009

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New Horizons Volume 2 Issue 1

  1. 1. New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9450 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 2, Issue 1 6th - 12th July 2009 Scot’s Honour District Directory Kenny Calls Upon Christmas In July Instructions for 16th Rotary Foundation Meet the new RI Corrections Rotarians To Take Details of our next July Meeting Thought of the Week President. Details of corrections Action fundraising function. Instructions for finding This week’s thought is Page 1 for the 2009-10 D9450 The new RI President Page 4 the correct room on about Arch C. Klumph. Directory. asks us to take action. Thursday 16th July. Page 4 Page 3 Page 3 Page 4 always good to knew, by the time of year, if Scot's Honour come home,” he the company wanted a quick says. resolution or not. So I could By Bob Tomlinson tell our clients, the working Pictures: Monika Lozinska- “He greets each of men, when to time their Lee  the 40 members of answer. It helped them obtain    his club, chatting the best settlement.” At RI World Headquarters in about club projects, Evanston, Ill., USA, a large inquiring about Kenny enjoyed his time as a envelope is delivered to John family members. lawyer, covering all aspects Kenny – a Monday-morning He expects no of legal work, and retired as ritual. The man chosen to special treatment senior partner of his firm. His lead more than 1.2 million and expresses keen intellect and deep Rotarians, whose past offices surprise that he’s understanding of all sides of and honours include listed as the guest an issue have inspired his rise president of Rotary speaker. in law and Rotary. “John can International in Great Britain cut to the heart of a subject and Ireland, RI director, That humility isn’t before some of us even know Rotary Foundation trustee reserved for the what the subject is,” says and Major Donor, judge, and business and fellow club member Colin deputy lieutenant to Queen community leaders Mailer, who has known Elizabeth II, opens the in his club. After he Kenny for three decades. “He package. The contents graduated from the is a man with vision and include professional and University of would never set a target for Rotary information as well as Glasgow School of himself or others which he vital news from his Law, one of his first did not think could be homeland: the results of the assignments was to achieved.” latest game played by the r e p r e s e n t Falkirk Football Club. shipbuilding When they met, Kenny’s Preparing for the year ahead, companies against action office building in “I love football,” he says with Kenny of course misses most taken by shipyard workers. Grangemouth was next to a laugh. “When I was a meetings of the Rotary Club “Working with the that of Mailer, then editor of young boy, my dad took me of Grangemouth, Scotland, Clydesiders [Scottish union the local newspaper. “I was to see Falkirk every second which he joined in 1970. Back activists] was to prove returning from lunch when week, when they were at on a rare visit, he has spent a valuable to me,” he says. He my secretary said, ‘Mr. home. When Falkirk were hectic morning with Rotary moved back to his home area Kenny, the lawyer, wants to playing a w a y, my International’s video crew, and joined the legal firm of speak to you.’ As a grandfather took me to see fielding questions about his Tait & McKenzie in newspaperman, you never Stenhousemuir. To this day, upcoming term as the first RI Grangemouth, where he felt comfortable when a no matter where I am in the president from Scotland. As represented the workers. lawyer called you,” Mailer world, I like to know how my he enters the Leapark Hotel says. team is doing. It keeps me in for the club’s weekly “I knew all the questions the touch with my roots.” meeting, a Rotarian bagpiper bosses’ side would ask, so I Kenny, who was about to greets him with a song. “It’s could advise the men become club president, accordingly,” he says. “I also invited Mailer to become a Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N S member. One of the first will ensure that prospective Denmark when I was 15. The After the club meeting, Rotarians he recruited, Mailer members understand effect it had on me was Kenny drives home to is now serving again as club expectations for commitment remarkable, and it has stayed Linlithgow, where a 15th- president. and service. As new with me. The internationality century palace, birthplace of members, they should be of it was wonderful – people Mary Queen of Scots, rises Mailer is precisely whom involved in the club’s work. from countries we’d only over the local loch. Inside his Kenny has in mind when he “Membership is increasing in heard of, playing and house, his wife, June, is describes where he plans to parts of the world where the working together. Later in pouring tea for the visiting take Rotary during his community can see that my Rotary life, I saw how video team. On a walk in his presidential year: back to the Rotary is doing good work. If valuable the interaction garden, Kenny proudly future. His priority for your club is busy, it will between people from points to his “listed” trees, membership is quality, not thrive,” he says. different countries can be.” which means they are quantity. “Rotary has protected in much the same sometimes gone along a Through the Grangemouth His involvement with way as historic homes. Just dangerous route, especially club, Mailer and Kenny have Scouting continued when he over the garden wall is the on membership,” Kenny become longtime friends. became president of Rotary local golf club. says. “An influx of members “One of the first things we International in Great Britain this year, but how many stay discuss, of course, is Falkirk and Ireland (RIBI) in 1992. He has ambitious plans for for the next year? We must Football Club,” Mailer says. Political tensions between the his presidential term. As his look at retention. To do that, “Quite often, John can tell me East and West had eased, and RI theme, The Future of we must bring in the right more about a game than I Kenny decided to reach out Rotary Is in Your Hands, people, not just look at can. I don’t know how he to young Russians. “We suggests, he wants Rotarians numbers.” does it, but his information is helped to establish Scout to take personal good. Being a Falkirk groups, and I suggested we responsibility for Rotary’s He argues that if you invite a supporter, John has a great make up Scout starter boxes. future. “On membership, for respected person from the sense of humour. The way We sent out boxes with tents example, Rotary can do community to join Rotary, the team plays at times, you and camping equipment, nothing, but every Rotarian then other respected people need one!” cooking pots and the like,” can do something. There are Kenny says. He also helped a lot of good [potential] the Scouting movement with Rotarians in the community legal and administrative who have never been asked advice. For his services to to join,” he says. Scouting, he was awarded the Medal of Merit. Rotary clubs must consider the question of time and cost When asked how Rotary of meetings, he adds. “It’s up should help young people to each club to decide where today, he leans forward and to eat, or indeed if they will gives a steely, straight-on eat at all. There’s nothing in look. “Think of what we can the [RI] Constitution that do. Water, literacy, education, says you have to have a meal. health. There is so much that Young people seem prepared we Rotarians can do to help now to support a cause, but young people throughout the they’re not prepared to join world. The one thing we an organisation. So we must cannot do is nothing. We make our Rotary meeting will follow. If you invite can’t do everything, but we attractive to make young someone who is not The club archives document can do our very best.” people want to join.” respected, that could Kenny’s long history as an discourage others. “We have active member. A 1992 photo As RIBI president, Kenny Back in the house, as June to look at our own ethical shows him dressed as a encouraged clubs to support pours more tea, she’s asked if standards,” he adds. “We circus ringmaster at Rotary’s WaterAid, which conducts she’ll miss her home and must keep advocating the International Assembly. water and sanitation projects friends when she travels. “I need for high ethical Deeper in the archives, worldwide. During his year will,” she replies. “But I’m standards in business and there’s an account of Kenny, in office, Rotarians raised fortunate. I have good friends private life. This is just as dressed in full Highland £550,000 for WaterAid here, and I will keep in touch important today as it was in regalia for an elaborate Burns projects in Tanzania. Kenny with them. I’m also very the early years of Rotary. If Supper, held by Scots has continued to support proud of John.” we go back to basics, worldwide every January. collaboration between Rotary maintain high standards of Robert Burns, Scotland’s clubs and WaterAid, John and June met through behaviour in our business national poet, wrote “Auld travelling to Tanzania in 2002 his colleagues in the early and professional lives, Lang Syne,” sung at the close to visit projects. In late 2007, 1960s. June takes up the story become involved in our club, of RI conventions. Prince Charles, president of and describes a world that then good people in our WaterAid, honoured him many Rotarians will community will want to Long before he became a with the President’s Award remember with fondness. join.” Rotarian, Kenny was a Boy for Outstanding Voluntary “We just started going out Scout, and he supports the Contributions to WaterAid. once or twice at first, then we Kenny also advocates organisation today. “I went to started to see each other induction procedures that an International Jamboree in every other week. We went 2 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N S dancing and were going out with journalist. Monika Lozinska-Lee is Clubs must complete these Clubs in District 5950 each other for four years before an RI staff photographer. requirements between 1 July and (Minnesota, USA) are working to we became engaged. We were 31 March. provide safe drinking water to engaged for a year before we people in Uganda displaced by were married. In those days, you District Directory Interact and Rotaract clubs may civil war, according to District went out with someone longer also earn a Presidential Citation Governor Sandra Schley. than you would today. We’ve Corrections by completing two activities been very happily married for 44 from any of the categories or by In District 9210 (Malawi; years.” For those who have already participating significantly in two M o z a m b i q u e ; Zambia; received this year’s District activities with their sponsor club. Zimbabwe), District Governor June, in particular, and John Directory you will notice two District governors will receive Stallard Mpata will work with excelled at curling, known as large discrepancies: special recognition if half or clubs to improve functional “chess on ice” for its complex   more of the clubs in their district literacy in villages. strategies. The Scottish game, - Page 44 is a duplicate of Page earn the citation. which is now played throughout 43 and Balcatta and Broome Rotary clubs must submit their "We will empower rural the world and is an Olympic Clubs are missing. communities to read basic event, involves hurling large information on agricultural granite stones at a target at the - Page 48 is a duplicate of Page practices to improve opposite end of an ice rink. In 48 from last year and Geraldton incomes and food security," Scotland it’s called “the roaring Greenough and Geraldton North he says. game,” not because of the are missing this year’s shouting that takes place (and information. Districts are also furthering there is a lot of that), but because Rotary’s four Avenues of of the sound the stones make as The printer cannot explain how Service. "We are planning they travel across the ice. “I this happened (nor can I). to provide vocational played it competitively and Apologies to all. training to youth to loved every minute of it,” she provide them with says. John interjects, “She was The detailed information opportunities for making a really very good!” circulated by DG Geoff Simpson livelihood," says Trichur N. has been forwarded to club "Raju" Subramanian, June, who loves entertaining, is members by email. governor of District 3140 an accomplished cook and (India). pianist. She served in every club office in Inner Wheel, but as John Kenny Calls Lip-Kee Yap, president of moved up through the Rotary the Rotary Club of ranks, she devoted more time to Upon Rotarians Singapore, would like to assisting him. “He loves the see his club and district organisation,” June says. To Take Action develop and fund portable “Rotary’s high ethical standards relief containers for victims By Peter Schmidtke  are something we both believe certification forms and those of of disasters in Asia. Rotary International News -- 2 in. We also meet so many the Rotaract and Interact clubs July 2009 tremendous people. Kind people. they sponsor to their district "A project of this nature draws Good people. We have been governor by 31 March. RI World on the efforts of every service Rotary clubs can earn a 2009-10 blessed,” she adds. “Rotary gives Headquarters must receive the committee in our club," he says. Presidential Citation by meeting us the opportunity to do list of certified clubs from district "The reminder that The Future of the criteria RI President John something for those less governors by 15 April. Rotary Is in Your Hands will Kenny has set for service and fortunate than we are.” resonate well in our club." membership. The 2009-10 RI theme, The John concurs: “Rotary is about Future of Rotary Is in Your For more information: Rotary clubs can help show that helping others. We are the Hands, emphasizes the role 1 Download the the future of Rotary is in their fortunate ones. And to those that individual clubs will play in the Presidential Citation hands and earn a 2009-10 much is given, much is expected. future of the organization. Kenny brochure. Presidential Citation by meeting There will never be peace in this has urged districts and clubs to   the criteria RI President John world as long as there’s poverty. align their goals with the 2 Download the Kenny has set for service and We must continue to face up to strategic plan and to develop Presidential Citation membership.  the challenges of poverty. service projects within three certification form for Shortages of food and water will areas of emphasis: water, health Rotary clubs.  To qualify for a citation, clubs become a major issue this and hunger, and literacy. must achieve a net increase of at century. Rotary is not the United 3 Download the least one member. For the service Nations. We’ll never solve all the "Water is a main emphasis Presidential Citation requirement, clubs must problems of the world. That is because it is the first necessity for certification form for complete an activity in three of not the function of Rotary. But every man, woman, and child," Rotaract and Interact six categories, which reflect we can be there to help and do he explains. "We could, I clubs.  priorities of the RI Strategic Plan what we can in a practical way.” suppose, live without oil, but 2007-10: polio eradication, public none of us can live without 4 See the video of Kenny image, service, membership, Bob Tomlinson is a member of the water." announcing the 2009-10 vocational service, and Rotary Club of Kirkintilloch, RI theme during the leadership. Scotland, and an award-winning Clubs and districts are already International Assembly. busy with hands-on projects. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N S president in the 1913-14 arm of our organization, The The Rotary Rotary year. In 1917, Klumph Rotary Foundation. Foundation declared that “we should accept endowments for the Due to the hard work and purpose of doing good in the generosity of Rotarians Week 1: This week’s Rotary world in charitable, worldwide, The Rotary Foundation Thought is about educational, and other Foundation has improved the founder of our avenues of community lives for over 90 years. With Foundation, Arch C. service.” His vision and a ongoing financial support, Klumph. contribution of US$26 left our Foundation will continue over from the RI Convention to carry on Klumph’s dream A member of the Rotary Club helped to establish the well into our second century of Cleveland, Ohio, USA, charitable and humanitarian of service. Klumph served as the RI Christmas In Instructions for July 16th July Program for July The club will be holding a Due to a conflicting booking of Christmas In July dinner on the Bethesda Cafe on the 16th Date Details Thursday 23rd July - 6:30pm for July, we will be using the 7:00pm start. Seminar Room on the 1st Floor. 9th July Roger Marston - ‘My Life & Times’ The food will no doubt be Roh will signpost the way - excellent as it has been for our once you enter through the 16th July Committee Meetings - Seminar previous events at Bethesda. main entrance to the hospital, Room (1st Floor) there are stairs and a lift The cost will be $50pp, which 23rd July Christmas in July (6:30pm for immediately on the left. If you will cover the cost of dinner, 7:00pm) - Sit down meal @ $50pp take the lift to the first floor, wine and raise some funds for turn left, and the Seminar room the club. Please let Toni James will be sign posted, a little way know if you will attending, so up the corridor on the right that we can finalise numbers. hand side. Board Club Details Welcoming Roster Rotary Year 2009-10 Di Collins — President Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. Date Name PO Box 168, Nedlands, Ken Collins — Vice President / Western Australia, 6909 9th July Roh Siriwardena Membership Director Meetings 16th July Sue Hassell Thursday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Cafe, Bethesda Hospital 23rd July Clive Boddy Simone Carot Collins — President Elect Queenslea Drive Claremont 30th July Anne McAnearney Rajah Senitharajah — Treasurer Email Phone  Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary 08 9385 0471 Bulletin Contributions Fax 08 9385 0472 Bryant Stokes — Projects Director Contributions for the weekly bulletin are Website sought from members of the club. Claire Forsdyke — International Director Why not use the bulletin to update the club on the projects your committee is working Facebook on or promote the clubs next fundraising Toni James — PR & Marketing event. Committee Director gid=47737002646 Please forward articles and photos to Chartered 19 December 2008 Peter Symons — Club Administration Director 4 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450