New Horizons Volume 1 Issue 18


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New Horizons Volume 1 Issue 18

  1. 1. New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9450! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 1, Issue 18" 18th - 24th May 2009 Christmas in July Letter from the Club Presidential Citations Peace Fellows Music of the Spheres Rotary Foundation Planning is underway President Details of how the club The first class of Peace Enjoy a night of Thought of the Week for a Christmas in July Update on club qualified, and the Fellows started their entertainment and help This week’s thought is event. activities from the Club presentation event. studies in 2002 - where raise money for Polio about Matching Page 2 President. Page 2 are they now? Plus at the same time. Grants and their use in Page 2 Page 3 Page 3 & 4 meeting Humanitarian needs. Page 4 Manna Industries If any members have small new items (face c re a m s , shampoo, t o o t h p a st e / toothbrushes etc) from aircraft toiletries bags or from hotels that are no longer required, these items would be welcomed by the Lowes for distribution by Manna Industries. GSE and Scholarship Applicants The District Group Study Exchange and Scholarships Committees are currently seeking applicants" for the Group Study Exchange " to D. 1460 , Normandy area of John and Bev Lowe from Manna Industries with Roh and Bryant from RC Freshwater Bay northern France and for the short term Peace International Convention in Scholarship in Thailand. Club Meetings Birmingham and will be Nomination Form Would any members who doing some private travel know of potential applicants Toni James and Peter Symons either side of this event for President Elect for either of these Rotary will chair the meetings for the which was all arranged prior Foundation programs please period that Pres. Di Collins will to the conception of the Secretary Daniel Forsdyke has talk to Claire Forsdyke. be overseas." Ken and Di will be Rotary Club of Freshwater sent out a Nomination Form for a attending the Rotary Bay. President Elect for 2009-10." Any member wishing to nominate Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N S someone for this position, AG Phillip Skelton and PP many members as possible to 2. Membership Goal: We had to please have the completed David Goldstone, added to attend. have a net increase of one form to Daniel by 21st May. these Rotarians were guests of Roh and Bryant handed over member by 31st March. " Bill and Sue Hassell, the Hon. cups, sauces, plates, an urn and District Consul for France Michael and other disused items from We chartered on 19th December 2008 with 30 members and Anna Wood, Margaret Stuart’s Bethesda Hospital to Bev and Governor’s guest Deborah Pinder and Elizabeth Bain’s long time John Lowe from Manna increased to 32 by 31st March. Industries who were extremely 3. Vocational Service: Present all Special friend and former Rotaractor, Anne McAnearney. grateful for all items received. new club members with a copy of Thank you Roh. Ken collected the Four Way Test. Representative Our speaker, Peace Fellow another bag of beautifully Every new Rotarian was Applicant Rohallah Haidari knitted bears from Margaret Some members have asked experienced a mix up with Brawley, which will go to Lyn presented with a copy of the Four what the title DGSR means, as dates so will come along to the Packer in Vietnam for Aids Way Test and the Object of Ken, as the District Governor’s club a little later in the year. babies. Margaret also provided Rotary. Special Representative to set The gap in the programme was five bags of jumpers, hats, a few 4. Community Service: Conduct a up the Rotary Club of ably filled by our own scarves and blankets, all hand community service project carried Freshwater Bay, currently members former Rotary knitted, which Alan Stewart will out by club members. holds this position. Ambassadorial Scholar Bill take to Wiluna for use by the Initiated Graylands Hospital Hassell who gave us a thumb indigenous community. Last Prior to forming a new Rotary project. nail sketch of the value of this week you will recall that Roger club, the District Governor scholarship to him. He also and Celine Maston generously Supported Manna Industries with selects a knowledgeable and very briefly told us a little donated a vast amount of donations of crockery experienced Rotarian to set up about Rohallah and how dinnerware to Manna and start a new Club. " This 5. International Service: Seek a impressed he and Sue are with Industries. All this has cost the person is responsible for the Rotary Foundation Matching this young man. Bill made club nothing in cash so you will formation of the Club and Grant to reduce infant mortality. special mention of the fact that see how a number of small, but overseeing and guiding the Rohallah had never attended significant projects can happen Applied for and received a club during its first year or so school, however now has a quickly and simply, whilst Matching Grant for humidity of operation. University degree....a mighty making a difference to the lives cribs in Nigeria " achievement. of the less fortunate. Christmas in Bryant Stokes followed on to With the cancelled visit to Perth International Service: Identify a qualified candidate for Group inform all present about of RI President DK Lee, DG Sue July ‘Human Error’ and we heard Rowell has asked Ken, as the Study Exchange: Identified Andrea Williams Thursday, 23rd July is the date interesting recounts of both most senior Rotarian in the State medical and aircraft mishaps, to present the Presidential International Service: Sponsor a being looked at to hold a many of them fatal, due to Citations to the 28 Presidents Rotary World Peace Fellow. dinner / fundraising function human error. A huge thank from clubs who have achieved Sponsored Rohallah Haidari in the Cafe of Bethesda Hospital. " It would be you to both Bryant and Bill for Citations, at the Rotary Club of appreciated if members would stepping in with no notice and Perth’s luncheon on Friday, 22nd Presentation of make every effort to support fascinating all present with May. Any members who’d like this date as not only do we excellent presentations. to attend are welcome at a cost the Presidential have an enjoyable meal Hand delivered to Donna of $38 per person. Also, come provided by Roh, but it brings Gorton who is the Coordinator along on Friday night to Citations in some very necessary funds of Charitable Collections, was Government House Ballroom, the completed paperwork for listen to Richard Symons and District Governor into our Charity account. " If the Rotary Club of Freshwater The Giovanni Consort whilst Sue " invites " Club Presidents you could encourage friends" Bay’s Charitable Licence supporting PolioPlus. Well receiving a Presidential Citation, and potential members to Application. At our Club done with this initiative Peter to attend the Rotary Club of Perth attend to swell the numbers, it Assembly on Saturday, 23rd Symons. Meeting on 22nd May 2009 as her would be a bonus, plus make May, at Lotterywest House, guest,"to receive their Citation. " the evening even more Yours in Rotary Service, members will be able to make Perth Club meets at the Parmelia enjoyable. " Bryant Stokes has an informed decision on which Di Collins Hilton Hotel"at 14"Mill St Perth. an extremely good speaker in kind of Foundation would Charter Club President Suggested arrival time is 12:20pm mind whom he will approach most suit the needs of our club. for a 12:45pm start - proceed to to address us on the night." PE of the Rotary Club of Perth, Presidential Level 1, Argyle Room. " " Letter from the Kerry McAuliffe, a retired President Jeff Leach " welcomes Corporate Lawyer has Citation any other Rotarians and guests Club President generously agreed to assist us with a Foundation and is To qualify for a Presidential who would like to come along and join us on this special Dear Rotarians, coming along to present Citation we had to achieve in a occasion. (Luncheon cost is $38 options to us and will answer number of areas: except for Citation recipients, and With a large number of questions on the subject. Also 1. Service project : Initiate a local it should be noted that " parking apologies and low attendance at the Assembly, reports will be or international service project can be a challenge in Perth on a by our own members at this presented by directors, that reduces child mortality. Friday). week’s meeting it was a bonus budgets, projects and We sponsored four humidity to welcome a number of Please advise me if you or fundraising ideas will all be cribs for the Lagos Children’s visitors to the Club. It’s other " Rotarians or guests will discussed so I encourage as Hospital. always a pleasure to have our 2! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N S be " attending ASAP or by Wednesday 20th May at the latest - email or " 9315 9323 or 0417 932 072. 2. Citations not presented on 22nd May will be presented at the District Changeover. 3. Refunds of any payments received for the Burswood on Swan function will be arranged ASAP - our target for completion is 28th May 2009. It may not be possible to reverse on-line payments in which case cheques will be forwarded. Un-banked cheques will be returned. PDG Doug Pascoe - Past Chair of the DK Lee Visitation Committee Bowel Scan Already in excess of some 10,000 kits have been distributed over all WA through some 155 Pharmacies with a number of positives being diagnosed. " Those pharmacies involved are on our website Those clubs who were not involved this year and want to be next year, contact Colin Hebbard 92431456. " Bowel scan coordinator. Peace Fellows The first class of 66 Peace Fellows was selected in 2002 and began their studies in the same year. Now nearly 6 years later, more than 300 fellows from more than 50 countries have participated in the program. In 2006 a three month diploma course, also in Peace and Conflict Resolution, was commenced at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand and already some 40 professionals from more than 18 countries have participated. In this case the employers are requested to pay the US$5,000 costs. See next page for further details Promoting peace requires action at the global, national and local levels. Former Rotary World Peace Scholars are already End Polio Now engaged in all of these realms. A lot of Rotarians could take a 30% of alumni are working at the cue from Ian Schwartz, a 10- national level or in foreign affairs, 30% year-old from Eugene, Oregon, are working locally with non- USA, who has raised a little governmental organisations and 18% are more than $1,640 for Rotary's working with 12 agencies of the United US$200 Million Challenge. Nations and other regional What can we do? organisations. 5% are involved in research while the remaining 17% are Picture: A child from a nearby pursuing doctorates in relevant fields. village visits the polio booth in 2007 to get inoculated on a (From report tabled at D9410 National Immunization Day in Conference, Uyo, Nigeria, May 2008) Moradabad, India. IPTC - Credit: © Rotary International Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N S Grant allowed Rotarians in Music of the The Rotary India to provide 36 hand- Spheres Foundation pump wells to rural villages in Andhra Pradesh state where Richard Symons, Peter’s son, there is a severe shortage of is a member of the choir cast Week 46: This week’s Rotary water. for all the Giovanni Concert Foundation Thought is about series, the next one being on Matching Grants and how one Access to clean water will May 22 at Govt House project brought clean water improve the quality of life for Ballroom. and hope for a better future. those living in these villages by Peter has arranged for $8 per helping to prevent disease and ticket to be donated to Polio Matching Grants assist Rotary alleviate poverty. Every Plus for every Rotarian clubs and districts in carrying Rotarian, every project, and attending, out humanitarian projects with every contribution makes a clubs in other countries. A difference every year. For ticket sales please speak to recent Foundation Matching Peter Symons Guest Speaker Support Program for May/ June Date Details Date Details 28th May Michael Reeves - Shelter Box Margaret Stuart to Introduce 21st May Committee Meetings Mary Anne Wright to give Vote of 23rd May Club Assembly (0900 - 1100) Thanks 28th May Michael Reeves - Shelter Box 4th June Steve Weychan - Climb for a Smile Judith Dowson to Introduce 4th June Steve Weychan - Climb for a Smile Andrea Hayward to give Vote of Thanks Welcoming Roster Board Club Details Date Name Rotary Year 2008-09 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Di Collins — President 21st May Peter Symons Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 28th May Andrea Hayward Ken Collins — Vice President / Membership Director Meetings 4th June Rajah Senathirajah Thursday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Cafe, Bethesda Hospital 11th June Marcos Carot Collins Queenslea Drive Rajah Senitharajah — Treasurer Claremont 18th June Elizabeth Bain Email 25th June Simone Carot Collins Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary Phone! 08 9385 0471 Bulletin Contributions Bryant Stokes — Projects Director Fax 08 9385 0472 Contributions for the weekly bulletin are Claire Forsdyke — International Director Website sought from members of the club. Why not use the bulletin to update the club Toni James — PR & Marketing Facebook on the projects your committee is working Committee Director on or promote the clubs next fundraising gid=47737002646 event. Please forward articles and photos to Peter Symons — Club Administration Chartered 19 December 2008 Director 4! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450