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New Horizons is the official weekly bulletin for the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Perth

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New horizons vol4issue12

  1. 1. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617Meeting Wed. 14th Interact Talent Night City of Perth Black Microscopes in Quiz Night McCuskerSeptember Group Study Swan Prize for Schools Project Alzheimer’s ResearchWelcome Carina Exchange Portraiture Declaration of FoundationMarshall Student Thomas Function in Canberra Rotarians in Update on membersNext Social Function Marquis from France Monday 19th Businesses andQuiz Night From the Rotary Club September Professions.Science Experience of Nedlands Bulletin Annual Address on Pride ofRotary Youth Symposium on the Rotary Workmanship AwardLeadership Award Aboriginal Health Foundation, Dr Ken ChangemakerCamp DGs Official Visit Collins Address AwardsMeeting Wed. 14th Care to be so activities is a paper Gordon Hay with usSeptember successful. recycling in Mandurah. again for the meeting and we look forward toAndrew York General Volunteers are aged Over the years there seeing much more ofManager of People from 16 to 85 and assist has been a major shift both Anna andWho Care was our with gardening from service providers Gordon.speaker this through to to a vast amount ofweek. Andrew has transportation to paperwork. Somethingbeen the Manager for 6 medical appointments to be considered andyears for PWC and has to shopping. addressed in the future. Welcome Carinaa background in Marshallnursing. Carina Marshall wasPWC overlap areas ‘officially’ inductedcurrently carried out by into the Club lastSilver Chain and local Wednesday. Alreadycouncils. The ground involved with thethey cover is vast, Microscope project,stretching from Carina will mainly beYanchep to Armadale working on theto the Peel inlet. Community Vocational Committee.Four hundredvolunteers, including Delighted to have youyouths and six as a member Carina.hundred corporate Gordon Hay, Anna Hughes and Clifford Yudelmanvolunteers ( who Senior Citizen Centres, Perhaps Rotary andvolunteer for perhaps hot meals and arts and PWC could benefit Meeting 21stjust a day) reduce the crafts are all catered for from working together. Septemberbudget substantially via PWC. One of theirand allow People Who major fundraising It was lovely to have This meeting will see Anna Hughes and three girls from MLCRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. Tiffany Chua, Jia Ying science activities forKho and Sophie students in Yr 9.Wooldridge compete in Quiz Night Rotary Youththe Four Way Test Each program is Leadership Award Donna Bicknell has designed to provide CampSpeaking Competition. told Pres. Bryant that those interested inEach will speak for 6 she will be resigning science with an The RYLA Camp offersminutes on any subject from the Club, opportunity to engage men and womenof their choosing, therefore, the Quiz in a wide range of between the ages of 18weaving in Rotary’s and 25 an opportunityFour Way Test. to attend a residential seminar designed to1. Is it the develop theirTRUTH? leadership skills.2. Is it FAIR to all Rotarians and partnersconcerned? are invited to attend the final night dinner at3. Will it build the seminar. The mealGOODWILL and and entertainment areBETTER prepared entirely byFRIENDSHIPS? the participants themselves.4. Will it beBENEFICIAL to all The camp will be heldconcerned? Speaker Andrew York with Warren, Paddy & Pres. Bryant between 28th January and 3rd February, 2012The winner will receive Night she was to science activities under and Stuart James is thea $50 book voucher and organise is looking for the guidance of applicant who will beproceed to the next volunteers from the scientists. sponsored by theround. All three members to take this RCFB. Stuart, a fineparticipants will on and make it It is aimed at young man and son ofreceive a Certificate of happen. Remember, encouraging students Toni and Bill James hasParticipation. funds are required for with an interest to participated on Br. the Club to support continue study in James’ Pilgrimages of projects. science, mathematics Hope to India, Nepal and technology.Next Social Function Please put your hand and central up to help put a Quiz Held each January, Australia. The cost ofMembers, partners and the camp is $695 for the Night in place as soon seven students from‘Friends’ of the RCFB week. as possible. Christ Churchare asked to come Grammar have appliedalong and enjoy a mix Thank you Donna for to attend through theand mingle ‘Cocktail’ your contribution to RCFB. The Club will Interact Talent Nightfunction on Sunday, the Club and we look sponsor each for $8023rd October, 2011 from forward to seeing you and have asked A couple of weeks4.30pm to 6.30pm. at the End Polio students to contribute back, Liam Nuttall Breakfast. $30 each to give them from the Interact ClubMore details will beannounced along with some responsibility of Freshwater Baythe venue. and commitment to asked for members to Science Experience attend. Total cost of per consider sponsoringPlease put the date in student for the three $200 prize moneyyour diary. The Science Experience day experience is $110. towards their Talent is a fun three days ofRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. Night fundraising “I send you this email to you for changing this enthusiasm and moraleactivity in November. let you know that I’m in wonderful young of all Club members.’ Corsica, my trip to come man’s life. We knowOur members Clifford back in France has been how grateful he is to Well said Doris.and Gillian Yudelman very long but it was fine, you for the opportunity Without regularvery quickly offered to with lots of souvenirs, you gave him. committee meetings asupport this request. A thinking to the good time club is unhealthy andhuge thank you to I spend in Australia. cannot functionClifford and Gillian. efficiently. Symposium on Aboriginal HealthGroup StudyExchange To be held at SJOG Hospital Saturday, 1stOur Applicant David October, 8.30am-Gulland has been midday.successful in beingselected in the RSVP to Pres. Bryant,outbound Group Study Sec. Di or Des BradleyExchange Team to D. 9284 5156 of 0409 0666910, Georgia in May Induction of Carina Marshall into the Club with Pres Bryant 092June 2012. and PRID Ken I want to thank you again From the Rotary ClubCongratulations David, for your kindness and of Nedlands Bulletinyou will be a great DGs Official Visit everything you did forasset to the Team. "Committee Meetings" me, I hope I’ll come back Wed. 26th October will one day and see you These are a very be the Official Visit of again. important part of being the District GovernorStudent Thomas a Rotarian and to the RCFB. The I start my master degreeMarquis from France President Doris Strahan Board will meet with on 12th. I’m very excited has spoken out in the DG from 5.00 toOur member Warren to go back in my support of our 6.00pm, followed byMilner generously university but things are Directors and the usual meeting ofdonated three different now, I really committees who the Club where the DGScholarships to French want to travel and study encounter poor will give her messagestudents at his Milner abroad. attendance, reminding to the members.International College. all members of how Thank you for everything,Due to a very important full Due to poor attendance kind regardsunfortunate situation attendance at these last year and it costingwith internet scam, two Tomas Marquis” meetings is for the the club a substantialstudents who were effective functioning of amount of money forcousins returned home. Warren, this our committees and the the meal, it has beenOne remaining, scholarship you gave to Club, and for the decided not to have aThomas Marquis, Tomas has changed his timely delivery of meal for the DG’s visitwhom Ken and Di took life. He told us how projects. This support this year. If DG Lizout for a day, is now much his time at your for each other, and the would like to go to aback in Corsica and has College has broadened ensuing feeling of local restaurant afterreturned to University. his vision and opened being supported by the meeting, any him up to people of others, are also equally members who wouldTomas emailed the cultures he had never like to join Pres. Bryant vital for the ongoingfollowing: encountered. Thank and DG Liz for dinnerRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. are asked to let Sec. Di PRID Ken will be Annual Dr. Ken Collins sponsored two schoolsknow. addressing a function Address. Details each. Currently, 15 in Canberra on remain the same at schools (450 units) are Monday evening on $55.00 per person for a awaiting Polio. three course meal with sponsors. Clubs haveCity of Perth Black bar service available. been approached toSwan Prize for Some six weeks ago sponsor each requestPortraiture Ken met with Foreign Booking to be made on that has been received, Minister Kevin Rudd’s line: https://district945 however it can be aTina Wilson, Exec. staff to request the 5.worldsecuresystems.c lengthy process to haveDirector of ARTrinsic Government provide om/kencollins2011.htm clubs agree to sponsorInc invites all funding for the Polio schools.Rotarians, family and Eradication Programfriends to an evening to and this is being Two Clubs (with aview the Nation’s finest followed up with a third in the pipeline) inportraiture works. NSW have sponsoredFine art, wine and three schools andcanapés and enquires are coming inentertainment with the from Victoria andLord Mayor in South Australia.attendance the Lester The RC FB presentedGroup 1st prize is 30 microscopes to the$35,000 and the Perrine Dalkeith PS onPeople’s Choice prize is Thursday 15th$7.500. September and twoDate: Thursday 22nd more schools,September Microscopes to Dalkeith Primary School Karen Tabner Quintilian and (Watercorp), Prefects Alex Mullins and Matilda Skinner, Swanbourne PrimaryVenue: Perth Town Max Hipkins & Dep. Principal Glen McAdams Schools will beHall presented with 30 units function for Politicians. each at 9.00am andTime: 6.30pm to Microscopes in 9.25am respectively on The Australian of the9.00pm Schools Project Friday, 23rd Year is the main speaker with Ken September. AnyDress: Lounge Suit Sec. Di and Carina providing an update on members who would Marshall met with theCost: $60 however Polio from Rotary’s like to attend the head of science atquote ‘Rotary’ and the perspective. School Assemblies are Curtin University lastcost will be $50 per encouraged to do so. Friday morning.ticket. From this meeting aRSVP by 16th Annual Address on spreadsheet has been Declaration ofSeptember the Rotary Foundation, developed of Rotarians inessential. Tel. 0432 275 Dr Ken Collins sponsoring clubs and Businesses and690 or email Address schools with Professions.blackswanprize@iinet.n microscopes. To date A new flyer has 39 Rotary Clubs have The Declaration of developed as the URL on last week’s flyer was sponsored 3,760 units Rotarians in Businesses incorrect. in 142 schools. Two and Professions hasFunction in Canberra corporations, been downloaded fromMonday 19th The RCFB’s official Watercorp and La the RI Website by KenSeptember meeting on 30th Mancha Resources in and sent out to all November will be the Kalgoorlie have members of the Club.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Please display this in professional standards of Rotarians in progressing well toyour place of work to through the 4-way test. Businesses and ensure they arequalify No. 2 (below) in Professions at their complying with thethe Changemaker As speakers one can workplaces. requirements (Refer toAward which the Club utilize the current club the Rotary Web site foris working towards members by learning Conduct a career the full criteria).achieving. about their professions, counselling or understanding their vocational training PDG Dr Peter Brown problems plus future program in the goals within their community. of Workmanship business or industry.Award Conduct a program to In addition there are recognize high ethicalPride of Workmanship Quiz Night McCusker many young standards and publicAwards will be Alzheimer’s Research professionals located values in thepresented to local Foundation close to your club people on (Motor mechanics, If you enjoy QuizWed. 26th October at health services, school Promote The Four-Way Night’s please supportthe District Governor’s teachers etc). Invite Test to New the one for Alzheimer’sOfficial Visit to the them along to hear of Generations programs Disease.Club. their experiences and in at least three problems, this is good educational Details: Friday, 21stAny members wishing institutions. PR and may result in October, starts 7.30pmto nominate a local more potentialbusiness for such an Organize at least one Venue:Claremont members. Rewardaward should do so in professional Football Club, them for theirwriting, with a brief networking event in Claremont Oval, contributions to thesubmission to Dir. which club members Davies Rd community with a clubWilma McBain. can meet other local certificate. It makes professionals and Cost: $15 per person. them feel proud in introduce them to their contribution to Bring nibbles and Rotary.Vocational service – the community. purchase drinksVocational Service Sponsor a career day inMonth which club members To book contact the bring young people to McCusker FoundationDon’t forget that Finally don’t forget the their places of business 9347 4200 E:October is Vocational Changemaker Awards to inform them about admin@alzheimers.comService month, so make for your Club as the career opportunities. .aua special effort this year year isto utilize speakers to progressing. The There are a total of 7your club stressing this requirements for this options above, andspecial month. award for vocational Update on Members your club should service is listed below: complete at least 3 A speedy recovery isAll members of Rotary Vocational Service along with other wished to Jim Gould.have been invited to avenues of services tojoin a club as More than 50 percent be successful for the Travellers this week areoutstanding members of club members are Changemaker Award Toni and Bill James,of their profession. active in vocational (refer Rotary web site Ken and Di Collins andTherefore current and service projects and for the full list). Carina Marshall will benew members should activities. returning to the USAbe aware of Rotary’s In addition there is the for a familycommitment to high All club members Presidential Citation, I wedding. Safe travels display the Declaration hope every club is to each of you.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. Margaret Stuart has Good to have Paddy Wednesday. Welcomebeen away and we look Ramanathan at the home.forward to your return meeting onnext week Margaret. Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of Sep / Oct 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks21st September 4 Way Speaking Rex Evans Wilma McBain Ken Collins Jenny Gill Contest28th September Garry Bavistock Max Hipkins Jill Henderson Toni James Graeme Prior 5th October End Polio Breakfast Perth Convention Centre 7.00-9.00am 12th October Carina Hoang Bill Hassell Margaret Stuart Gillian Yudelman Clifford Yudelman 19th October Peter Wright Rob Pearce Alistair Brown Jim Gould Carina Marshall 26th October DG Liz Westoby Paddy Warren Milner Ken Collins Wilma McBain RamanathanNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Board Rotary 2011-12 Ken Collins – International Club Details Bulletin Editor Service Director Clifford Yudelman/Di The Rotary Club of CollinsBryant Stokes – President Freshwater Bay, Hamish Mackie – New PO Box 168, Website Generations Director Nedlands,Di Collins – Secretary hamish.mackie@optusnet.c Western Australia, 6909 MeetingsToni James – Treasurer Jim Gould – Membership Director Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Evans –Club Service u Café, Bethesda Hospital freshwaterbayrotaryDirector Queenslea Jenny Gill – Fundraising Claremont, 6010 DirectorWilma McBain - President-Bryant StokesCommunity/ Vocational E-mailService Director Bill Hassell – Vice Chartered 19 President Mobile 2008 0419 919 572Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 6
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