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Weekly newsletter of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, Western Australia, for 26 Sep 2010

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New Horizons V3 I13

  1. 1. New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909  District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 3, Issue 13 27th September - 3rd October 2010 This Week's Guest Meeting Format New Generations Pride of For Your Diary Rosters We'll be hearing how   President Simone  Updates on some of   Workmanship Dinner meetings and  Host   and   attendance   the recent Group   would like to change   our projects with local   Learn about the winner   other special occasions:   rosters,  and   the   Study to Exchange to   the meeting format.   schools: Interact, Coles   of our first Pride of   DG Visit, Club   meeting   schedule   for   Normandy went, and   Read her ideas and   Sport Vouchers, and   Workmanship Award   Birthday, an overseas   the month ahead.  will be meeting our   give your feedback! Painting Pinkies! for a business in our   guest speaker and more Page 5 next applicant. Page 2 Page 2 local community! Page 4 Page 1 Page 3 Letter from the President Rotary provides a plethora of ways This Week’s Speaker to get involved, both socially and New Generations month is drawing with projects. No one is expected to Kylie West and other members of the to a close, and next month the focus participate in them all – by offering a Outbound Group Study Exchange will be on Vocational service. menu of activities, you can pick and Team to District 1640 in Normandy, choose which you would like to get France will tell us of the benefits You may wonder why most months involved with. Even if it is one they gained, both personally and on the Rotary calendar have a special particular project that tickles your professionally, from participating in focus like New Generations or fancy, that's fine! this exchange. Vocational. For the most part, it serves as a reminder that there are Nobody is expected to give more Our applicant for the next Group many different elements to Rotary. time than they wish. Your level of Study Exchange, to District 1880 For many of our activities, the participation is entirely up to you. (Munich to Saxony, Germany) in distinction between whether a All we do ask is that you do May 2011, will also attend to briefly specific project comes under New participate in some way over the introduce herself. Nana Kurosaki is Generations or Community Service, course of the year, through any employed by the Nedlands Council . for example, can be difficult to make combination of “time, treasure or Selection of team members will be and is only important from an talent”. Small contributions (of each) carried out on 2nd October. administrative point of view, to add up. Regardless of which way(s) ensure that there is a Director you contribute to the club, there are a Group Study Exchange is a program keeping an eye on it. host of others ready to give you of the Rotary Foundation which support. builds bridges of friendship throughout the world. On that note, it is with regret that I announce that Bill Hassell has this week stepped down as President Last Week’s Speaker Elect. Nominations are sought for a new President for 2011/12 and The Hon Nick Hasluck (pictured left) consequently for a Club Service , a recently retired Supreme Court Director for the remainder of this Judge, offered his reflections on the year. Please forward nominations to various jurisdictions of law. It was me prior to October 6th. extremely interesting to hear how the judicial system worked and how one Yours in Rotary service, is selected to be a Supreme Court Simone Judge, and many stayed on to ask Nick more questions after the meeting ended. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 1
  2. 2. NEW HORIZONS Club Constitution Update We are required by Rotary International to update our Club Constitution after every Council on Legislation, which is the body which meets every three years to examine changes to Rotary’s standard Constitution. PDG Colin Thorniley has supplied the necessary information and paperwork to all clubs for this to happen. All clubs are required by the Department of Commerce to have these amendments approved by each club’s active members and lodged with the Department, though we have no choice about updating this document. Schedule One is required by RI and Schedule Two is simply listen during the course of the Other directors and members will required by the WA Associations meeting. still be given an opportunity to Incorporations Act. present reports at each meeting. The proposal is to share amongst In mid October Secretary Di will each “avenue of service” (Club Interact send to all members a ‘Notice of a Service, International Service / the Special General Meeting’ and Rotary Foundation, Community Director Marcos is looking at a date subsequent steps will follow to Service, Vocational Service and New after the school holidays to hold an comply with this requirement. Generations) a reasonably equal ‘interest’ meeting to start forming a number of meetings, whereby the community based Interact Club. Proposed Change to focus is on that avenue. Directors will have around 40 minutes to be Meeting Format used in any way they wish, which Members of the club who become involved with youth projects require could include any combination of, a current ‘Working with Children’ At the last club meeting, President say: card. Forms are available from Simone outlined briefly a change in • make a more detailed Secretary Di and need to be signed meeting format that she would like presentation of recently by President Simone. members to consider, with a view to completed projects (so the introducing it in January. project is more tangible than just hearing it mentioned Coles Vouchers The idea is to increase member quickly at a meeting) participation at meetings, as well as Coles are offering vouchers for provide more opportunities for each • run a mini “committee sporting equipment for schools for committee to present more detailed meeting” whereby input on every $10 spent in stores from updates on the activites being projects / activities is sought Thursday 2nd September until undertaken or considered, since a from the whole club Sunday 31st October. number of people have raised that • source an external speaker they don't feel they know enough (as we do now – either to Claremont Primary School, who about what our club actually does. present a possible project to helped us with “Paint Your Pinky” consider or a non-Rotary are collecting the vouchers. If you Currently, our meetings primarily topic for vocational or club shop at Coles and are not collecting involve a reporting session by service) vouchers for other schools, please directors and a 20 minute guest • organise a visit (to a project collect and pass them onto Ken, who speaker slot, and most members or business or socially) will deliver them to Claremont PS.
  3. 3. HORIZONS Paint Your Pinky On Wednesday 22nd September, President Simone & Marcos Carot Collins (along with their children Ariana and Eva, and Marcos’s sister Marcela Carot), Rob Rohrlach, Bronwen Tyson, Elizabeth Bain, and Ken and Di Collins attended the Claremont Primary School's “Paint Your Pinky” day. A wonderful poster was designed by Claremont Primary student Millie and senior students painted pinkies with purple nail polish as they collected a total of $198 from students for PolioPlus. Principal Joe Dellaposta was totally supportive of the exercise as it was not only an excellent PR exercise for Rotary, but also alerted the children to the importance of immunisation. GSE Team Leader Selected Unfortunately Rob Rohrlach was not selected as the Team Leader for the Group Study Exchange Team travelling to Germany in May of 2011. There was a very strong field of six applicants, and feedback received was that it was a very difficult decision. Franziska Forrer from the Rotary Club of Midland was the successful Pride of Workmanship patisserie where Ali always strives to applicant. be welcoming and friendly and the The Projects Committee considered food is to die for.. The business has Franziska is a committed Rotarian been in operation for about a year. the nominations we received for the who has served as District 9470 We were very impressed with all our Pride of Workmanship award. All Youth Exchange Chairman and in interactions with this business. nominations were worthy of this capacity has considerable receiving this award but we decided experience with organising the Ali was delighted to hear of our there could only be one winner. younger generation. recognition of her workmanship and We chose Ali Warne from La Galette has accepted our invitation to dinner Thank you for allowing our club to de France on Broadway in Nedlands, on the 13th October to receive her nominate you Rob! a beautifully presented French plaque from DG Ian Hutton.
  4. 4. Club Apparel We are required to pay for a minimum number of 30 for the Change of Meeting Before her departure overseas, Claire dinner, so please help us ensure we When: Thursday, 7st October, 2010. Venue: Bethesda Hospital Café Forsdyke sent information and order have at least that many attending! Time: 5:45 pm for 6 pm start. forms to all members for club polo shirts, caps and fleecy tops. Street Signs Fundraiser Guest Speaker: Phil Sherwood from RC  Arden Arcade, California Note:   this   meeting   is   in   place   of   our   usual   All items contain the Rotary emblem The Rotary Club of Kalamunda have Wednesday meeting on Wed 6th Oct. and club name embroidered on them acquired all the old Perth street signs by EmbroidMe. that have recently been replaced and are selling them with a target of Our club apparel, especially our raising $80,000. DG Visit tshirts, are a great way identify our When: Wednesday, 15st October, 2010. club members at activities in the A list of available signs and Venue: Bethesda Hospital Café public eye, such as fundraisers and suggested prices is available and all Time: 6:30 pm for 7 pm start. hands-on projects such as the recent sales above $150 will receive a Guest Speaker: DG Ian Hutton Paint Your Pinky day. certificate of appreciation. Cost: $40 for dinner.  BYO drinks Note: Board members to arrive for a meeting with   If you don't have a club shirt, please Proceeds wil benefit the Rotary WA the DG at 5:30 pm. do consider ordering one by October Cord Bloodbank, Interplast, The Big 13th. Issue and the Spirits of the Street Choir. 13th Annual Dr Ken  Club Dues OVERDUE Collins Address  What Are We Known For? Some members still have not yet paid Promoting The Rotary  their annual dues. Many clubs have a signature event or Foundation area of focus that defines them in When: Monday, 29th November, 2010.  Rotary International requires that their community. Venue: Golden Nugget Room, Gloucester  club dues be paid within 30 days, Park. Time: 7:00pm for 7:30pm hence all dues should have been Mark Meyers, of the Rotary Club of settled by mid August. Payment in Croydon South, England, notes that Guest Speaker: RI President Ray  two instalments is possible. his club is known for its Christmas Klinginsmith Alumni Speaker: Maryanne Tokome­Amu charity collection. "We organize a Members concerned are asked to trailer with a sled on it and a public Cost: $45pp with cash bar available. remit at least six months dues to address system playing Christmas Note: This will replace our regular meeting on the   Treasurer Toni by cheque or to carols.” 1st Wednesday of December. arrange payment by direct debit into the Club’s Operating Account as The Rotary clubs of Churchland- soon as possible. Portsmouth and Portsmouth, USA, hold a barbecue networking event Club Birthday /  District Governor's Visit full of food, refreshments, and live Christmas Party entertainment. About 3,000 people When: Thursday, 16th December, 2010. Please put Wednesday 13th October attend the event, with each club Venue: Nedlands Golf Club, Melvista Ave in your diary and invite friends and netting about $10,000 to support Time: 6:30 pm for 7 pm start. family along to the dinner meeting to local projects and programs. Guest Speaker: To be confirmed hear DG Ian Hutton pass on the For the Rotary Club of Calcutta Cost: $45 – includes dinner message of RI President Ray Uptown, India, Rotary Foundation Note: Board members to arrive for a meeting  Klinginsmith. Matching Grant projects have been with the DG at 5:30 pm. The cost of the dinner will be $40 its signature in the rural areas of the and it is BYO drinks as the cost does Bengal region, helping provide eye Note: This will replace our regular meeting on the   not include any drinks. care, computer centers for youth, and 15th of December. improved sanitation.
  5. 5. NEW HORIZONS Program for September / October Date Speaker Topic Host Attendance 29th September Kylie West Group Study Exchange to Normandy Judy Edwards Wilma McBain 7th October (Thursday) Philip Sherwood Rotary Club of Arden Arcade, California Di Collins Rob Rohrlach 13th October (Dinner) DG Ian Hutton District Governor's Official Visit Ken Collins Donna Bicknell 20th October TBC TBC Margaret Stuart Elizabeth McBain 27th October Jorg Imberger Water Research Rob Rohrlach Daniel Forsdyke New Horizons: Winner of the District  Board Club Details 9450 Bulletin Award for 2009/10 Rotary Year 2010-11 Simone Carot Collins — President Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. Bulletin Contributions PO Box 168,  Nedlands,  Di Collins — Secretary / Vice Contributions   for   the   weekly   bulletin   are  President Western Australia, 6909  sought from members of the club. Why not use the bulletin to update the club  Meetings on the projects your committee is working on Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm or promote the clubs next fundraising event. Cafe, Bethesda Hospital Bill Hassell — President Elect / Please   forward   articles   and   photos   to  Queenslea Drive Club Administration Director  Claremont Email  Toni James — Treasurer Phone  08 9385 0471 Rob Rohrlach — Projects Director Fax 08 9385 0472 Claire Forsdyke — International Website  Director Facebook  Ken Collins — Membership http://www.fac ebook.c om/fres hwaterbayrotary Director Chartered 19 December 2008 Marcos Carot Collins — New Generations Director