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New Horizons V3 I7


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New Horizons V3 I7

  1. 1. New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9455! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 3, Issue 7 16th - 22nd August 2010 From the President Matching Jack the ShelterBox Project Club Assembly / Forum PR at Claremont Nigeria Making Find out what is Movie Get an update on this Details of the upcoming Quarter Impressive Progress happening around the The club’s tickets important project. club assembly. Promoting the club at Against Polio club. have arrived. Make Page 1 Page 2 our local shopping Read Bill Gates Page 1 sure you collect centre. personal observations yours! Page 3 regarding the fight Page 1 against Polio. Page 3 twofold: first, we want you, attracting new people with experience of inviting new From the our existing members, to be new ideas, new skills and members along, commenting happy! It is important that new networks. But for that to that he wished he had started President you feel like you are a happen, we need to ask them. inviting people sooner! welcome, integral part of the Dear Fellow Rotarians, club, and that you feel you At our meeting last week we Please don't feel embarrassed are achieving something by looked at how to propose a or otherwise negative about August is Membership and being a part of Rotary. That is new member, and ran an extending an invitation to Extension month in the why we had a club assembly exercise to get you thinking someone to join Rotary. An Rotary calendar. Membership this weekend – to give you an about people you know – not invitation to join Rotary is in is a very important thing for opportunity to discuss any necessarily “friends” but fact an honour – it indicates us to focus on, because aspect of our club's business acquaintances – that the invitee is considered without members, our club operations in a relaxed who might qualify for Rotary to be someone of high ethical wouldn't exist. The more setting. We'll report on the membership without character. There are many active members we have, the assembly in more detail next prejudging whether they fine people who have never more the load is spread bulletin. would be interested in been asked to join Rotary amongst us, and the more we joining Rotary or not. Our who secretly would love the can achieve. The second part is attracting Assistant Governor, Angus opportunity to do good in the quality new members to the Buchanan, was a guest at our world with an organization The issue of membership is club. It is vital to continue meeting, and offered his with such a wonderful reputation. Even if someone says “no”, it may mean “not right now”. And every “no” is a step closer to finding someone who says “yes”. I urge you to please consider identifying at least one person to propose for Rotary membership this year. Whether you approach them yourself, or you would prefer our Membership Director to do so, please do set a goal to sponsor one new Rotarian this year. Yours in Rotary Service, Simone Carot Collins Club President Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N S Simone finds Facebook Scholar who spoke to our from your own personal This Week's is particularly good for club in June, has recently experiences with Group this. returned from a 2 week visit Study Exchange how Speaker to Zambia to visit his family. valuable your donations are • Invite friends, co- He attended 2 meetings of to the Rotary Foundation. PDG Paul Gianatti from the workers and colleagues his sponsor club, the Rotary Rotary Club of Mt Lawley to join you as a guest at Club of Luanshya, while he will be speaking to us about our weekly Rotary was back home. Shelter Boxes Interact. Interact is a Rotary meeting. program for high school- On his return to Perth, he Margaret Stuart arranged for aged children which • Ask President Simone was accepted into the School Michael Reeves to go along introduces them to service for copies of the of Law, and is now studying to Phoenix College last clubs and service projects – brochure “People like a double degree in Law & Wednesday, where some 200 like a non-religious youth you and me” to give out Arts. It appears that his people heard his presentation group where they can make to people you think may dream of becoming a fully on Shelter Boxes. friends with others their age, be interested. fledged lawyer will be organise social events and realised. Margaret organised a learn about community • Invite potential fundraising day on Friday service. members to help with Aaron's laptop is no longer 13th with the funds going to one of our projects or to operational, and he is purchase a Shelter Box. Paul has been involved with attend a social event. seeking a replacement. If Margaret’s company will starting school based Interact anyone has a laptop they no match the funds she raises Clubs. Marcos has also been longer need, please consider and it is hoped at least two involved with starting Ambassadorial passing it on to him. boxes will be funded at a cost Interact clubs in Argentina. of $1,000 each. Great work Interact clubs meet at least Scholar Margaret! twice a month and require a Electronic Rotarian to attend their Applicant meetings. Meetings Project in Justin Hewett is a final year Our club is looking at Law student at UWA who August is the month that the Nepal forming the very first speaks Mandarin and hopes club will trial on line community-based Interact to do a Masters degree in Committee meetings. At our last meeting, Brother club here in WA. It offers you Chinese law at Tsinghua Directors will be in touch James showed a 3 minute a great opportunity for University in Beijing with the will Committees for this to video and gave a brief hands-on help with goal of working to assist the take place in the coming overview of a possible mentoring future community Chinese with their human week as Wednesday would project we could take on in leaders, so please do come rights issues. normally be our Committee Nepal. Debbie also provided along and learn more about Meetings. a little more information this great youth program. Margaret Stuart has agreed about it at our club assembly. to act as Justin’s counsellor This month's board meeting If you know of young people should his Ambassadorial will also be online, at 7:00 pm Their suggestion is that a few aged 14-17 years who might Scholarship application be on Monday night. Rotarians go to Nepal from be interested in becoming successful. 28th September to 1st involved with Interact, October, whilst they are there please bring them and their Justin will be coming along Support for the on their next Pilgrimage of parents along to our meeting to the Club on 25th August to Hope, to carry out a ‘fact on Wednesday as well. introduce himself and give a Rotary finding mission’ on the very brief overview of his project as well as perhaps hopes and plans for the Foundation assisting with cleaning up Finding Future future. the house. The Humanitarian and Rotarians Ambassadorial Scholarships Educational programs of the Through Rotary Australia is another outstanding Rotary Foundation World Community Service Not sure how to broach the program of the Rotary contribute greatly to creating the project has a number for topic of Rotary with others? Foundation. We have an peace in our world and can tax purposes, so the cost of Try these tips: excellent applicant in Justin only be carried out with the trip can be funded tax and wish him every success money to fund the programs. deductibly by the Rotarians • Wear your Rotary pin at with his application. involved. all times. Being asked Daniel and Claire Forsdyke “What is that pin?”is a have recently made great way to initiate a News from substantial personal Cottesloe conversation about what contributions to the Rotary you do in Rotary. Aaron Foundation and are now Primary School both the club’s newest Paul • Share stories of projects Chinyimba Harris Fellows. Sue Nash from the Cottesloe you find exciting with Primary School contacted colleagues, friends and Aaron Chinyimba, the Thank you most sincerely President Simone to see if acquaintances. President inbound Ambassadorial Daniel and Claire - you know our club would consider 2 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N S helping the school with its Fair At the seminar, it was reported on 20th November. They do Pakistan’s that after reestablishing not have any specific areas security in the Swat Valley they would like us to help Persistence earlier this year, Pakistan’s with – they are open to army began immunizing anything we would like to Paying Off children against polio at 15 suggest. checkpoints. By July, only six Against Polio were needed. The Ministry of Both Sue and her husband Rob By Dan Nixon  Health now stockpiles oral are former Rotarians from Rotary International News polio vaccine at the Broome and we hope to see 12 August 2010  checkpoints for use during them along at our club in the National Immunization Days near future. Momentum toward polio (NIDs). eradication continues to In addition, the governor of Government build in Pakistan, including efforts to take advantage of the province inaugurated s u p p l e m e n t a r y Volunteer Grant improved security in parts of the country. immunization activities in May and has committed to $4,990 has been deposited into Pride of On 8 July, the Pakistan ensuring health workers’ the Club’s Operating Account access to children in to purchase items such as a PA Workmanship PolioPlus Committee led a polio awareness seminar in security-compromised system, screen, laptop and Mingora, located in the areas. other items deemed a priority Award Swat Valley in Khyber for the professional running of Pakhtunkhwa Province. After presentations by the the club. More than 120 representatives at the Pride of Workmanship is an representatives from Rotary seminar, participants took award within the Rotary Thanks once again to Clive International, the World part in a question-and- Vo c a t i o n a l Service Boddy for the successful Health Organization, and answer session and offered programme. application. UNICEF, along with suggestions for improving national and local health the region’s efforts to end The Pride of Workmanship officials, tribal and religious polio. Interplast Program enables managers in our society to help employees leaders, and others, took part. The event "was a grand achieve the goal of job Enid Wall phoned Di last week success," Memon says. "The satisfaction, and publicly to say that when her daughter "[It] was the first major news of Rotary having a polio recognize them for their Barbara visited our club last event after the opening of workshop was all over Swat. efforts. year she heard about our the Swat Valley," says We feel we have sent a ‘Climb for a Smile’ and went committee chair Aziz message to eradicate polio, Participating businesses back to her club in NSW and Memon. "Full security was and have requested the local promote the Pride of raised $5,000 for Interplast. extended by the police community leaders to lend a Workmanship theme of "Do it She followed up this year by department and army to hand. We will hold more such once- do it well" throughout running a Golf Day and raised ensure the safety of people." workshops so that no new their organization and a further $25,000 for Interplast. nominate employees worthy of recognition, not only within It costs a little more than the organization, but the wider $40,000 to fund an Interplast community. Nominees of the Team so Barbara’s efforts have Pride of Workmanship gone a long way to making an Program are presented with a entire team a reality. Very well trophy in recognition of their done Barbara! achievements. Our Club wishes make such an Patients on the award to be presented by our DG in his October (Vocational Mend Service month). Pleased to report that Daniel I am seeking nominations and Ken have recovered well from all members of someone after their respective medical in a business near you that has procedures last week. provided exceptional service or shown exceptional pride in Enid Wall reported that she is their workmanship. I am still up and down. She will asking nominations to be with come along to the club and me by 15 September. visit us when she is feeling up Photo: A polio awareness seminar in Pakistan’s Swat to it. Look forward to seeing With thanks Valley has helped open the door for more children in the you Enid. Rob Rohrlach security-compromised area to be immunized against the disease. Photo courtesy of Aziz Memon Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 3
  4. 4. S E Q U O I A C L U B polio cases arise from this camp along the one level to another,” Kabosha region." Zambian border to the says, instilling in him a Democratic Republic commitment “to protect the The seminar is characteristic of of the Congo. He was world’s most vulnerable persons: Pakistan’s persistence toward re s p o n s i b l e for refugees, who as a result of eradicating the disease, as well administration of violent conflicts, find themselves as the family of Rotary’s. NIDs refugee affairs in the as ordinary people in held 12-14 July in the country camp and enforcing extraordinary circumstances.” reached almost 34 million children under age five. Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors in Karachi braved temperatures as high as 120 degrees to vaccinate children in their homes, in alleys, in marketplaces, and elsewhere. They also handed out caps, stickers, pencils, and other gifts to the children. "Every single worker counts in the fight against polio," Photo: Former Rotary Peace Fellow Francis Shoukat Ali, UNICEF polio Kabosha works with the United Nations national, regional, and officer for Sind Province, told Mission in Sudan. Photo courtesy of Francis i n t e r n a t i o n a l Abdul Mohee Kazi, Rotaract Kabosha conventions, statutes, Rotary Minute District 3271 PolioPlus Chair, and protocols for after the NIDs. "The after those displaced by protecting refugees. Real Rotarians. Real answers. [immunization] team in violent conflict,” he says. He also trained refugee leaders Real quick. Watch the latest Korangi Town [Karachi] was in building and maintaining Rotary Minute to hear everyday really happy to see your A 2008-10 Rotary Peace Fellow, peace in their communities. Rotarians talk about how they workforce with them, and it Kabosha recently began have served their communities. was very well highlighted in serving as an officer in the Kabosha says his experiences Check back each month for a the results, as this area got 100 returns, reintegration, and with UNHCR and the new video. percent coverage by recovery section of the United certificate program “triggered independent monitoring. It is Nations Mission in Sudan, the desire for advanced See the latest Rotary Minute really a success story." working in support of refugees training in conflict resolution and the internally displaced. and management,” leading Learn more about Rotary's Previously, he was a refugee him to study as a Paul and effort to eradicate polio: officer with the United Jean Elder Endowed Rotary 1 Read more about Nations High Commissioner Peace Fellow at the University polio and what you for Refugees (UNHCR) in of Bradford in can do to help. Zambia. E n g l a n d , 2 Watch a video   about sponsored by the 13th Annual Dr Ken Collins what it takes to “I have been a resource person Rotary Club of eradicate polio. on refugee protection and have Nkwazi, Zambia. Address During his conducted several workshops applied field Promoting The Rotary for government officials, Protecting The NGOs [nongovernmental experience, he Foundation organizations], and UNHCR worked in joint World’s ‘Most field staff,” Kabosha says. “I peace-building When: Monday, 29 November, 2010.  th Venue: Golden Nugget Room, Gloucester Park.  have done human rights and efforts with the Vulnerable disaster management training, West African Time: 7:00pm for 7:30pm among other areas of Youth Network Guest Speaker: RI President Ray Klinginsmith Persons’ humanitarian work.” in Sierra Leone Alumni Speaker: Maryanne Tokome-Amu and its partners, By Dan Nixon  Kabosha is the first peace including the Cost: $45pp with cash bar available. Rotary International News fellow to complete both the Ministry of 13 August 2010  professional development Defense, Office of Francis Kabosha says that certificate program and the N a t i o n a l Security, Special Change of Meeting growing up in the southern master’s degree program offered by the Rotary Peace Court for Sierra When: Thursday, 7st October, 2010.  African nation of Zambia has Centers. After earning his Leone, a n d Venue: Usual venue.  given him a heart for helping certificate at Chulalongkorn N a t i o n a l Time: Usual time. refugees. University in Bangkok, Commission for Social Action. Guest Speaker: Phil Sherwood from RC Arden “Zambia is poor, just like Thailand, in 2007, he worked Arcade, California many other third world for UNHCR with government and nongovernment His “desire to Note: this meeting is in place of our usual countries, but quite peaceful, representatives to repatriate serve the needy Wednesday meeting on Wed 6th Oct. with a long history of looking refugees living in the Mwange has grown from 4 Nullam arcu leo, facilisis ut
  5. 5. N E W H O R I Z O N S Upcoming Guest Speakers Date Speaker Topic 25th August Lisa Guppy - Outbound Ambassadorial Scholar My Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship: Water Poverty in Cambodia and Viet Nam 1st September Tony Baker What’s happening with fine arts? 8th September PDG Ron Geary Handicamp 22nd September Hon Nick Hasluck, AM Reflections of a newly retired judge Program for August Host - Introduction & Thank You Date Details Date Name 18th August PDG Paul Gianatti - Interact: 18th August Ken Collins Rotary’s club for 14-17 year olds 20th August (Friday) PR Day at Claremont Quarter Back-up Host 25th August Lisa Guppy - Outbound Ambassadorial Scholar Date Name 28th August (Saturday) Bunnings Sausage Sizzle 18th August TBA Welcoming Roster Board Club Details Rotary Year 2010-11 Date Name Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. Simone Carot Collins — President PO Box 168, 18th August Judy Edwards Nedlands, Di Collins — Secretary / Vice President Western Australia, 6909 25th August Wilma McBain Meetings Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Cafe, Bethesda Hospital Bill Hassell — President Elect / Club Queenslea Drive Administration Director Claremont Email New Horizons: Winner of the District 9450 Bulletin Award for 2009/10 Toni James — Treasurer Phone 08 9385 0471 Fax Rob Rohrlach — Projects Director Bulletin Contributions 08 9385 0472 Website Contributions for the weekly bulletin are Claire Forsdyke — International Director sought from members of the club. Facebook Why not use the bulletin to update the club on the projects your committee is working Ken Collins — Membership Director freshwaterbayrotary on or promote the clubs next fundraising event. Chartered 19 December 2008 Please forward articles and photos to Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 5