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New Horizons V3 I34


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New Horizons V3 I34

  1. 1. N E W H O R I Z O N S New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9455! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 3, Issue 34! 21st - 27th March 2011From the President Last Week’s Meeting This Week’s Meeting Wiluna GSE Team Interact Club Kelmscott-RoleystoneFrom the Club Did you miss last Find out what is The Special Purpose Find out what Fire Relief ConcertPresident. week’s meeting? happening this week. GSE is ready to depart! happened at the second Fundraising concertPage 1 Find out what Page 1 Page 2 meeting for the new for disaster relief in our happened Interact Club. local community. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 what commitment projects enough money was raised toLetter from the such as Interact, RYDA, GSE, This Weeks completely fund a RYPEN etc have versus some ShelterBox. Many of thePresident of the other projects we have Meeting funds were donated as done. Many projects only “fines” levied for usingThings have slowed down in involve 1 or 2 people, and in Mike Sheldrick will be Rotary acronyms over therecent weeks with some cases for extremely addressing us about the course of the weekend, plusuncertainty as to who is short amounts of time (eg Global Poverty Project, and there was an additional finescurrently looking after sourcing a candidate) once a their work in making the session at the Saturday nightvarious committees and year. I hope once this is final push to end polio now. dinner, a raffle and anprojects. clearer, our list of potential impromptu auction. projects wont look quite so Bill Gates has asked theIn coming weeks well start onerous! Global Poverty Project team A 2nd ShelterBox is beingputting together some much to work closely with Rotary donated by Hollywoodneeded guidelines to clarify Yours in Rotary, to end polio, and a great Hospital to match the onereporting structures and Simone opportunity is coming up in donated on behalf of ourother communication October, as the CHOGM District.frameworks. It is my fervent Last Weeks meeting will commence inhope that this will help Perth on World Polio Daysupport club members in Meeting (October 24th). ShelterBox inbringing forward their ideas,or discovering existing A fascinating presentation Mike Sheldrick would like to Japanprojects and programs that was given by Geoff Hourn explore ideas for our club toalign with your passions that about his time in Gardez, work with the Global Poverty My Fellow Rotarians,you can get involved with. Afghanistan in 2004-2005 as Project, to raise funds for and   the Regional Director for the awareness of polio We have all seen theIn April we will have a club United Nations Office for eradication, in October. So devastating earthquake andof club forums in the regular Project Services (UNOPS). please dont miss this great the ensuing Tsunami hitmeeting time to bring opportunity to be a part of Japan.forward new projects and The UNOPS team oversaw something that will reachevents to discuss. the elections in Afghanistan, many Heads of Government! The thousands of lives lost, and provided assistance homes destroyed, livelihoodsIn the next couple of wherever it was needed, such washed away, millions ofmeetings, we will also briefly as building roads and setting Shelter Boxes persons displaced.discuss 1 new project idea, to up other infrastructure.start getting the ball rolling There is a desperate need for A truly cruel and catastrophicwith a few new initiatives, His photos were incredible, more Shelterboxes in many disaster on a monumentaland will have brief overviews of towns that havent really areas of the globe, scale.about what the different changed since the middle particularly Japan. These can  district and international ages, remnants of car bombs be purchased for $1,000 each I know that we have in recentprojects involve, especially (including blood stains) tax deductibly. times put our hands into ourfrom a time, cost and outside the walls of the pockets to help, and ourpersonal involvement compound where he worked, Over the course of the pockets are much lighter thanperspective. I hope this will and the local people. President Elect Training they have been for a longhelp everyone get a grasp on Seminar (PETS) weekend, time.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455! 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N SBut I now ask you again to Group Study Exchange out for humanity sake Team, funded by the Rotary Invitation toand help our fellow Foundation, with the money Members interested in beingRotarians and world citizens coming from District funds. GSE Farewell involved are encouraged toby purchasing ShelterBoxes do so.which are in great need right As Fiji is a part of a Rotary Dinnernow. District in New Zealand, Ken and Alan met with the Group Study Exchange (GSE) VolunteerThousands of Japanese are District Governor from NZ to to District 1880 Bavaria.homeless and displaced; You obtain her permission for the Grant UpdateCan Help by: Exchange. Further Where: Mount Lawley Golf• funding a whole permission was also obtained Club A marquee has been ordered ShelterBox (AUD$1,000);  to increase the size of the from Canopy Outdoor, or team from the usual Team When: Monday 23rd May complete with Rotary logos• contributing to a RAWCS Leader plus 4 members to the 2011, 6:30 for 7:00PM and the name of the Rotary fund (Project WR104) Team Leader plus 7 Club of Freshwater Bay. It is which will pool donated members. Cost: Approx. $30/head, nearing completion and will money to buy Cash Bar be dispatched on 30th April. ShelterBoxes. Due to a series of deaths, which is observed differently This event may be your onlyShelterBoxes can be in the indigenous community chance to hear the group Congratulationspurchased through Rotary to the western culture, theAustralia World Community departure of the team has presentation before they depart for Germany. Roger & CelineService Western Region, bygoing onto our website been delayed several times. Marston The Group will be After a presentation by this Germany between the 29th unique team at the District Congratulations to Roger May and 27th June 2011. and Celine Marston, who areI ask you to email myself or Conference this Saturdayour Treasurer Peter Wickens afternoon, the GSE Team will the proud parents of a Should you wish to attend 4.014kg son, Graysonto inform us of your depart for Fiji on Sunday either as an individual or as adonation towards the morning, 27th March, Charles, born at St John’s club please let me know by Murdoch on 16th March.ShelterBoxes. returning on 29th April. email to: Disaster Chair (I The Team leader is PDG Roger Marston was a Charterreally wish we didn’t need Hugh Lavery, who has an Member of the club, and later Ray Swincicky became a Friend of the Clubone) association with Wiluna and GSE Committee  the aboriginal community. since his work with Rio Tinto Rotary District 9455 made it too difficult for himRon and Glenys Geary, The rest of the team consists Mobile 0418 909 884Rotary Club of Belmont of 7 Martu Aboriginal to particpate in clubDistrict Governor 2003-04, Leaders from Wiluna: activities.Rotary International District Clinton Farmer, Stewart Interact Club9455,Chair Western Region, Long, Greg Newland, Apisalome Waqa (who is of District A second meeting took placeRotary AustraliaCommunity Service World Fijian descent), Wo n g a w o l , Tracey Roxanne on Thursday, 17th March. Governor for Anderson, and Annie Koroicure. A couple of new boys from 2013-14Wiluna GSE Scotch College came along, although a few of the MLC The team will be The District NominatingTeam to Depart accompanied by a Cultural girls had other commitments and were not in attendance. Committee for the selection advisor and Cultural Liaison of District GovernorAfter a very lengthy period person. It is also intended Nominee for 2013-14 has Under the guidance ofsince Alan Stewart first for a professional selected Hank de Smit of the Hamish Mackie, who hassuggested to Ken Collins that photographer/journalist Rotary Club of Mount taken on the responsibility ofit would be beneficial for a (from Fiji) to join the team for Lawley for the role. looking after Interact, allteam of Aboriginals and the majority of the present briefly introducedhealth workers from Wiluna expedition. In accordance with the themselves. The young folkto visit Fiji to learn more Bylaws, clubs have two then formed into a couple ofabout village life, the The team will arrive in Nadi weeks to propose a groups and talked aboutexchange is finally going to and then travel to some 7-8 challenging candidate. Any potential projects andhappen. communities over the period, challenging candidate fundraising activities. Much spending between 3and 4 proposed by a club must enthusiasm was evident.Almost 2 years ago, Ken met days at each communities. have been nominated by thewith the Manger of the club when nominations were There are definitely enoughRotary Foundation and the first called for this position. interested young people tothen incoming Chairman of form a club and the nextthe Rotary Foundation The period for submission of meeting will take place onTrustees to obtain permission a challenge to this Thursday, 31st March atto put together a unifocus Nominating Committee Christ Church Grammar selection is 4 April 2011.2! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N S facilities, the transport network Please promote ticket sales and other key infrastructure. In within your own Club and HistoricAny Rugby the event that this review causes Community and then email one or more matches to be names/numbers to Samantha Moments:Fans? rescheduled, or staged at a ONeill (Sam) at the ATC on different venue, Rotary hosting for seat Origins of GroupWith 175 days to go to the start bookings in Christchurch can be allocations.of the start of the 2011 Rugby either changed to another venue Study ExchangeWorld Cup we want to remind or refunded. We will do what it 10 Rotary Volunteers are By Susan Hanf and Lauren Kalal you of the wonderful takes to ensure visiting Rotarians required to assist on the day Rotary International Newsopportunity New Zealand enjoy their time in New Zealand, (Saturday 2nd April). If YOU can 16 March 2011 Rotarians are extending to no matter what. help please email Rod Slatertheir fellow Rotarians who are from the Rotary Club of Perth at In January 1964, the RI Board ofplanning to visit for this great Allan Brown to Directors and The Rotaryevent. Convener - Rotary New Zealand volunteer your services Foundation Board of Trustees Rugby Hosting Programme approved Group StudyRather than stay in commercial 100% of revenue raised from Exchange   as an official Rotary Ticket Sales and Auctions will goaccommodation, why not staywith New Zealand Rotarians Kelmscott- to the Lord Mayors Disaster program. Thirty-four teams from 17 pairs of districts participated Relief Fund to directly aid theand experience true kiwihospitality? Bed and breakfast Roleystone Fire victims of the recent Kelmscott/ in the first round of exchanges during the 1965-66 and 1966-67 Roleystone Busg Fire Victims.for NZ$150 (which includesthe donation to polio plus) is a Relief Rotary years.real bargain but more Please support our sponsors who But young people had beenimportantly it’s a way to will cover ALL operational costs traveling the globe with support Attached to the bulletin is a flyer“bridge continents”. You’ll for the forthcoming Clara Helms associated with this event. from Rotary clubs well beforemake lifetime friends and get a Kelmscott-Roleystone Fire Relief this decision. In 1950, six youngreal sense of New Zealand. WoW Concert, which is now for Come along on 2nd April 2011 men from England went to New Public Release and enjoy a wonderful evening Zealand, led by English RotarianBookings are coming in of song and a complimentary Geoff Morton and financed bysteadily but we have plenty of • Please forward to supper! clubs in Yorkshire. They traveledhosts available in all venues. YOUR Social networks the country, staying with ASAP, with yourAnd we can even find hosts inlocations other than game personal note seeking Club Forum Rotarians along the way.venues if you want to go support for the Concert Rotarian Ralph Vernon proposedsomewhere else between attendance. A big thank you to Bill and Sue a similar endeavor in 1955 togames. • Please reproduce some Hassell for hosting the club clubs in northern New Zealand, copies to leave on your forum on Sunday. who wanted to commemorateHave a look at the website front counter and to Rotary’s golden display in local shop Outcomes from the meeting will with a districtwide effort. and see how easy it is take windows. be included in the next bulletin. 39 (now districts 9910, 9920,advantage of combining some • If you have contacts 9930, and 9940) created thegreat games with the chance to within the Media (Main Rotary Overseas Travel Awardmeet some new Rotary friends. Stream Media, Local Press, CommunityIf you have been thinking Radio, etc, etc) pleaseabout the trip of a lifetime, inform them and seeknow is the time to act. More their are being released, NewZealand Rotarians are keen to We are seeking donations ofopen their homes to Rotarian Goods (new) or Services, whichvisitors and this is the we can use in Live & Silentopportunity to have the trip of Auctions, on the night, to raisea lifetime and support our more funds for the Fire If you have suppliers with whom you do business, pleaseYou will be aware that the ask them to donate some goodsChristchurch earthquake has or services and if they say no,caused RNZ 2011 Tournament think about changing yourOwner, Rugby World Cup supplier!Limited, the New ZealandGovernment and the New All ticket sales are beingZealand Rugby Union, to managed by the Staff of theassess to critical Tournament Australian Technical Collegefacilities and services in (ATC). Tickets may be orderedChristchurch . These include by calling the ATC on 1300 303Stadium Christchurch itself, 677 and paid for via Credit Group Study Exchange team members visit a nuclear research project nearaccommodation, training Card. Geneva, circa 1967. From the November 1967 issue of The Rotarian.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455! 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N Sprogram, and John visitors from these countries as RI president in 1959-60, traveled the globe as part ofLedgerwood, of the Rotary as well as from Pakistan. shared information about the Group Study ExchangeClub of Hamilton, led the Rotary Overseas Travel teams.first team on a trip to Great In the early 1960s, the Award with the Trustees.Britain. Trustees began considering Soon after the Board and For more information: programs for non-Rotarians Trustees approved Group 1 See Rotary HistoryThe program was so that would promote Study Exchange, Vernon and and Archivessuccessful that district international goodwill and other Rotarians with 2 Visit the Rotaryleaders in New Zealand understanding. One plan was experience in group Global Historydecided to continue it after for small groups of young exchanges and vocational Fellowship websitethe anniversary celebrations business and professional training were invited to 3 Read more Historichad ended. Over the next few men to travel from one finalize the details of the new Momentsyears, teams from New Rotary district to a district in Foundation program.Zealand traveled to Canada, another country.India, Japan, Sri Lanka, and In the nearly five decadesthe United States. New Harold T. Thomas, a New since, more than 70,000Zealand Rotarians welcomed Zealand Rotarian who served young men and women have Program for March/April Host - Introduction & Thank You Date Details Date Name 23rd March Mike Sheldrick - Global Poverty Project 23rd March Bronwen Tyson 30th March Marie Kormandy - Computer Assisted Literacy 30th March Wilma McBain 6th April Calum Foulner - RYLA and The 6th April TBA Communities Moving Forward project Welcoming Roster Board Club Details Rotary Year 2010-11 Date Name Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. Simone Carot Collins — President PO Box 168, 23rd March Max Hipkins Nedlands, Di Collins — Secretary / Vice President Western Australia, 6909 30th March Rob Pearce Meetings Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm 6th April Max Hipkins Cafe, Bethesda Hospital 13th April Paddy Ramanathan TBA — Club Administration Director Queenslea Drive Claremont EmailNew Horizons: Winner of the District 9450 Toni James — Treasurer Bulletin Award for 2009/10 Phone  08 9385 0471 TBA — President Elect / Projects Fax DirectorBulletin Contributions 08 9385 0472 WebsiteContributions for the weekly bulletin are Claire Forsdyke — International Director from members of the club. FacebookWhy not use the bulletin to update the club the projects your committee is working Ken Collins — Membership Director freshwaterbayrotaryon or promote the clubs next fundraising Chartered 19 December 2008 TBA — New Generations DirectorPlease forward articles and photos to! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  5. 5. Clara  Helms   Kelmscott-­‐Roleystone  Fire  Relief   STARRING  Local  Resident     Clara  Helms   And  Charity  Fund  Raising  Auction   Soprano,  Actress,  Dancer   PLUS    Talented  Supporting  Artists  Presented   In  conjunction   by:   with:  Sponsors:   Clara  Helms,  accompanied  by  Musical  Director  David  Wickham,     will  sing  beautiful  songs  in  various  languages       Date:   Saturday  2nd  of  April  2011       Time:   7:00    11:00pm       Venue:   South  Perth  Church  of  Christ         Cnr  of  Murray  Street  &  McNab  Loop,  Como         Parking  available  onsite     CLAREMONT     Tickets:     Rows  1    5   $75           Rows  6    9   $60           Rows  10    14   $45   Tickets  can  be  purchased  by  contacting  the  Australian  Trades  College  WA     on  1300  303  677  or  through  your  local  Rotary  Club.   Please  send  any  ticket  queries  to     Complimentary  Supper  will  be  provided  during  intermission  courtesy  of     Katrina  Sykes  Catering  and  Friendlies  Chemist  Claremont   This  event  is  enthusiastically  supported  by:   City  of  Armadale,  Dr  Tony  Buti  MLA,  Mr  Don  Randall  MP,  Mr  Ken  Wyatt   MP,   Mr   Tony   Simpson   MLA,   Hon.   Alannah   MacTiernan,   Armadale   Redevelopment  Authority,  Rotary  Districts  9455  &  9465,  Members  of  the   John  Curtin  Youth  Leadership  Academy  ALL  Proceeds  to:  Lord  Mayors  Disaster  Relief  Fund  to  aid  the  fire  victims