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New Horizons V2 I28

  1. 1. New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9450! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 2, Issue 28! 11th - 17th January 2010 Nigeria the 2009 BBQ @ The Forsdyke’s Introduction & Thanks Welcoming Roster Club Program Rotary Foundation leader in progress Photos from Sunday’s Who is doing the Are you doing the What is happening in Thought of the Week toward ending polio social function. introduction and thanks welcoming this week? the club this month? This week’s thought is N a t i o n a l Page 2 & 3 for this week’s speaker? Find out now. Page 4 about the Rotary Peace Immunisation Day in Page 4 Page 4 & Conflict Studies Nigeria. Program. Page 1 Page 4 families initially forces,” says Busuyi Onabolu, Journalists Against Polio and Nigeria the opposed to chair of the Nigeria PolioPlus the Forum of Muslim Women vaccination Committee. The effort aims to of Nigeria, both with 2009 leader in ensure “that the required networks in the country’s 2 Airing public quality of the campaigns is high-risk northern states. progress s e r v i c e regularly implemented and Organizations like these are announcements on every child is immunized working in partnership with toward ending state radio and with the potent OPV [oral the media and communities sponsoring town polio vaccine] drops.” to help coordinate the polio criers to urge promotion of polio mothers to bring S u p p l e m e n t a r y eradication. By Dan Nixon  their children to Immunization Plus Days in Rotary International News immunization posts November “witnessed a A bivalent vaccine, already in 8 January 2010 massive support from use in Afghanistan, has been 3 Monitoring National traditional leaders,” says developed to stop the The incidence of polio in Immunization Days Onabolu. “There is no doubt transmission of the type 1 Nigeria dropped by more and Immunization that the traditional and and type 3 wild polioviruses than 50 percent in 2009 to 388 Plus Days, and religious institutions have simultaneously. According to cases as of 22 December, handing out soap, added a new and positive WHO, the vaccine is compared with 783 cases for school supplies, and dynamic to the polio intended for introduction in the same period in 2008. other items to eradication campaign.” India and Nigeria by late children who were January and is expected to be Most dramatic was the vaccinated Dr. Muhammad Ali Pate, “a critical new tool” in the decline in the transmission of executive director of the Global Polio Eradication the type 1 wild poliovirus, to 4 Advocating with National Primary Health Initiative. 74 cases from 707. Also, the government, Care Development proportion of unimmunized religious, and A g e n c y, the children in Nigeria’s highest- traditional leaders to government entity risk states fell below 10 step up support for responsible for polio percent for the first time. ending polio immunization activities in Nigeria, The World Health 5 Conducting a pointed to “an Organization's   Advisory national workshop e n o r m o u s Committee on Polio in September to responsiveness on the Eradication attributes 95 train local Rotary part of parents in percent of the world’s leaders in polio many states” as key to progress against the disease eradication the success of in 2009 to Nigeria’s success. Immunization Plus Rotarians are playing a key “There is a big momentum, Days in October that role in their country’s gains much more than ever before, reached more than 30 by: of the federal government, million children. more state governments, and A Rotarian records that a household's 1 I m m u n i z i n g traditional leaders, as well as Other allies in children have been vaccinated against children and some local governments, to Nigeria’s drive to end polio during Immunization Plus Days in helping to overcome mobilize all the needed the disease include Nigeria. Rotary Images/Joseph Lorenzo resistance from Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N S BBQ @ The Forsdyke’s 2! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N S BBQ @ The Forsdyke’s, Continues... Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N S Francis Kabosha is busy He recently called his fellow Foundation goes to actual The Rotary repatriating refugees in RPCS alumnus, Abdulai program spending. Foundation Zambia back to their homeland in the Democratic Jalloh, logistics officer for the United Nations in DRC, to Republic of Congo (DRC). say, “I’m giving them the Week 28: This week’s Rotary tools to build peace, you Foundation Thought Through the repatriation must ensure they reach their highlights the cooperation process, Francis also destinations safely.” between two Rotary Peace educates the leaders of the and Conflict Studies Program repatriated groups in the Francis and Abdulai now alumni. ways of peace to help them work together to build peace build and maintain peace in in the region. Keep in mind, Rotary Peace and Conflict their home areas. every dollar that you Studies Program alumnus, contribute to The Rotary Program for January Introduction Date Details Date Name 13th January Board Meeting 14th January Jane Armstrong 14th January Clive Boddy: Corporate Pychopaths - their influence on organisatons Vote of Thanks 21st January Committee Meeting 28th January Rob Rohrlach - Life & Times Date Name 14th January Elizabeth Bain Welcoming Roster Board Club Details Rotary Year 2009-10 Date Name Di Collins — President Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, 14th January Margaret Stuart Ken Collins — Vice President / Western Australia, 6909 Membership Director 21st January Ken Collins Meetings Thursday 5:45pm to 6:45pm 28th January Clive Boddy Cafe, Bethesda Hospital Simone Carot Collins — President Elect / Queenslea Drive Club Administration Director Claremont Email Rajah Senitharajah — Treasurer Phone 08 9385 0471 Fax Bulletin Contributions Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary 08 9385 0472 Website Contributions for the weekly bulletin are Rob Rohrlach — Projects Director sought from members of the club. Why not use the bulletin to update the club Facebook Claire Forsdyke — International Director on the projects your committee is working on or promote the clubs next fundraising gid=47737002646 event. Toni James — PR & Marketing Committee Director Chartered 19 December 2008 Please forward articles and photos to 4! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450