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Pecha kucha august 2010 Monika Hanson and Rickard Damm


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The connected society had not yet become an expression in 2010. We discussed future concepts that seem to make sense from a User Experience perspective.

With the benefit of hindsight we can say that a lot of this is still relevant.

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Pecha kucha august 2010 Monika Hanson and Rickard Damm

  1. 1. Monika.HansonMonika.Hanson @@ Rickard.DammRickard.Damm @@
  2. 2. 7.7 billion people on earth 4 billion global “middle class”
  3. 3. 1 billion vehicles1 billion vehicles
  4. 4. >3 billion utility meters>3 billion utility meters 100 billion embedded processors100 billion embedded processors
  5. 5. 50 billion connected devices
  6. 6. Not so long ago, communication in the home was limited to a telephone
  7. 7. ¼ of the US and UK population are willing to spend $29-$46 per month to connect their gadgets
  8. 8. “It enables me to listen to internet radio and watch movies while I’m in the sauna”
  9. 9. insights often come from extreme users TIM Brown, IDEO
  10. 10. What if a tv looked like a framed painting?