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Renovate Simply mobile estimation flow redesign


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UX case study: mobile website and estimation user flow design iteration recommendations. Capstone project for General Assembly's Austin UXDI program.

Conducted and presented June 2016 by Robert Boler and Matt Toman. (Presentation notes not included here. All deck content property of Renovate Simply.)

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Renovate Simply mobile estimation flow redesign

  1. 1. a user experience design case study via General Assembly’s UXDI Matt Toman + Robert Boler Renovate Simply
  2. 2. L I N E U P 1. problems 2. research 3. insights 4. top design solutions 5. prototype demo • discussion throughout, Q&A two-on-two at the end
  3. 3. Homeowners need a simple, painless way to understand the approximate cost of their renovation projects, and find trusted contractors for them. P R O B L E M • improve current design • future features • mobile web vs. native app
  4. 4. P R O B L E M “Don’t make me think.”
  5. 5. Research
  6. 6. • learned design trends • learned competitors’ features • Kukun does not vet their contractors C O M P E T I T I V E / C O M PA R AT I V E A N A LY S I S I N S I G H T S
  7. 7. • interviewed 6 homeowners • (our focus) • in-person or via phone • 1 contractor, 2 realtors for context U S E R I N T E R V I E W S
  8. 8. • homeowners like comparing • trust is a big deal • “I don’t know what I don’t know” I N S I G H T S U S E R I N T E R V I E W S
  9. 9. U S E R P E R S O N A S Harriet the Homemaker • experienced • organizing • answers Patricia the Planner • resourceful • new to this • timeline Connor the Contractor Rachel the Realtor
  10. 10. tested 4 versions with 9 homeowners U S E R T E S T I N G
  11. 11. • ruled out interactive progress bar • refined new organizational feature • led our design decisions U S E R T E S T I N G I N S I G H T S
  12. 12. Top Insights the big 4
  13. 13. • Low likelihood to get current app • Infrequent use case • Web developer in-house so… 1
  14. 14. • Focus on mobile web app first, not a native app I N S I G H T 1
  15. 15. • Homeowners like comparing. • They want the power of deciding. • In-person matters. 2 so…
  16. 16. • Don’t fight comparison, join it. • Offer 3 contractors (sweet spot according to user research) I N S I G H T 2
  17. 17. • Word-of-mouth referrals are king. • All our interviewees, and half of all homeowners. 3 so…
  18. 18. • Create value for these users with a new feature… I N S I G H T 3 (no spoilers)
  19. 19. • Photos show too much data • Distracted from the question • Made homeowners feel limited 4 so…
  20. 20. • Use graphics to help display only the info you want the homeowner to choose between. I N S I G H T 4
  21. 21. Top Design Recommendations the big 5
  22. 22. • direct project type links B E F O R E 1. landing pageA F T E R • clearer explanation and value prop
  23. 23. B E F O R E A F T E R • visual elements that illustrate only the current question • (less photos, more graphics) 2. focused visuals
  24. 24. B E F O R E A F T E R • “cost level” is now “materials” • biggest hang-up in user tests • more specific question • descriptive text 3. materials question
  25. 25. B E F O R E A F T E R • clear timeframe • immediately actionable steps • helps prepare first-time homeowners • contact info fallback 4. clear next steps
  26. 26. • new feature • includes word-of- mouth referrals • includes user photos, Pinterest links, documents, etc. N E W 5. Project Notebook
  27. 27. • un-nested, contextual item labels • (no one opens the “+” button) • removed Style page • streamlined structure of the questions • explanatory notes for confusing steps • when to ask for email and account creation M O R E
  28. 28. Enough talk… Let’s see it.
  29. 29. Demo InVision:
  30. 30. Homeowners now have a simple, painless way to understand the approximate cost of their renovation projects, and find trusted contractors for them. S O LU T I O N • clearer estimation process • actionable, valuable next steps • new feature that addresses users’ needs
  31. 31. Q&A
  32. 32. Thank you. Matt Toman + Robert Boler Historic images from Pixabay