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Bungarribee 2011 nov 15 issue 20


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Rotary Club of Blacktown City weekly newsletter!

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Bungarribee 2011 nov 15 issue 20

  1. 1. Bungarribee The land that ―Bungarribee House‖ was built on in CHARTERED - 16th NOVEMBER 1961 1825, was the first land INCORPORATED - 25th JUNE 1991 15/11/11 grant given in Blacktown. Volume 2 Bungarribee means, ―the Issue 20 resting place of the king‖. Congratulations Members! Bungaroo. November The house was built entirely of imported bricks and We celebrate 50 years of is stone and with local timber. Rotary Foundation No nails were used in its construction; all joints were service to the community! held precisely by wooden month pegs, showing the true tradesmanship of the times. THE FOUR-WAY TEST Of the things we think, Special points of 2011—2012 interest: Dear membersGail, Josie and Khalid—Congratulations! Awardees of say or do. Club President: 1. Is it the Truth?  Briefly highlight your point of interest here. Zena Shedden  Briefly highlight your point of interest here. Blacktown City Rotary Club and Friends of Rotary, 2. Is it Fair to all concerned?  Briefly highlight your point of interest here. District Governor: 3. Will it build Goodwill and Congratulations on achieving your milestone of 50 Better Friendships?. David Cook  Briefly highlight your point of interest here. years. In todays cut and thrust, fast paced world 4. Will it be Beneficial to all and one where often the personal "me generation" concerned? R.I. President: will take precedence over community service, it is Kalyan Banerjee refreshing, and indeed, amazing that a club will last for 50 years. You must be doing something right! Members please remember: Club Meetings: Indeed, recently Blacktown Apex celebrated its 50 ―Apologies” are required by mid-day MONDAY years on 13 August 2011, a feat not matched by Inside this issue: Tuesday: 6.00 for 6.30pm Workers Club Blacktown very many stuggling clubs throughout Australia to- Phone 9622-4700 Arthur Anderson. Inside Story 2 day. As an ex-Apexian myself I often share a Rotary function with colleagues from the past and it seems Members will be invoiced Contact details: for non apologies! Blacktown must be a very fertile ground. Insideaddress Web Story 2 I would love to see Blacktown prosper in the future ROTARY GRACE Club4269 Inside Story and be a role model for younger clubs as you pro- O Lord and giver of all 2 Sydney, New South Wales, ceed to the merger with clubs in District 9750 to good Australia. District 9690. form our new District 9685. We thank thee for our Inside Story 3 daily food Congratulations once again on your great achieve- Postal Address. P.O. BOX 12, May Rotary Friends and ment and to President Zena, have a wonderful night Rotary ways BLACKTOWNStory Inside . NSW 2148. 4 on Tuesday. Help us to serve Thee Membership contact: Yours in Rotary Service all our days. Inside Story 5Membership Chair: Bob Bensley David Cook On 0404 051 075 Inside Story District Governor 2011-12, 6 Farmers Market contact: Rotary International District 9690 incMarket Co-ordinator: Pam Carne On O406 669 936 Editors quote for the week! Email A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy your trip!.
  2. 2. Club Officers 2011 to 2012 Bungarribee Issue 20 Page 2Executive:President: Zena Shedden President Zena and Members of the Rotary Club of Blacktown City,President Elect /Club Service: Daniel Kellie It is an honour to be able to congratulate the Rotary Club of Blacktown City Inc. on the occasion of theClub Secretary: Pennie Holley 50th Anniversary of its Charter.Treasurer: Bob Bensley To write about its achievements was difficult as they are so many and varied. So I thought I would do it this way. However, I cannot possibly do the club justice.Directors:Community Service : Bob Smith I remember an old song which my mum taught me which started: ―‗A‘ you‘re adorable. ‗B‘ you‘re so beau-Foundation Chair: John Wilson tiful......‖ and added ‗Alphabetically speaking, you‘reInternational Service: Ivan Kelly OK‘. So here we go:New Generations: Len Winter Ambassadorial scholar; Animal Shelter catering; Aus-Vocational Service: Gail Johnson tralian Rotary Health Blacktown South Public School; Bowelscan; Bridges Project Childrens Medical Research Found‘n; Christmas wrap- ping; Community Safety Precinct; COM4unity District Conference; District Governor Dick White Editor Mel for the DG Newsletter Farmers Market Great Australian Bike Ride; Group Study Exchange Hat Day; Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarms Innerwheel; Internationality of membership Joint Networking Night - showcase Rotary Kidsmatter (St Bernadettes Primary School ); Kokona adopted village RAM. Let’s Celebrate! Liberia orphanage (Monrovia) Matching grant - Medical/Dental Mission (Caluya Is- land); MUNA Members who joined in November Nags – Melbourne Cup Trifecta One hundred and fifth birthday cake Russ Dickens 1/11/66 Patrician Brothers College, (PGH), Paul Harris Fellows, Scotty McInally 1/11/05 Police Officer of the Year Awards; Polio Plus Quakers Hill East P.S. (RHIC); Quakers Hill High School Gary Raymond 5/11/02 (PGH) RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service); Otto von Schomburg 13/11/84 RYDA (Youth Driver Awareness) Secretary 9690 David; Seniors Christmas Luncheon; Len Winter 21/11/89 Blacktown Show; socks night Atoy Sayas 24/11/09 TAFE awards; Traffic Offenders Program (TOP) Inc; TRF (The Rotary Foundation) Tess Sayas 24/11/09 Unique local and international projects Volunteer Grants; Vocational Pride in Workmanship Zena Shedden 27/11/07 awards Westmead Medical Research Fellow; Wonderland Con- Kathy Meyer 28/11/06 voy for Kids Day Xceptional Partnership Projects YOTS; Youth emphasis; You Tube (Surgical Cleft Mis- Members Birthdays! sion), Zena – President extraordinaire 2011-12 John Wilson 2/11 Alphabetically speaking, you are much more than OK. David Bamford 3/11 Congratulations for 50 years of Service Above Self Russ Dickens 15/11 The Rotary Club of Blacktown City Inc ‘does good, doesn’t it?’ Peter Garske 23/11 Best wishes for the next 50 years Partner’s Birthdays Hilary von Schomburg 7/11 Marilyn Mercer Gita Misra 9/11 Wedding anniversaries! District Governor 2010-11 Rus & Lorina Dickens 2/11 Rotary International District 9690 Inc. Ken & Caroline Fairfax 7/11
  3. 3. Bungarribee Issue 20 Page 3President Zena and Members ofRotary Club of Blacktown City,Congratulations your 50th Anniversary within RotaryInternational a great achievement!.Whilst I have only been associated with the Club overthe past 11 years, I have marveled at the contributionthat the members have made and continue to maketo not only the world of Rotary but more importantlythe world itself, and I know that this level of commit-ment would have commenced from the day of theClubs Charter and will be so for many more years tocome. The Rotary Club of Blacktown City is a trueexample of ―Service Above Self‖.The contribution that you have made to the local com-munity is truly amazing and you all should be justlyproud of the high esteem that the Club is held withinthat community of Blacktown. I will not try to list allthe achievements that I know of as I am sure thatyou do not need me to write a novel, but rest assuredBlacktown is a much better community because ofyou. On a personal note Julia & I have always enjoyed our association with the Club and look forward to sharing many more good times with you. Happy Birthday Rotary Club of Blacktown City Paul & Julia Reid District 9690 Governor 2009-10 November is Rotary Foundation monthThere are as many reasons to support The RotaryFoundation as there are ways to do good in the world.By donating to the Foundation, you support Rotaryssix areas of focus, which help advance world under-standing, goodwill, and peace through the improve-ment of health, the support of education, and the alle-viation of poverty. Contributions to the Every Rotar-ian, Every Year (EREY) initiative, are the primarysource of funding for Foundation programs. By givingUS$100 a year through EREY, you become a RotaryFoundation Sustaining Member.Here are two ways your contributions are changinglives around the world.1— Fighting hungerIn Romania, children have eggs, milk, and meat be-cause of a Foundation grant that enables local farm-ers to buy animal feed, packaging materials, and othersupplies. The farmers agree to donate a portion oftheir products to childrens hos-pitals, schools, and orphanages.2—Reducing child mortalityThe Rotary clubs of Jaela-Kandana, Western Province, SriLanka, and Madras Northwest,Tamil Nadu, India, are helping to reduce child mortalityby providing improved sanitation facilities for 15 fami-lies in a small community in Sri Lanka. With a RotaryFoundation Matching Grant, the clubs have built 14toilets, helping to prevent the spread of diarrhoea-causing diseases related to poor sanitation. Source:
  4. 4. Bungarribee Issue 20 Page 4 The Bungarribee is a team effort:. Photo‘s: Bob Gardiner, Mel Gray & Tony Orr .Thank you to all! Supporters of the Rotary Club of Blacktown City Inc The Board and members of the Rotary Club of Blacktown City Inc extends its sincere thanks to the following organisations for their generous support that enables our members to provide ‘Service Above Self’ and to assist those in need. Ability Options Blacktown Workers Blacktown City Council Blacktown Advocate Blacktown & Nirimba Colleges of TAFE Blacktown LAC, NSW Police Force Blacktown RSL Club Blacktown Sun Newspaper Featherdale Wildlife Park Hamilton Honour Boards Sydney Wide Party Hire Westpoint Shopping town Royal Cricketers Arms Coming events: 19 Nov—Farmers Market— Blue Roster 29 & 30 Nov—Seniors Christmas lunch—see Bob Smith 4th Dec Workers Christmas Picnic dayMembers info: Advance Australia Fair 7th Dec—ARH Christmas DinnerMembers please 11th Dec—Meat Raffle at Royalnote : Meeting notes Cricketers Armsfrom the 8th No- Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free, 11 to 24 Dec Christmas Wrap-vember meeting will We‘ve golden soil and wealth for toil, our home is girt by sea. ping—contact Bob Smithbe printed in 29thNovember edition of Our land abounds in nature‘s gifts, of beauty rich and rare, 23 & 24 March 2012 Districtthe bung. Conference—book now! In history‘s page let every stage, Advance Australia Fair.Next weeks edition Members if you have events/activitieswill be a follow up of In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair. you wish to publish in the bung send tothe Birthday bash. the Editor atPlease send me any rcbcsecretary@bigpond.comphotos you would 2nd Verselike to see published Beneath our radiant Southern Cross, well toil with hearts and hands;and I will try to in-clude them. To make this Commonwealth of ours, renowned of all the lands;Also please note: For those whove come across the seas weve boundless plains to Rotary Blacktown and our FarmersYou can still nomi- share; Markets are now on Facebook.nate for the 2012- With courage let us all combine, to Advance Australia Fair. Look us up become a friend, send a2013 board , See message, find other Rotarians andPennie for nomina- In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair more!tion forms.