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2012 sept 4 issue 61

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2012 sept 4 issue 61

  1. 1. Bungarribee The land that “Bungarribee House” was built on in Swaziland 1825, was the first land grant given in Blacktown. CHARTERED - 16th NOVEMBER 1961 04/09/12 INCORPORATED - 25th JUNE 1991 Volume 2 Issue 61 Bungarribee means, “the resting place of the king”. Bungaroo. At last week’s meeting— September isThe house was built entirely of imported bricks and President Daniel welcomed members and guests Rickstone and with local timber. Holder, Thomas Soe, Don McKenzie, Vicki and YES No nails were used in its; all joints were held precisely by wooden Mel Gray led the pegs, showing the truetradesmanship of the times. meeting with Rotary New Generations month! Grace and Raymond Danam gave the toast Members please Special points of to Rotary Internation- remember: interest: al (Malaysia). 2011—2012 “Apologies” are required by Daniel read a card mid-day MONDAY Club President: here.  Briefly highlight your point of interest received from Ellen Text or (if unable to text)  Daniel Kellieinterest here. Briefly highlight your point of Reiter our YES stu- Phone RITA HANNA dent in Japan. 0411262989  Briefly highlight your point of interest here. District Governor: here.  Briefly highlight your point of interest Daniel reported he had a request from Superinten- dent Mark Wright to accommodate a police person Keith Roffey from Port Macquarie for 3 months. THE FOUR-WAY TEST PP Rita reported on her visit to Greg McIntyre. He was Of the things we think, R.I. President: most appreciative of the messages sent and cheered say or do. Sakuji Tanaka by the contact. He also said members can ring him anytime for a chat. See Rita for the number. 1. Is it the Truth? Rita also reported on Otto’s progress. Otto sent his 2. Is it Fair to all concerned? Club issue: Inside this Meetings: thanks for the well wishes and the call. 3. Will it build Goodwill and Bet- Tuesday: 6.00 for 6.30pm Workers Club Blacktown ter Friendships? Inside Story 2 4. Will it be Beneficial to all Contact details: concerned? Web address September is New Generations Month— Inside Story 2 Lets take a look at some of our youth programs ROTARY GRACE Club4269 – Do you know what they are? O Lord and giver of all good 2 Sydney, New Story Wales, Inside South We thank thee for our daily food Australia. District 9690. May Rotary Friends and Rotary Inside Story 3 waysPostal Address: P.O. BOX 12, Help us to serve Thee BLACKTOWN. NSW 2148. Inside Story 4 all our days. Membership Chair: Inside Story Zena Shedden 5 Email: Inside Story Or 0413182676 These are just some, You can find more about these programs and others on line at— Or email Club Secretary email Bulletin editor at:
  2. 2. Club Officers - 2012 to 2013 Execu- tive: What’s on at the meeting…. President: Daniel Kellie President Elect: Pennie Holley This week Club Service: Rita Hanna partners Club Secretary: Raymond Danam night Treasurer: Mel Gray African Student Lets Celebrate! Integrations in Directors: schools. Western Members Birthdays Sept 11 Community Service: Rob Smith Sydney Refugee in September! Student Support Foundation Chair: Zena Shedden Officer SMITH, John Sep-09 International Service: Spiro Constantinou NATOLI, Renata Sep-11 Health and wellbeing New Generations: Renata Natoli Sept 18 workshop. Vocational Service: Gail Johnson MEYER, Kathy Sep-30Continued from page 1……………….. Ron Moore— Sept 25 Blacktown Council John Smith reported on the Graffiti removal day Members who joined Duty Roster for (an initiative of the State in September Gov. & Rotary) on 23rd 04/09/12 September. Two Supervi- GRIGG, Elwyn 9/09/2008 sors are required see Meet & greet Scotty McInally de VRIES, Peter 26/09/1995 John. Daniel advised members Dinner Fees Zena Shedden that Renata has resigned Partner’s Birthdays! from her position as New Generations Director and GRIGG, Raewyn 28-Sep Grace & Loyal Tess Sayas has accepted Bob Smith Toast the position. Anniversaries! International Raymond Danam in- Ted Powell Toast formed members of the GARSKE, Peter & Jann 3-Sepinvitation to the tri district & PHF dinner at EppingClub on 15 October. See Zena for tickets $65pp. STANWELL, Ray & Joanne Program Host Pam CarneAlso Julia Reid invited members to ROYA apprecia- 12-Sep tion dinner on 6 Sep- tember in the Ballroom CONSTANTINOU, Spiro & Doulla Note Taker Nelma Galas @ BWC cost $25 pp. 13-Sep Pam Carne reported the GRAY, Mel & Janette 13-Sep Duty Roster for 11/09/12 Trivia night on 7 Sep- tember - see Pam to book a table. Pam also Meet & greet Scotty McInally reminded members Meet our newest member! about the District Con- Lalli Sethuram proposed Rick Holder ference in March 2013. Dinner Fees Clarrie Clarke for membership and President Daniel A number of rooms welcomed Rick into the Rotary family. have been booked at Maclin Lodge for mem- Rick will be part of Foundation and Grace & Loyal Gary Raymond bers. See Pam for more mentored by John Smith. Toast details. Welcome Rick! Atsuki gave a report o International Manie Stalker his week. He has had a Toastchallenging week displaying his culinary skills.PP John Smith conducted a short lively fine ses- Program Host Ted Powellsion.Rob Smith reminded members of the upcoming Note Taker Pennie Holleyevents in September (see back page).
  3. 3. Page 3 Last weeks program— In the community this week…. Breakthrough Employment services. Our members fulfilled another council request—we fed the community for the grand opening of the redevelop- PP Rita Introduced ment of Francis Park this week. our guest speakers Don Mackenzie and Thomas Soe from Breakthrough. Don spoke about the core values of Breakthrough whose main office is corner Main St and Sunnyholt Road Blacktown.Core values are respect, resilience, integrity, & inclu-sion in the community.They are a not for profit organisation. Their main focusis on employment. In 2011 They were the winner ofNational HR awards in the public sector.Breakthrough offers their service programs to indige-nous community and offer disability services through-out NSW.They have transition to work programs and are heavilyinvolved with Mentoring programs. A lot of their workis done in the field.Creative Spirit is a corporate partnership offering workopportunities to the disabled.Breakthrough also assist employers with employmentand training clients.They are not a sheltered workshop situation they areabout having people off benefits and in the community.Program chair Rita presented both speakers with a cer-tificate of appreciation and President Daniel presentedDon with our club banner. Don Mckenzie spoke a littleabout Penrith Valley Rotary—how the four way test hassimilar values to Breakthrough. Kids! When Dad came home he was astonished to see Alec sitting on a horse, writing something. "What on earth are you doing there?" he asked his son. "Well, the teacher told us to write an essay on our favourite animal. Thats why Im here and thats why Susies sitting in the goldfish bowl!" Editors quote for this month: A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child." - Knights of Pythagora
  4. 4. Page 4 A Special Invitation from DG Coming events Keith Roffey To the Official Launch of our SEPTEMBER- Com4unity BBQ — 14 Sept at Sports Club on District 9690 Reservoir Rd. Help is required. More details to come Dear President & Rotarians SEPTEMBER—Spring horse Show—16 Sept—All help is needed. 7 am start, all help is needed—See Rob. You may or may not know, that the three Sydney Rotary SEPTEMBER—Graffiti Removal day— 23 Sept—All help is Districts raised $3,000,000 needed. 7 am start, all help is needed—See Rob. which furbished the Adoles- cent Wing of the New Chil- drens Hospital at Westmead OCTOBER—Relay for Life—27 & 28 Oct. This years when it was opened in 1996. TShirts are $20 see Bob Smith for your team and times. OCTOBER—Pet Expo - 21 Oct more details to come.This became the "Rotary Wing".My aim during this Rotary, which will be the last year of our Dis- NOVEMBER—MEGA MART -18 November @ Blacktown mar-trict as such, is to leave a legacy to celebrate the achievements kets Flushcombe Rd Blacktown. Help required see Zena.of our District during our 40 years. NOVEMBER—Seniors Christmas lunch party —28 & 29 Nov —This "Rotary Wing" is now in great need of upgrading in several all help appreciated, especially 29th. See Rob.areas, and I feel that this could be a most worthy project for ourDistrict this year. DECEMBER - Workers Club Children’s Christmas Party -Our goal for this special year is to raise sufficient funds to up- 2 Dec. More details to come!grade this Adolescent Wing with the new technology required tokeep this great facility up with the times. DECEMBER—Christmas gift wrapping—3 to 24 Dec— more details to come.I feel that if we work together a goal of $200,000 is within ourreach, and this would be a wonderful legacy of which we could allbe most proud. 2013I invite you or your representative to be present at the officiallaunch of this great project. MARCH—2 & 3 March 2013: Blacktown Show—again more details to come.Date: Thursday, 27th September, 2012 MARCH—District Conference 9690 15 - 17 March, 2013— The Cube, Campbelltown Convention & Entertainment Centre 20 - 22 Camden RoadPlace: The Childrens Hospital at Westmead Campbelltown, NSW AUST You are the STAR!Time: 5.30pm for 6pmLight refreshments will be served, and to assist with the catering,could you please reply by 20th September. Replies to Warwick & The Bungarribee is a team effort.Lyn Tester at This weeks team is: Photos: Bob Gardiner,I am very excited about this project and I hope for wholehearted meeting notes: Zena Shedden, thank you to all,support from across our District as it would be a great achieve- Editor: Pennie Holley.ment to leave a legacy such as this for our children, as our chil-dren are our future. Advance Australia FairRegards Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free,Keith & Margaret Roffey We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil, our home is girt by sea. Our land abounds in nature’s gifts, of beauty rich and rare,Please RSVP to aboveemail before 20th Sep- In history’s page let every stage, Advance Australia Fair.tember if you would like In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia attend.