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Marketing: How to hire an expert (when you aren't one)


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A practical run-through the issues and techniques to get good advice when hiring external marketing advisors. Tips from the frontline of Client Agency relationships

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Marketing: How to hire an expert (when you aren't one)

  1. 1. How to work with an expert (when you aren’t one)
  2. 2. What’s your challenge?
  3. 3. What is going wrong? Fragmentation of marketing skill & tactics Sub-contractors Project management process Client Account Managers Opaque fee accounts
  4. 4. & What outcomes do you need? Who is doing it? What is “it” supposed to do?
  5. 5. Who is doing this? Find agencies, Find people Find case studies Bookmark Read, listen, watch
  6. 6. So you think you want an expert Find your expert Talk - face to face Ask for a demonstration Credentials presentation Speak to past clients Get references
  7. 7. How to hire •Ask the right questions •What is the best way to achieve this outcome? •How will you go about doing that? •Why…… •Know the language - WRITE IT DOWN •Easy tests to run when face to face •Open Analytics - ask for their views •Show a problem and ask them how they’d fix it •How will I know this is resolved / fixed? •Think hard before hiring a friend DO NOT BE BAMZOOZLED BY “EXPERTS”
  8. 8. Where I get inspiration and ideas Bloggers / News •Copyblogger •Problogger •Convince and Convert •Occams Razor •We Are Social •Creative Agency Secrets •The Drum • •Marketing Profs •Marketo •Hubspot •FeedBlitz Podcasts •Social Media Marketing •Amplify Today •Jumpstart with Jeffalytics •Digital Marketing podcast # 151 •eCommerce Fuel •Perpetual Traffic by Digital Marketer •2 Bobs •Six Pixels of Separation •Hashtag ME •Copyblogger FM
  9. 9. What is it supposed to do? Set up your own case study trial I have “tame” clients I run several sport fan pages (non-work) Where and how can you try something out? Set up a test Run the test Find a friend to run a test with
  10. 10. Key principles for you Transparency Regular updates Question everything Have a fall-back position planned Know when the experiment ends Measure everything
  11. 11. Measure, measure, measure Tie Everything back to $Profit Double down on success
  12. 12. Next Steps for you •Buy a book - go teach yourself. •SEO for Growth book $46 • growth-book/ Please connect with me on LinkedIn @Rebeccacaroe