How to use Autoresponders in your marketing for profit


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Step by step guide on how to use autoresponder email series in marketing. What to sell, how to set up and ways to keep customers coming back for more.

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How to use Autoresponders in your marketing for profit

  1. 1. Autoresponders How to use them in your marketing to drivemore profit, repeat customers and drive down costs
  2. 2. So why market with an autoresponder?What’s it useful for • Explaining – How to use our website • Teaching – A training course chapter by chapter • Advising – FAQs on your product or service • Selling – order forms, product guides, taster sessions • Introductions – New joiners always ask the same questions • Guides – Free report giveaway • Upselling – After buying – offer the upsell immediately • Case studies – Showcase your best work • Tips and hints- archive your newsletter column • E-books – publish one chapter at a time
  3. 3. Planning the seriesStart with the outcome you desire.What is the customer path or journey? Where are they heading, who will theymeet on the way and when they arrive what happens next?
  4. 4. An autoresponder about autorespondersGetting Automatic – read this – it explains how autoresponders can work formarketers. Written by the team from Creative Agency Secrets > ResourcesSubscribe link image is the back end of the software we use to manage them,
  5. 5. Pre-requisitesYou will need• An opt-in email list• A website• Energy and enthusiasmYou will not need• Not suitable for individualised messages• Time-limited offers – may not get payback• Short-term products and services – may expire before people finish the series
  6. 6. Structuring the series - linear Credit:
  7. 7. Structuring the series – cyclical Credit:
  8. 8. Let’s plan an autoresponderWhich type of products/services in your business are appropriate?• Go back to the list • Explaining • Teaching • Advising • Selling • Introductions • Guides • Upselling • Case studies • Tips and hints • E-booksCan you create a new product out of the auto responder?
  9. 9. Writing the detailConsider the interval - set by hours or days (or both)Joining instructions – what does the reader need to know?The first message• Welcome people to the list• Set expectations about what will follow• When they’ll get their next email• What the emails will be about.• How long the series lastsExampleDigital Photography SchoolThis welcome email has a site logo, my picture, some links to key parts of the sitelike the forum, some suggested reading for catching up on key posts in our archives(I send them to a few ‘sneeze pages‘ that send them deep within the archives andget them viewing multiple pages) and shares what the subscriber will receive in thecoming weeks in terms of future emails.
  10. 10. How to structure sales messages inside an auto responderStart with your outcome – where is the journey going?What products do you want to sellHow easy are they to buy? one click / considered purchase / recurring feeWhat’s the price – is it perceived expensive or cheap?Can emotion be used to sell the product?What about impulse buying?Does it need a money back guarantee?Where and when could the sales message insert into the series?Should sales emails start small and build up?Is a big bang all-in-one sales offer worthwhile? Or should it build to a crescendo?
  11. 11. How to keep prospects engagedAfter the auto responder series ends – what happens next?Consider the customer journeyTriggers – activate before or after the autoresponder seriesParsers – automatically trigger from external source e.g. shopping cartExport subscribers into your CRM database
  12. 12. Ways to promote sign-upsWhere could you promote this autoresponder?• Website• Newsletter• Mail shot• Email signatures• Social media• Letters• Advertising• Trade show / exhibition• Trade journal articles• Press relations• Partner marketingHow many times should / could you promote it?Is it seasonal?
  13. 13. Anticipate issuesEmail service providers may not be on the white list for your readersWarn them about double opt inEmail format – text, web or HTMLExampleProBlogger.comLastly I generally focus my efforts with this list on HTML emails. Aweber does giveyou the ability to send out a text email as well for those subscribers whose emailsystem doesn’t allow HTML. For the text version I usually just send out a short emailthat links to a HTML version of the email.I did use to send out a full plain text email for these people but found that when Iswitched to a shorter email linking to the HTML version that most readers clickedthrough and appreciated seeing the images (this might be particular to my niche).
  14. 14. An offerWe are usersGet yourself a discount of 10% off their prices – foreverUse the discount code when you sign up AUTO2012
  15. 15. Resources – where you can learn more•• se_autoresponders.htm• autoresponders-and-how-you-can-use-them-to-drive-traffic-and-profit/• autoresponders-to-drive-traffic-and-increase-your-blogging-income/• to-drive-traffic-and-make-money/•• without-being-annoying•