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How to create greater demand for your business


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How to create greater demand for your business by learning how to make your website perform

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How to create greater demand for your business

  1. 1. How To Create Greater Demand For Your Business By Learning How to Make Your Website Perform
  2. 2. Designing your website There are 2 parts to your website 1. Design 2. Functionality – back end Both are important
  3. 3. Web marketing works in 2 directions • What I want to get found for • What I am getting found for • How to find out which is working for you
  4. 4. What 2 sites are getting found for
  5. 5. Web marketing works in 2 directions • Use a Website Review Tool - • Chrome / Firefox extension •
  6. 6. Machine readers vs human readers
  7. 7. Sentiment plus keywords
  8. 8. What is your website’s job? 1. Get you found 2. Shortcut the client’s search for answers 3. Answer her questions 4. Shortcut YOUR time to signing up a new client
  9. 9. How quickly can I get to my answer?
  10. 10. What does your firm do? • It’s easy to list specialisms but how can you be unique? • Simon Synek – start with the WHY then How, then What • • Watch his TED talk • Determine your special place in the business world • This leads to Keywords
  11. 11. What are you getting found for? First, let’s test your existing situation 1. Go to Google, Bing or Yahoo and type in “Accountant YOUR TOWN” 2. Give yourself 1 point for every reference to your business on the first 3 pages 3. Plus 1 point if it also includes your business on these websites • Linked In (a person or the firm) • Yell, Finda, Localist, Whitepages, Hotfrog, Yelp, TrueLocal • Facebook 4. Deduct one point if these are listed • Seek, Indeed, Reed, TradeMe, NoCowboys, Gumtree Did you score >2? If yes, you’re better than 95% of CAs
  12. 12. • Paid Search • Natural Search • Linked In • Yellow Pages • Trade Media Accountant Manukau Worked example of Google Search
  13. 13. How to influence SEO on your website 1. Write text using key words and key phrases 1. on your home page 2. on landing pages 3. on services descriptions 4. on your blog 2. Use outbound marketing to drive traffic to those pages 1. advertising 2. direct mail 3. public relations 4. webinars and seminars 3. Use inbound marketing to drive traffic to those pages 1. social media 2. blogging 3. SEO 4. ebooks and white papers
  14. 14. Getting found for the right things 1. Takes time 2. Takes persistence 3. Takes diligence You can make a QUICK change to search results using paid search. But when you stop paying, you are no longer on top. Use paid advertising to start, then taper and migrate to natural.
  15. 15. The Big Picture Social is over-hyped full of teens talking rubbish and irrelevant for business Vs Social Media is the most exciting free marketing tool for business
  16. 16. What is social media? It’s a way of sharing information to a group of people using software. The principle works on overlapping circles of influence, to enable ideas to spread beyond your immediate network
  17. 17. Circles of Influence The rest of our connections People You Know People I know
  18. 18. Where can I find a good accountant? 2.10 pm
  19. 19. The answers
  20. 20. Measurement and analysis Nearly everything digital can be measured This should please you
  21. 21. What to measure Build a spreadsheet of these values and record monthly • Total monthly sessions • Total monthly visitors (unique) • Peak day number • Total number of pages viewed • Bounce Rate % • New Visitors % • Top referring site • Other referring sites • Keywords – most popular. 2nd, 3rd etc • Top Performing content • List page(s) and numbers of page views • Number of contact form submissions • Number of newsletter subscribers
  22. 22. Creative Agency Secrets’ Offer for You me/ • Get our free ebook showcasing 5 tips • How do you know your site is performing? • Improve the way you show up on Google • Google Analytics keyword workaround • Title tags and why they are important • Meta descriptions - ways to get them right This book shows you how to action all 5
  23. 23. Connect with me Let’s connect professionally Linked In - Rebecca Caroe Twitter - @Rebeccacaroe Questions afterwards?