Creative Agency Secrets outsourced marketing services


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A 10 minute presentation used for BNI Auckland Success to illustrate who Rebecca Caroe is as a person, what Creative Agency Secrets does for its clients and to allow attendees to score their businesses on the 8 steps of New Business Development.

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Creative Agency Secrets outsourced marketing services

  1. 1. BNI Success Auckland
  2. 2. After today You will know more about me than most You will know what I can do for a client business You will know what I could do for you
  3. 3. Grant Craies
  4. 4. Where I come from: Vann
  5. 5. When I’m not working
  6. 6. Creative Agency Secrets Is an outsourced marketing services company. We do the marketing for you. • How we started • Who we are • What we’re good at • Why we belong in New Zealand
  7. 7. • Brochure/collateral • Public relations • Advertising • Directory listings • Trade show/conference • Christmas card list • Parties/hospitality Traditional Today • Website • Expert content • Online PR • Adwords / digital ads • Directory submissions • Email list/newsletter • Social media Experts in choosing the right marketing
  8. 8. Brochure/collateral Public relations Advertising Directory listings Trade show/conference Christmas card list Parties/hospitality Traditional Priorities 1. Website 2. Directory submissions 3. Expert content 4. Email list/newsletter 5. Online PR 6. Adwords / digital ads 7. Social media Case Study: APC Technology
  9. 9. Website improvements
  10. 10. Google Analytics
  11. 11. Traffic Sources
  12. 12. What does an excellent website do? A website is a proxy for the business • It sets out clearly what the firm does • Provides brochures and collateral for download / sharing or emailing • Captures new enquiries as leads for the Partners to follow up • Raises the profile of the business through expert articles, informed opinion, SEO • Maintains the relationship with existing and past clients using blog / newsletters • Helps create opportunities for new business through events and training • Keeps analytics to track the success of each element • And all this is underpinned with internal processes for marketing
  13. 13. The best business websites • Findable using search • State services • Illustrate specialisms • Guide the prospective client • Enable contact with the business • Name key staff members • Show office locations & map
  14. 14. New Business Development Methodology 1. State your business 2. Marketing Communications 3. New Business Pipeline 4. Profile Raising 5. Relationship Development 6. Creating Opportunities 7. Making New Business Happen 8. Analysis & Feedback
  15. 15. Test your website On each of the 8 step New Business Development Methodology Grade yourself 1-10 where 10 is high Asterisk which is most important for your business Which is your greatest area of personal interest? At the end, you can give this to us or take it away. How did you score?