B2B lead generation - how to research targets online


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How to research a person online who you want to target for new business development.

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B2B lead generation - how to research targets online

  1. 1. Leads  Research  Guide  How  to  find  people  online    for  business  development   http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  2. 2. First find your companyEasy steps to research your target:Google www.google.com – the biggest and best – use them. Find the home URL; go read the company website. http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  3. 3. Be devious•  Click through beyond the first page of results for best detail•  Places I’ve found great contact information –  Press releases –  Newspaper articles –  White paper authors –  We’re hiring link pages –  News page (often names directors) http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  4. 4. Go to the Company site•  www.charlesrussell.co.uk•  You need to know the name of the person to find them in the directory•  Does not allow searching using job title•  Can search for legal area of expertise but corporate officers are excluded (CEO, CFO, CMO) http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  5. 5. HooversHoovers www.hoovers.com partly free / partly paid for company information http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  6. 6. Dun and Bradstreet•  Dun and Bradstreet www.dnb.com paid for company information and credit checks•  Best for listed, public companies and large organisations http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  7. 7. Now drill down to the people•  Finding the right person – start at the top.•  Hoovers gives top executives’ names free http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  8. 8. Check other people-related sitesTop 3 sites for personal contact information•  Linked In – www.linkedin.com•  Zoom Info – www.zoominfo.com•  Jigsaw – www.jigsaw.comAll have free and paid-for options. http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  9. 9. Compare free information•  Jigsaw vs ZoomInfo for Charles Russell LLP Jigsaw:  197  people  listed   And  verified.   ZoomInfo:  76  people   Listed  and  verified   http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  10. 10. Finding the right person•  Jigsaw has 4 marketing people listed http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  11. 11. Director of Marketing•  Jigsaw Contact details published... get more detail with paid-for addon http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  12. 12. Jigsaw’s “free” points system•  You can ‘earn’ access to more detailed information by participating in Jigsaw’s reward program.•  If you update records or provide access to your contact database, you earn points which can be redeemed against access to more info.•  Or – you can buy a subscription http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  13. 13. ZoomInfo’s “CE” Account•  ZoomInfo offers access to some data in exchange for checking / updating information through their Community Edition•  Contact details http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  14. 14. Don’t forget Linked In•  If you are a ‘connected’ person on Linked In – you may have the best luck working within their Companies tab.•  But I wasn’t connected to the right people to get directly to the Marketing Director – I found as a possible intermediary. http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  15. 15. Linked In premium•  Like the others, there’s a paid-for option that gives you opportunity to send unsolicited email (in-mail) and gain access to people beyond your circle.•  Premium features –  Function –  Seniority –  Email http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  16. 16. Finding Daryl•  So, we found his name on both Jigsaw and ZoomInfo•  Then, refer back to corporate site for details http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  17. 17. To conclude•  Use free resources first – be devious•  Get the 30 day free trial offers & test, test, test•  Find out which of the paid-for services gives the best results for your business / market / target audience•  Sign up and you’re away! http://creativeagencysecrets.com
  18. 18. Get in touch•  Have a free 20 minute phone briefing with us –  Tell us about your situation –  Ask questions –  Get quick advice•  rebecca@creativeagencysecrets.com http://creativeagencysecrets.com