The New CMO - Mark Krebs, Covario


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The New CMO - Mark Krebs, Covario

  1. 1. The New CMO – Cross Media Optimization Craig Macdonald, CMO and SVP of Products
  2. 2. Relationship between Paid and Organic Search
  3. 3. Relationship between Paid and Organic Search • Loss of traffic during test • Measurement confounded by other factors – Cyclical patterns – Other marketing actions (yours and competitors’) – Economy, weather, etc.
  4. 4. Relationship between Paid and Organic Search Organic CTR Paid CTR
  5. 5. Conclusion • Measurement of keyword level performance for paid and organic with tagged landing pages • Requires experimentation • Result: 15–20% of paid search spending is mis-targeted
  6. 6. Affiliate Programs
  7. 7. Affiliate Programs
  8. 8. Affiliate Programs Paid Organic • 50% rev increase January over November • Daily average revenue increase 150% from November to January • Conversion rate increase up 34%
  9. 9. Conclusion • Tagging for affiliate vs. direct traffic required • Requires experimentation • Result: 35% higher returns for 33% less cost
  10. 10. Display and Search
  11. 11. Online Offline ROI impact of synergized TV-Search marketing — SuperBowl
  12. 12. Online Offline TV Spots 500% CTR increase 20% Showed Purchase Intent • Search campaigns launched with consistent messaging • Huge ad relevancy, traffic, and ROI gains seen immediately • Traffic lift persisted beyond ad flighting
  13. 13. Challenges • Testing and experimentation expertise • Flexible measurement environment • Governance structure • Incentives
  14. 14. What Has Changed? DJIA NASDAQ • Digital growth at 5–10% level (down from 35%+ growth) • NO headcount increases • Squeeze 15% cost improvements out of programs • 3 month payback periods, max
  15. 15. Maturity Model Centralization Cross Media Optimization Channel Optimization Channel Specific Process Fragmentation
  16. 16. Cross Media Optimization Predictive Modeling Scenario Analysis Ability to conduct ―what if‖ analysis to determine Ability to develop forecasts of outcomes to marketing events Cross Media impact of strategic changes Constraint-based Optimization Optimization Deployment Impact analysis on how budget and inventory Integration with execution systems to enable constraints limit goal attainment optimal strategies Channel Search Display Social Radio TV Print Search Video Community Commercial Network Magazines Mobile Banners Sites Satellite Cable Trade Pubs Content Rich Media Blogs Digital Newspapers Targeted Gadgets Direct Portal Modular Applications Web, Email, Personalized Reports Search, Display, TV, Print, Social Media, etc Data Integration Platform Platform Database Security, Administration, Business Rules, Workflow Multi-Dimensional, OLAP
  17. 17. Getting Started • Investment in web analytics • Develop experimentation strategy • Digital Center of Excellence • Build success and knowledge — then scale