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The Kalgidhar Trust was founded over 107 years ago with a vision to create a contemporary version of the erstwhile Gurukuls (on the pattern of Nalanda and Takshila), wherein moral values could be harmoniously weaved along with modern scientific education.

The Kalgidhar Trust has embarked upon an ambitious mission to set up 500 low cost schools, all across North India, by 2020. Of these, 125 english medium CBSE rural schools are already operational in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and and produce toppers in their respective districts.

It has been reported that within a 30 km radius from every school (Akal Academy), drug addiction, alcohol abuse and general crime rate have reduced markedly post the establishment of the respective schools. This has happened primarily due to the remarkable positive influence ushered in by the students of these schools in their area. They have played a pivotal role in turning-around their family members, neighbours and village community against the prevailing social evils.

The Trust also runs one of the largest women focussed skill development program of 'Free Teachers Training' to train 2000 (10th and 12th pass) girls into qualified Teachers, who are provided with placements within these schools. This ensures that talent is retained in the villages and the DNA of atleast 3 families changes positively by each of these girls.

Also, the Trust runs a Charitable Hospital in the backward district of Sirmaur in Himachal Pradesh wherein more than 30,000 poor underprivileged patients are attended to with primary heathcare and emergency interventions. Four Free Medical camps are held in Sirmaur annually wherein free expensive surgeries are provided to poor beneficiaries who otherwise could never afford it.

The Trust currently has over 60,000 students who are ambassadors of peace and goodness, moving into the society and reforming lives. The ultimate objective of this mission is to establish permanent peace in the world by creating good human material through these schools. Not only social evils, but these students also contribute immensely to India's GDP to the tune of Rs. 135 crores from each school within the next 20 years.

The Kalgidhar Trust (TKT) is an organization with highly established credentials and is revered for its social and educational endeavors across 5 states in North India. Its biggest challenge today is to stall the social destruction of rural North India due to rampant drug addiction, a problem that has reached epidemic proportions. You will be shaken to note that 7 out of 10 adult men and 3 out of 10 adult women in Punjab are on drug abuse. These figures clearly tell the story of the current scenario in Punjab and also underscore the grave need for a massive counter program to repair this on a war footing.

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The Kalgidhar Trust - Case Statement April 2013

  1. 1. Together, LETS… build Indias first value based education chain for rural transformation The Case to Support 122 Schools • 60,000 students 2 Universities • 1 Hospital 500 Rural School and 2 Universities 3 De-addiction centers to SAVE the children of North India Free Teachers Training from DRUG & Alcohol abuse for 2500 rural girls KALGIDHAR TRUST BARU SAHIB,Via-Rajgarh, Distt-Sirmaur, H.P -173101, INDIA (Sirmaur is amongst Planning Commission’s list of 100 backward districts) The Kalgidhar Trust The Kalgidhar Society
  2. 2. Our Vision Bringing Grace to Human RaceThe Kalgidhar Trust seeks to inspire the human spirit through outstanding achievements inlearning, discovery and bringing quality through value based education to the people of NorthernIndia. This is being achieved by building one of Indias first value chains in education, from primaryschools to universities, for rural transformationKalgidhar ~ pronounced as kal-gee-dhar (sacrifice for human welfare) Values Today. For a Valuable Tomorrow. Be SMART Securing Mainstream through Academics and other activities for Rural Transformation Securing Mainstream through Academics and other activities for Rural Transformation Thats the mindset at the TRUST as we look to the future. We continue to uphold our historic commitment to serve the people of villages and backward areas of North India. We bring to the youth values which help to secure them in the National mainstream. One of our top priorities is to secure the children of Northern States of India from the perils of Drug and Alcohol abuse At the very core is a program which cocoons the children of northern India from the widespread drug menace by giving them quality education which keeps them protected from, idle mind is devils work shop syndrome. The next layer is women empowerment- through teacher training programs. In this manner we seed quality through children in the household, with education to the youngest. And empowerment for the elder female sibling. This results in continued financial stability and a positive radiance which has the power to get rid of possible social evils like drugs and alcoholism. The basic tenet on which SMART operates is to look upon all with equality. To root out gender bias both boys and girls dress alike in their school attire. The traditional uniform is a statement –simple living high thinking. Together. LETS…
  3. 3. Securing Mainstream through AcademicsSMART and other activities for Rural TransformationAt the very core, a program which cocoons the children of thenorthern India from the widespread drug menace, giving themquality education and keep them protected from, idle mind isdevils work shop. This we achieve through a value basededucation system called Ek-NoorThe next layer being women empowerment- through teachertraining, skill development programs, thereby seeding qualitythrough children in the household with education to theyoungest, empowerment to the elder female sibling, resulting incontinued financial stability and appositive radiance which hasthe power to get rid of possible social evils like drugs andalcoholism. The basic tenet on which SMART operates is to lookupon all with equality, to root out the gender bias- both boys andgirls in their school attire dress alike, the uniform beingabsolutely traditional Indian is a statement –simple living highthinking. Together. LETS…
  4. 4. EK-NOOR Value Based Education Modern Gurukuls of Modern India 121 Akal Academies • 42 Graduate courses • 2 Universities Ek-Noor is a proprietary method followed in designing the curriculum followed in our Akal Academies, a method to open the mind, power the body by empowering the soul. Its the most productive way of bringing the age old Gurukul practices so as to encourage the todays child to grow into an independent, self-confident, enterprising human being, free from any addiction and superior habits making the child immune to lies, anger, lust, greed and hatred ready to cope with any adversity which time may pose. Ek-Noor is child-centered, focusing on the total development of personality, i.e., expanding the mental agility, physical dexterity and ethical integrity. Ek-Noor is joyful, relevant, inspiring, enterprising and satisfying learning activity, which inculcates a coherent and a viable value-system based on a scientific, democratic and moral approach to life.When Children Come Forward the Nation Grows Stronger Akal ~ pronounced as a-kaa-l (Eternal, Immortal)
  5. 5. EK-NOORValue Based Education A modern form of tapasaya keeping the mindand body under a leash for liberation of the soulThrougha) par- upkar- practicing service before selfb) elevated thinking and unburdening by confessionc) sensitivity towards alld) equality and equanimitye) simple living and even higher thinkingf) self belief that Almighty is omni present.g) deeply rooted in traditions, aptly reflected through ouruniform, headgear which stands for a mark of respect, fullsleeved and knee length kurta with pajamas inculcates thatthose things which do not warrant exhibitionism should beconcealed gracefully this is the first message which we can giveon being self poised.All these collectively attempt to lead to a society, which isharmonious, value-oriented, secular, non-dogmatic andeconomically productive. A soul of steel ensures that the mind and the body together raise the bar. Beginning one’s day with reciting of prayers, as per ones faith, helps the mind to be focused and seldom wander. This along with healthy food and bathing in cold water before offering prayers results in a powerful body, a new age tapasaya to make youngsters’ adversity proof Students of Akal College of Engineering and Technology, Baru Sahib
  6. 6. 1 Ek-Noor Creativity• Expressing Joy• Expressing Gratitude•• Appreciating Effort Being explorative and innovative 8- school hours every day, not just education but Value Based Education2 Compassion • Being Generous • Care for all • Share your joy, share others grief • Be merciful and forgiving4 6 Community Contemplation • Cultivating inclusion, identity and belonging • Cultivating a sense for the sacred and wholeness • Working towards unity and harmony • Always curious and hungry for knowledge • Participating and willing to submit to the leader3 7 Confidence Choice • Being silent and attentive • Being fair and just • Being courageous • Be open to ideas • Being hopeful and visionary • Being moderate • Preparedness for self-reliance • Reflect assurance5 8 Commitment Control • Exercising Self Discipline • Being loyal, truthful and trustworthy • Practice first level intolerance • Steadfastness to the Indian Traditions abuse & addiction
  7. 7. Its The Time for Rural India to LeadThe Trust is taking steps to help Rural India secure its place in the top tier of the nations school andeducation system. Thats not a self-serving goal but one that, in the words of our founding president,Sant Teja Singh Ji in 1963,“We believe it is possible to impart quality education to the students of Rural Areas and this will furtherthe uplifting of the whole people”We cannot get there without you. The work of building a great and enduring institution is an “everybody in” proposition. World-class teaching and research demand world-class funding. Your supportis essential, as are your ideas and insights.The Trusts initiatives will benefit from the government providing much-needed funding to cover thebasics of a solid education. Financial support from corporates and individuals is critical for fundingSMART.Together, we can ensure that Rural India comes to the fore, and leads. Together. LETS…
  8. 8. Giving That Makes a Difference in the villages of North IndiaAlmost half a decade ago many families from rural India met up with the President of the Trust,Baba Iqbal Singh Ji and requested him to scale up the good work done by just 22 schools. The schoolshad helped the children of their villages in imbibing high moral values and kept them protectedfrom drugs.They knew that such a scale up would bring a positive energy. Complying with the request of thepeople meant turning to philanthropy and SMART got propelledas a social movement, with the family of Bhai Moola Singhdonating 5 acres of land for the school at village DadherSahib, District Tarn Tarn, and thus came into being the 70% of all Akal Academies29thschool. S. Modan Singh Gill, an NRI, came up with a are constructed on donated land, rest are ondonation of 6 acres of his land at village Ahmedpur Darewada, purchased land source: KPMG commissioned study on educationDistrict Sirsa for the 60th academy.The movement of trust got further reaffirmed when a class VIIthstudent of Akal Academy Baru Sahib, Dilpreet Singh Kohli donated Rs 1.11 Lacs at the groundbreaking ceremony of the 101st Akal Academy at Village Chunni, District Fatehgarh Sahib. Forwardlooking donors came together to add momentum to SMART. Their support is making a difference,so will yours.
  9. 9. Keep our next generation away from Drugs, Keep them Smiling This was Our ResolveIn order to reciprocate the faith the families had reposed on the TRUST, our resolve had to begreater than the distance to the next milestone.Following the resolve, our chairman mortgaged the entire land of the head office of KalgidharTrust, at Baru Sahib and a loan of Rs 91.0 crores was raised. This became supremely significant, as the land, which was The loan of ` 91 crore mortgaged, is “Dev Bhoomi”. It is referred to as “Dev Bhoomi” helped the TRUST to because its that land on which many saints and ascetics have been complete 103 new meditating in the past as per a Divine prophecy. schools in just 48 months, effectively The TRUST expresses its gratitude to the Punjab and Sindh Bank for 2 schools a month helping us with this mortgage. “ The purpose for which Kalgidhar Trust approached us and the waythey planned to build these schools as a panacea against the Drugs problem which the newgeneration of North India was reeling under made us consider their request. Needless to say, theyhad a convincing model which evoked us to champion the cause- keep our next generation awayfrom Drugs with Kalgidhar Trust” Mr. D.P Singh Chairman, Punjab and Sindh Bank. .“Drug addiction is a major challenge in Punjab, but Akal Academies can easily claim to be drugfree chain of schools” KPMG commissioned study on education.
  10. 10. Valuable Tomorrow Ensuring Drug Free Punjab “Drug addiction is a major challenge in Punjab, but Akal Academies can easily claim to be drug free chain of schools” KPMG commissioned study on education. Akal Academies a ray of hope in Drug Ridden Punjab Household survey conducted by ICD (International Classification of Diseases of the UN) indicates that there isAkal Academy Mukatsar atleast one drug addict in the 65% of the families in Majha and Doaba and 64% of families in Malwa. 3 out of 10 girls have abused one or the other drug. Nearly 66% of Today 60,000 school school students take going children are enshrined in a drug free gutka or tobacco and environment and by about 7 out of 10 college 2020 500 Akal Academies would keep students abuse one or the 750,000 school going other drug (Punjab children free from drugs Struggle with Drugs – Anshu Sethi, Aarish Chhabra and Vishav Bharti, Hindustan Times New Delhi October 20, 2012) 74% of Youth of Punjab are hooked on Drugs-The Week, All Dope No Hope December 16th 2012.
  11. 11. Moving from Good to GreatPhilanthropy at the Trust traces back to our earliest years, whenwe just had 5 students. Today with 60,000 students, individualphilanthropy is providing all the initial support for us to start ourjourney, from good to greatDonors from all walks of life continue to shape this journeytoday. Our donors also understand that their contribution andthe school fees revenues alone cannot fully fund our resolve.More than 4,000 alumni, industry leaders, and friends are nowsupporting SMART through their donations, including a growingnumber of individuals, foundations, and corporations that aregiving for the first time. Together lets ensure that the distance toour next milestone does not dampen the spirits behind ourResolve. Together. LETS…
  12. 12. Excellence by the numbers For India, For North India 500 Rural School and 2 Universities As you consider supporting a dynamic rural transformation environment, as a test case, let us examine the State of Punjab Sometimes it is helpful to remind us how life has changed in Punjab. Theres not much to celebrate. One All this is bound to manifest into Naxalism Continue to attract the most promising and creative may visualize a vibrant culture, a developing economy at the doorsteps of India and blue skies With 125 schools, 14 colleges, 12 free teacher training minds from every walk of life, so as to make North India enveloping lush green fields, but heres what you might not know about Punjab: institutes 1 university and 3 drug de addiction centers in a hub of ingenuity and excellence Punjab one of the leading states of India, is perhaps the slowest growing states, economically North India. Continue to provide infrastructure to nurture our resolve Ranked 16th across all states of India in terms of literacy rate Today we are amongst the top education chains in and bring positive energy to India A school dropout rate of 48% India, creating positive energy and joy through a Our Belief synthesis of value –based scientific education and moral SMART belongs to the people and will play a pivotal role With 69% of rural households not having a single matriculate rejuvenation to bring a positive outlook to 14,00,000 in bringing positive energy to India. Our past and With 1472000 unemployed youth, Punjab is a devils workshop, with 1 out 3 of adults, 2 out 3 of school people of North India futures are indelibly linked. As SMART grows, so do our going children and 7 out of 10 college going youth confirmed drug addicts Our Challenge people. . SMART shall be the largest change agent to 100% increase in reported crimes by minors mainstream the youth and contribute to the economic Continue fuelling our Resolve so that it is greater than Punjab is the worlds number 1 transit point for Opium transactions. This devil is all set to spread its the distance to our next milestone in the journey to reach growth of North India, Together lets make this belief a roots to North India 500 schools and another world class university reality. Together. LETS…
  13. 13. Made To Move transforming the rural status quoSMART has made great strides over the last decade, driven by our vision to inspire the human spirit tobuild Indias first Rural Values Based Education chain for rural transformation. But we refuse to settle forwhat is, or accept that we are “excellent enough.” In keeping with the spirit of our strategic plan, “MadeTo Move”, we will move from old boundaries to new frontiers and take a leading role in securing NorthIndias place at the national forefront. To do so, we seek philanthropic support to help fund thefollowing new and ongoing projects which are aligned with our strategic priorities:• Build another 375 schools and 1 International University• Empower Women with Teacher Training and Paramedical Education• Provide a transformative academic experience so as to check talent drain• To train and retain talent in rural areas. Together. LETS…
  14. 14. Together. LETS… Improve the human condition Make a vision come alive “When you invest in an education system, you are investing in the “The value of philanthropy is that it enables us to tackle problems future of mankind. Your gift might help us discover vaccines that and questions that are outside the box, that are unconventional, protect people from diseases. You might be unleashing the next that are high-risk/high-payoff. This is where your gift can have the Picasso or developing the next supercomputer. Your gift touches all biggest impact, not just in building a social fabric but in unlimited of us.” Dr. Devinder Singh, Principal Akal Academy areas.” Dr. Khem Singh Gill, Padma Bhushan, Former Vice Chancellor, PAU, Ludhiana, Vice Chairman The Kalgidhar Trust. World is a global village Open-up-New Doors “If I could talk to the donors who supported my school, I would “Im excited about becoming an engineer because Im the first thank them for changing me and so many others and for giving us person in my family who graduated from a university. The Akal a new perspective on the world through education and to bring College of Engineering and Technology has helped me in so many back to our community. You have done more for us than you could ways, not only by supporting me financially but by encouraging me ever imagine.” Any Student who has gone to US for higher studies to be a leader and to improve the lives of rural Himachal Pradesh.”
  15. 15. Target Goal Akal Academies Pride of All ` 2500 Crores passion of many • Most Academies have a well equipped Composite lab, Computer lab, EVS lab, Art and Craft room, Language rooms, AV room and activities room for Kindergarten provided with different toys and teaching aids. • Good libraries with sizeable collection of books are present in all the Academies. • Personalized attention to each student, Positive messages and quotes in classroom and corridoors, display boards that promote art and writing and provide outlets for expression are some initiatives that nurture a pleasant learning ambience. • Emphasis given by the management to maintain similar resources at all the Akal schools. • The Total number of Schools today is 125. of which first 18 schools are Mother Academies and are profitable. • Mother Academies have surplus of more than 30% which is used for new schools. • Whole system operates like a Hub and Spoke model.Akal Academy Cheema Building Education Value Chain Schools • Colleges • Universities Akal Academies provide a safe, considerate caring and positive environment at all their school premises source: KPMG commissioned study on education Akal Academy Mehal Kalan Akal Academy Gomti Akal Academy Reet Kheri
  16. 16. Hub And Spoke Model optimizing the initial capex of ` 1 crore per school• A volunteer team starts construction in a Frequency distribution by number of classes given area.• The Nursery and KG class rooms are constructed first. Gradually more classes and class rooms are added each year.• Funds arranged from Mother Academies are collected in Baru Sahib and used as required. Volunteers send indents.• Head office purchases and sends required materials.• Bulk tenders are issued for steel and cement.• Only the best quotes are accepted.• Latest techniques and specialist teachers help enhance the learning process.• Besides maximizing education there is also a constant endeavor to make it sustainable through deployment of renewable energy. For example, there are plans to run the schools with solar power. Target Goal ` 2500 Crore
  17. 17. Target Goal The results at Akal Academies speak for themselves, Academies noticed a growth of students securing above 90%, with numbers almost doubling from 2010 to 2011 ` 2500 Crore source: KPMG commissioned study on education Curriculum Continuous and Comprehensive Education • The Schools are English medium and follow the CBSE • Paced in a way that deepens learning and most curriculum. importantly, motivates the children to learn. • Special emphasis on spiritual development. • Understanding is given more value than memory • Latest educational trends and techniques offer a variety of • Interactive Whiteboards prevent boredom. Children are hands-on applications that make the learning process encouraged to learn at their own pace. rewarding and Meaningful • Good balance between teacher-led and child-engineered • Teaching aides include television and Internet. These are activities, both in and out of the classrooms. used extensively to help students with different learning abilities Learning Outcomes Evaluation Students explore the finer aspects of micro-organisms, Newtons Done in a way that boosts the morale of a child and pushes law, Polonium-the new entrant in the periodic table and the him/her to further achievement. subtle issues of human values, pardon, inner awakening; all in Focus is not on examinations and report cards, but on real the same breath. The schools attract and nurture the simplest value based learning. and most deprived human talent and open a window to science, art and elevated thinking. The libraries connect the scholars Care is taken to see that the teaching and learning processes from rural rustic background with global developments. are effective and a students learning is internalized.Akal Academy Bhai Desa Students are provided opportunities to participate in myriad of examinations like National Physics Olympiad, National The Academies endeavour to provide “high quality” education, but not at the cost of a child. Mathematics Olympiad, Green Olympiad etc. Modeling the Hub and Spoke Schools • Colleges • Universities The academy believed in imparting value-based education that not only meets the demands of time but also trains students to use their skills for CBSE Results-Class XII (Science) welfare of Humanity The growth story is a commitment of teachers and school management who strive to work to give the best to the source: KPMG commissioned study on education unprivileged children of the villages source: KPMG commissioned study on education
  18. 18. Target Goal A large number of dedicated volunteers as compared to paid management ensures that the Akal schools demonstrate a low cost self sustaining model. ` 2500 Crore source: KPMG commissioned study on education Over 70% of the Akal Academy schools are profitable • All expenses like teachers salary and maintenance are made by individual Academies. • A pre Audit is done at the headquarters and a signatory releases the payments into the local accounts of the various schools, from where the salaries are given through cheques. • A similar system is followed for labour salaries as well. • Individual schools pay money for affiliations. • Schools usually break even in the fourth year and become self-sustaining. They however, need to take approvals on email for any expenses. The accounting system followed is Tally based, up-gradation to SAP is underwayAkal Academy Bhusla • Head office (Baru Sahib) finalizes fee structure and sends it to all the Akal Academies for the approval of the principals and volunteers. The fee is collected in 3 installments. Optimizing The Operations at it’s Best • Each school has a 3-member accounts team who use the tally system to maintain collections. • End of the month, data is received at the headquarters and entered into their tally system. Data Is then Pre- Schools • Colleges • Universities audited. • Requests for discounts and scholarships are sent from the principals and approved by the Secretary, Kalgidhar Trust and Secretary, Kalgidhar Society. • Collections are deposited into the local bank account. At Kalgidhar Society, selfless service is an Integral part of everything it does. The total Admin expense of the Approximately 20% of the total student body is studying totally free of cost. society is only 2.75% of its annual expenditure. source: KPMG commissioned study on education source: KPMG commissioned study on education
  19. 19. Target Goal Tax Exemption under Section 35 AC and Section 80 G of Income Tax Act ` 2500 Crore Dear Uncles and Aunties, Thank you for your time and for meeting my bursary. With your Companys generous contribution even my cousins will be able to study in the Akal Academy in their village. 11:00 AM : Today meeting I will be very happy to see them join with The Kalgidhar Trust the school, study and become good human beings. And Im sure that they wont take drugs. This good deed of yours will be a Blessing for all of us. Please promise that you will save my cousins from drugs.Akal Academy Kauri Wara Affectionately yours Naveen Bansal Akal Academy Baru Sahib Together, LETS… build Indias first values based education chain for rural transformation 3% 3% 9% Fur uipme s M &E As isc. Co nitu se Fix nt qThis is how your t. ed in re nts ge nc ieGift will be utilized 85% Land and Buildingin Building a School Akal Academy Cheema Sahib (Hindi Medium) Akal Academy Fatehgarh Chhanna
  20. 20. Akal Academy Fatehgarh Ganduan PunjabAkal Academy Baru Sahib Akal Academy Baru Sahib Akal Academy Jand Sahib Akal Academy Fatehgarh Channa Himachal Pradesh (Hindi Medium) Himachal Pradesh Punjab Punjab Akal Academy Dhindsa Punjab 122 Schools (60,000 Students) 2 Universities (1 Under Construction) Akal Academy Bilga Akal Academy Cheema (24 Streams) Akal Academy Gomti Punjab Punjab (Hindi Medium) Punjab 1 Hospital (280 Beds, 300 Out-Patients Daily) 3 De-addiction Centers Akal Academy Cheema (Punjabi Medium) Punjab (1700 beneficiaries) Free Teacher Training (2500 Rural Poor Womenfolk) Akal Academy Mander Akal Academy Kauriwara Akal Academy Bharyal Lahri Punjab Punjab Punjab Akal Academy Muktsar Akal Academy Ajitsar Ratia Punjab Haryana Akal Academy Bhadaur Akal Academy Bhai Desa Akal Academy Kajri Akal Academy Balbehra Punjab Punjab Uttar Pradesh
  21. 21. Target Goal Solar Village, Baru Sahib – sustain the passion of human energy with pure energy- Solar ` 75 Crore 700 KW of electricity is being generated daily at the Solar Village in Baru Sahib. It contributes towards the daily power requirements of Street Lights and Solar Steam generation for community cooking. Simultaneously, it imparts knowledge and research opportunities in the subject of Solar Energy, up to the Doctorate level, at the Eternal University, Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib. This also leads us to the next energy resource- Wind. The continued focus of our University in this field is being admired and institutes across the country are in discussion to follow this model of making education delivery sustainable The academic and knowledge competence is now the template of shift, from regular power to solar power across all the 125 Akal Academies in North India. Together Lets renew our resolve by supporting renewable energy. We seek your gift for the new template of transformation. Renewal of Our Resolve, Renewable Energy. Pure Energy for a pure purposeIn line with applying knowledge for the uplifting of people has made us to evolve SMART to, Solar the new Mandate for Auxiliary Responsibility Template of Transformation’
  22. 22. Target Goal In technical collaboration with ` 55 Crore Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA The Akal College of Nursing strives to inculcate the qualities of disciplined living, honesty, integrity, hard work and dedication so that the students become outstanding Nurses and global citizens. The College has the following salient features: • Holistic development of students through latest knowledge & high moral values. • Unique model of value based education. • Highly qualified and experienced faculty from India and Abroad. • Excellent infrastructure and modern laboratory facilities. • Scholarships for outstanding students. • The college of Nursing is attached to our 250 bed Akal Hospital which is present on the University campus itself. • Work- Study (Earn while you Learn) Program for needy students. • Fully residential campus for students, faculty & non-teaching staff. • Nutritionally balanced vegetarian diet only. • Drug-free, smoking-free and liquor-free environment. • Outstanding visiting faculty from USA. • Excellent placement network with high-end multi-specialty hospitals. • Perfect natural and pollution-free surrounding. • Safe and secure environment for girl students. • Opportunities for networking and studying abroad.Dignity Comes with Compassion, Akal Nursing College • Clinical training also imparted through hospitals in Chandigarh and Shimla to care is our profession • Weekly Conferences, Seminars and Presentations • Assist people to maintain the possible levels of independence, choice and control Code of • Have no tolerance to all forms of abuse • Treat each person as an individual by giving personalized care · Compassion • Assist people to maintain confidence and positive self-esteem • Act to alleviate peoples loneliness and isolation
  23. 23. Empowering the Souls To Power the Minds self independence Akal’s teacher training program was initiated to empower rural women by providing them employment opportunities in the field of education source: KPMG commissioned study on educationTarget Goal – 40 CroreHigh school graduate girls from rural regions are selected for a 3 year elementary teacher training courseafter which they are placed in various Akal schools to teach KG and Primary classes.Training is given in the following areas in the first two years• English communication skills• Proficiency in written English• Training in divine musicThe program aims to achieve the following objectives1 Empower rural girls through quality training in a secure environment and ensure employment in fields related to education2. Provide the Kalgidhar trust with a bank of teachers dedicated to the Trusts mission and objective.• Entire program is free of cost. The Kalgidhar trust bears the expenses of boarding, lodging and training, which comes to about INR 50,000 per student. Target Goal In technical collaboration with University of Oxford ` 40 Crore
  24. 24. 1906 All Akal Academies are doing far better than the SMART Milestones to CBSE - mandated norm of 5 books per child 20131906 to 2013-127 years of serving man kind source: KPMG commissioned study on education Akal Academy and Akal College of Engineering and Technology, Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh 1906 Mission Conceptualized spiritual music & teachings started. 2007 Akal college of Engineering and Technology 1912 The Founding Chairman, Sant Teja Singh Ji 1995 Fifth school at Mander, Punjab commences; Land for 19 schools is donated on return from Harvard University, USA was by the benefactors; Akal Institute of teacher 1996 Eight schools across Uttar Pradesh and invited to start and manage Teacher training started; Fourth International camp Punjab started operations Training college at Benaras Hindu for students from USA. Canada and 1997 With six more schools now 19 schools England started University, 1998 20th and 21st school in Punjab and 2008 Eternal University-Baru Sahib approved by 1965 Kalgidhar Trust established by Sant Haryana Himachal assembly; 19 new schools start Teja Singh 1999 22nd school and a coaching centre started their Academic sessions; First International 1982 KalgidharTrust registered in New Delhi Akal Academy fundraiser held at Grand Taj 1983 Kalgidhar Society registered Banquets hall in Surrey, BC, Canada; Akal 2000 First Medical camp for hilly areas held at 1986 Spiritual Centre and school (50,000 Sqft. of Baru sahib college of nursing commences; The space) ready, 1st co-educational residential Kalgidhar society was granted 35 AC status 2001 Second Medical camp held at Baru sahib school started with 5 students under Income Tax Act of 1961 for 100% 2002 Medical camps declared as a regular event 1987 School Admissions grow to 75, exemption by Ministry of Finance for Free thrice annually at Baru Sahib home for widows, destitute and elderly Medical care at Akal Hospital Baru Sahib started 2003 First drug De-addiction centre setup at 2009 3 new schools start their Academic sessions; Cheema 1990 Welfare centre for girls to impart training of Fundraising seminar held at Mumbai, spiritual music and teachings started along 2004 First International youth camp for U.S.A and Maharashtra Fifth International youth camp with child welfare foundation and charitable Canada students held at Baru Sahib 2005 for USA, Canada and England students, hospital Trust mobilized men, material and mission Inauguration of foundation stone of Eternal worth Rs 23 million as aid to Kashmir earth University Administrative campus. 1993 The second school at Muktsar, Punjab was quake. Acknowledged by Government of established and a third school at Baru Sahib 2010 Foundation stone of the first Akal College for India in parliament for poor students of far flung backward women laid in Khamano, District Ludhiana. areas started too 2006 Third International youth camp, for U.S.A, 2011 Foundation stone laid for 101st Akal Canada and U.K students at Baru sahib and 1994 Started fourth school at Cheema, Punjab Academy at Chunni, District Fatehgarh Akal Rozgar Yojana initiated in rural Punjab and a welfare centre for boys to training of Sahib. Standard type, SPV Solar Plant, to mpower the Women folk Commissioned at Baru sahib . Akal Academy Ratia, Haryana Akal Academy Dhindsa, Punjab Akal Academy Gomti, Uttar Pradesh 2012 Foundation stone laid for Akal University at Guru Kashi, Saboo Talwandi District Bhatinda. 2013 Student of Akal Academy, Baru Sahib breaks National Record for weight lifting.
  25. 25. India’s GDP Stands to Gain by Rs. 134 Crores Annually through pass out students of each School (in the next 20 years) Our Management TeamName CredentialsBaba Iqbal Singh President M.Sc., Former Director Agriculture, HimachalPradeshDr. Khem Singh Gill (Padma Bhushan) Vice-President PhD (California), FormerVice-Chancellor, Punjab Agricultural University, LudhianaDr. Davinder Singh Secretary M.B.B.S. (M.D.)Mr. P S. Kohli, Retired I.A.S . Former Advisor to Governor-PunjabDr. Manmohan S. Atwal Advisor M. Sc., Ph. D. (Illinois) MBA (Columbia); MPH (JohnHopkins)Dr. B.S. Sekhon Advisor Retired Professor, Jackson State UniversityDr. Gurbaksh Singh Advisor M.Sc., PhD (Ohio State Univ.) Former AgricultureScientistMr. Gian Singh B.Sc. (Agriculture)Mr. Jalvinder Singh Member M Sc B Ed
  26. 26. It will take to build 500 Schools to Keep our Next Generation Free From Drugs 125 + Schools Built Schools Added Recently = Awaiting your contribution. Help us to reach 500 Schools soon! Call: 9812345678 • SMS: be drug free to 56677 email: 122 Schools (60,000 Students) 2 Universities (1 Under Construction) (24 Streams) 1 Hospital (280 Beds 300 Out-Patients Daily) 3 De-addiction Centers (1700 beneficiaries) Free Teacher Training 2500 (Rural Poor Womenfolk)