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What does furniture cost?


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Useful cost planning guide for office furniture. Contact Rita Brandeisky at bfi - 609 619 6316

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What does furniture cost?

  1. 1. What Does Furniture Cost? PRESENTED BY
  2. 2. Client Real Estate Broker ConsultantsArchitect/Interior Designer Furniture Telecom Contractor
  3. 3. How Much Does Furniture Cost?There are two ways to approximate costs• Per Square Foot: – Furniture costs approx $15-$30 per sq. ft.• Per Person: – Furniture costs approx $3,000-5,000 per person
  4. 4. Case Studies Appaloosa Management LP
  5. 5. Corporate relocation to Short Hills,NJ. Bollinger leased 60,000 sq. ft. atthe Reckson property at 101 JFKParkway.
  6. 6. Location:101 JFK ParkwayShort Hills, NJ 07078Rentable sq ft: 60,000Furniture sell price: $1.3 millionManufacturers:•Herman Miller•Geiger•Harter•Bright•Bernhardt•FixturesTotal population of the project:•218 workstations•29 new private offices•7conference rooms
  7. 7. Cost per square foot:$21.66Cost per person:$5,300Square footage peremployee:243 sq. ft.
  8. 8. BP Castrol renovated their existingWayne, NJ facility. Systemsfurniture workstations wereprovided for 280 people. Therewere no private offices. 36conference / group meeting areaswere created using systemsfurniture.
  9. 9. Location:1500 Valley RoadWayne, NJ 07470Rentable square footage: 55,000 sq. ft.Furniture sell price: $1.4 millionManufacturers:•Herman Miller EthospaceTotal population of the project: 280
  10. 10. Cost per square foot:$25.45Cost per person:$5,000Square footage peremployee:179 sq. ft.
  11. 11. Accenture had a lease that was expiring in Murray Hillalong with the closing of a Parsippany location. Theywere out looking for space to merge the locationswithout disrupting current consulting projects.Through the creative use and application of the 120degree angled Herman Miller Resolve system, weincreased the headcount by 33% in the Murray Hilllocation.This allowed Accenture to renew the lease (notdisrupting projects) and avoid the relocation andmerger of two existing locations. This office is now aflag ship "solution center" or sales office forAccenture as the layout and image shows theirforward thinking.
  12. 12. Location:5 Spring StreetNew Providence, NJ 07974Rentable square footage: 24,500Furniture sell price: $728,695Manufacturers:•Herman Miller Resolve•Herman Miller Aeron ChairsTotal population of the project: 252
  13. 13. Cost per square foot:$29.74Cost per person:$2,888Square footage peremployee:97 sq. ft.
  14. 14. Project began with LabVantage considering a fullyfurnished space. For a multitude of reasons, theproject fell through and the client opted to take spacein a building where bfi had done a furniture project inthe recent past.With access to a complete set of architecturaldrawings, bfi was able to maximize existingconstruction and specify a very economical furnituresolution.“You were so essential to our steppinginto our new space within ourchallenging time line, within our limitedbudget, and in such an excellent state ofreadiness.” – Fred DaVeiga, CFO
  15. 15. Location:1160 Route 22 EastBridgewater, NJ 08807Rentable square footage: 15,701Furniture sell price: $231,499Manufacturers:•Herman Miller AO2•National Casegoods (Laminate)Total population of the project: 69
  16. 16. Cost per square foot:$14.71Cost per person:$3,355Square footage peremployee:228 sq. ft.
  17. 17. Benjamin Moore was looking to movetheir 92,000 sq. ft. corporateheadquarters within Bergen County.After being an Ethospace user for morethan 20 years, Benjamin Moore did notwant to settle for any other furnituresystem.Although bfi could offer less expensiverefurbished product, Herman Miller wasable to offer aggressive pricing andwarranties that was of a far better value.
  18. 18. Location:101 Paragon DriveMontvale, NJ 07645Rentable square footage: 92,000Furniture sell price: $1.3 millionManufacturers:•Herman Miller EthospaceTotal population of the project: 366
  19. 19. Cost per square foot:$14.13Cost per person:$3,552Square footage peremployee:251 sq. ft.
  20. 20. Franklin Credit moved from 3 separate locations inNYCBFI developed detailed documentation of all spacerequirementsBFI applied space requirements to 3 separatelocations in Jersey City allowing client to thoroughlyanalyze which space worked the best spatially as wellas financially.New space required construction of Reception Area,Board Room, Conference Rooms, Employee Loungeand Training Room, based on design layout anddevelopment by BFI.Overall aesthetic is defined as a clean-linedarchitectural space with a very light overall feeling.
  21. 21. Location:101 Hudson StreetJersey City, NJ 07302Rentable sq ft: 27,000Furniture sell price: $900,000Manufacturers:•Herman Miller Resolve•Herman Miller Passage•NucraftTotal population of the project: 184
  22. 22. Cost per square foot:$33.33Cost per person:$4,891Square footage per employee:147 sq. ft.
  23. 23. Pharmagistics is a rapidly growing sales,marketing, and logistics company,providing integratable sales support,marketing support, sample accountability,third-party logistics, and contract salesservices to pharmaceutical,biopharmaceutical, medical device andhealthcare companies.The move to two floors at Cottontail Lanewas an expansion housing for 88 people.
  24. 24. Location:1600 Cottontail LaneSomerset, NJ 08873Rentable sq ft: 19,000 sq. ft.Furniture sell price for entire job: $302,173Manufacturers:•Maispace•National•Sit-on-itTotal population of the project: 88 people
  25. 25. Cost per square foot:$15.90Cost per person:$3,434Square footage per employee:216 sq. ft.
  26. 26. Relocation of four units of space in anindustrial building to a one-story Class Abuilding in Rockaway. The building hasbeen designed with an open floor planwith minimal drywall offices andancillary space. All drywall has glassfronts to let in the light from outside.The office space has 18 high ceilingswith exposed structure, and skylights.The space has a second floormezzanine overlooking the creativedepartment.
  27. 27. Location:25 Green Pond RoadRockaway, NJ 07866Rentable square footage: 70,000 sq. ft.Furniture sell price: $1.6 millionManufacturers:•Herman Miller Ethospace for Systems Furniture•Geiger Intl for Executive Management•DarRan for all other Management offices•Herman Miller seating in workstations and private offices•Gunlock guest seating in private offices.Total population of the project: 284
  28. 28. Cost per square foot:$22.85Cost per person:$5,633Square footage peremployee:246 sq. ft.
  29. 29. Rhodia gave up a campus settingto consolidate into a single buildinglocation that produced significantrent savings.Rhodia Inc. is the North Americanunit of Rhodia Group, one of theworlds leading specialty chemicalcompanies.
  30. 30. Location:Cedar Brook Corporate ParkCranbury, NJ 08512Rentable square footage: 90,000 sq. ft.Furniture sell price: $1,124,723Manufacturers:•Pre owned workstations•Office Master Seating•Dar Ran Private OfficesTotal population of the project: 444
  31. 31. Cost per square foot:$12.50Cost per person:$2,533Square footage peremployee:203 sq. ft.
  32. 32. Relocation of the entire USA corporateheadquarters to a new building inWoodcliff Lake, NJ for Eisai Inc. Theproject was for approximately 500 andconsisted of over 300 workstations andmore than 200 private offices.Eisai is a human health care companyseeking innovative solutions in diseaseprevention, cure and care for the healthand well-being of people worldwide.
  33. 33. Location: Woodcliff Lake, NJRentable sq ft: 208,911Furniture sell price: $5,284,319.Manufacturers:• Herman Miller Vivo Workstations• Geiger Private Offices• Geiger Tablet wood casegoods• Herman Miller Aeron desk chairs• Geiger wood guest chairsTotal population of the project: 542• 331 workstations• 211 private offices
  34. 34. Cost per square foot:$25.29Cost per person:$9,750Square footage peremployee:385 sq. ft.
  35. 35. A long-time leader in green buildingmethods, The National Audubon Societysought PLATINUM LEED™ certificationfor their new National Headquarters inManhattan.The new workspace functions as a modelfor National Audubon Societysenvironmental mission to protect andrestore vital ecosystems, and to ensurethe healthy environment for people,wildlife, and the earths natural resources.
  36. 36. Location:225 Varick Street7th floorNY, NY 10014Rentable sq ft: 25,000 sq. ft.Furniture sell price for entire job: $684,400Manufacturers:•Herman Miller•Brayton•Bernhardt•Davis•ICFTotal population of the project: 112 people
  37. 37. Cost per square foot:$27.38Cost per person:$6111Square footage peremployee:223 sq. ft.
  38. 38. The Dalegroup, a large insurance agency, hadexperienced unprecedented growth, resulting inovercrowded conditions and people workingfrom home. There was simply no space left inthe building they occupied and the reality wasthat they had to double in size. They could notmove too far away because much of their workforce lived locally. In addition, their ownershipwanted a well designed new facility thatshowcased their success and the quality of theirwork. This required an architectural design andbuild out package that far exceeded the buildingstandard offerings typical of the Florham Parkarea. They also wanted their new furniture tosupport this high end aesthetic but, still maintainan emphasis on productivity and functionality
  39. 39. Location:30A Vreeland RoadFlorham Park, NJRentable square footage: 10,400 sq. ft.Furniture sell price: $367,000Manufacturers:•Herman Miller Vivo systems•Humanscale seating and computer accessories•First Office middle manager offices•OFS conference rooms•Davis and Nucraft boardroom•HBF and Bernhardt senior level offices and receptioncasegoods•Neocase mailroom•Great Openings filing and storage towers•Krug and Keilhauer reception seating and tablesTotal population of the project: 66
  40. 40. Cost per square foot:$35.29Cost per person:$5,560Square footage peremployee:157 sq. ft.
  41. 41. Appaloosa Management LPAppaloosa Management’s lease was expiringand they wanted to move to a more upscalebuilding in a more prime location. They settledon one of the most premier buildings in the stateand wanted a furniture solution that went alongwith the high end traditional built environmenttheir architect created for them. This was class Aspace and the furniture had to be the same.Highly functional work stations and privateoffices had to exude the prestige andpermanence this leading hedge fund waslooking for. The conference rooms and publicspaces exuded success with their unique designdetails and the furniture for these spaces camefrom Kittinger, a manufacturer that providesfurniture for the White House and the CapitalBuilding.
  42. 42. Appaloosa Management LPLocation:51 JFK ParkwayShort Hills, NJRentable square footage: 6,850 sq. ft.Furniture sell price: $452,000Manufacturers:•Herman Miller•Geiger•Baker•Cabott Wren•Councill•Humanscale•Neocase•KittingerTotal population of the project: 80
  43. 43. Appaloosa Management LPCost per square foot:$65.98Cost per person:$5,650Square footage peremployee:86 sq. ft.
  44. 44. Diagnostica Stago, Inc. renovated andcreated a new state-of-the-art TrainingCenter at their US headquarters inParsippany, NJ. The project includedmultiple rooms for simultaneous training, aswell as a large conference/event room anddining area. Stago also constructed newoffice space with new workstations toaccommodate expansion in the sales,marketing and administrative departmentsand new conference rooms. The privateoffices were majority of existing furniturewith some fill in where needed.
  45. 45. Location:5 Sylvan WayParsippany, NJRentable square footage: 34,800Furniture sell price: $429,450Manufacturers:•Herman Miller• OFS•Zoom Seating•Fixtures Furniture•National Office Furniture•Sit on ItTotal population of the project: 102
  46. 46. Cost per square foot:$12.34Cost per person:$4,210Square footage peremployee:341 sq. ft.
  47. 47. Summary Cost per sq. ft.: Cost per person: sq. ft. per person:Bollinger $21.66 $5,300 243BP Castrol $25.45 $5,000 179Accenture $29.74 $2,888 97LabVantage $14.71 $3,355 228Benjamin Moore $14.13 $3,552 251Franklin Credit $33.33 $4,891 147Pharmagistics $15.90 $3,434 216Party City $22.85 $5,633 246Rhodia $12.50 $2,533 203Eisai $25.29 $9,750 385Audubon $27.38 $6,111 223Dale Group $35.29 $5,560 157Appaloosa $65.98 $5,650 86Stago $12.34 $4,210 341
  48. 48. Summary AverageCost per square foot: Cost per person: Square footage per person:$25 per square foot. $4,848 average 214 sq. ft. There are two ways to approximate costs • Per Square Foot: • Furniture costs approx $15-$30 per sq. ft. • Per Person: • Furniture costs approx $3,000-5,000 per person Appaloosa Management LP
  49. 49. Detailed EstimateGiles CommunicationsRentable Sq. Ft.: 5,921No. of Employees: 29Actual cost: $135,365.Cost per square foot:$22.80Cost per person:$4,655.00Square footage peremployee:204 sq. ft.
  50. 50. Giles CommunicationsRentable Sq. Ft.: 5,921No. of Employees: 29Actual cost: $135,365.Cost per square foot:$22.80Cost per person:$4,655.00Square footage peremployee:204 sq. ft.
  51. 51. Giles CommunicationsRentable Sq. Ft.: 5,921No. of Employees: 29Actual cost: $135,365.Cost per square foot:$22.80Cost per person:$4,655.00Square footage peremployee:204 sq. ft.
  52. 52. Conclusion• There are two ways to approximate costs: – per square foot & per person• Your furniture advisor can quickly and accurately project your furniture costs.• Early involvement of your furniture advisor can result in practical and innovative space solutions for your client.
  53. 53. The EndFor more information contact us at: 908-355-3400