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The Xapian Open Source Search Engine


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What is Xapian, and why you should care.
A brief 13 minute talk given at Cambridge Geek Nights on 29th July 2009.

Published in: Technology, Design
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The Xapian Open Source Search Engine

  1. 2. Xapian is a search engine
  2. 3. Xapian is a search engine an information retrieval toolkit
  3. 4. Index my stuff
  4. 5. Find things
  5. 6. … quickly
  6. 7. But also...
  7. 8. Arbitrary Boolean restrictions Correct spelling mistaks Suggest search completions Find similar things Browse facets of things Find nearby things Get diverse results Find images which look similar Different sort orders Arbitrary weight influences
  8. 9. But also...
  9. 10. Open Source (GPL)
  10. 11. Great support (particularly if you live in Cambridge)
  11. 12. But also...
  12. 13. Python wrapper (“xappy”) REST/HTTP server Next layers up Easier to use Easier to integrate
  13. 14. “A day of informal presentations, open discussion and hacking on open source search technologies.” Tuesday 29 th September 2009 Friends meeting house Learn more Free!
  14. 15. Richard Boulton [email_address] @rboulton Photo credits: