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Food and drink wales


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Food and drink wales

  2. 2. FOODThe dual role of Food in everyday human life: Physiological Needs – satisfying the basic human needs for hunger and thirst Psychological Needs – satisfying the need for self recognition, self esteem and self actualisation
  3. 3. MASLOW‟S HIERARCHYOF NEEDS (Original five-stage model) Need for self-actualisation Personal growth and self fulfilment Need for self esteem Achievement, status and reputation Need for love and belonging Family, affection, relationships and work group Need for safety and security Protection, security, order, law and stability Physical survival needs Air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex and sleep
  4. 4. WALES CAN BOAST A RANGEOF HIGH QUALITY FOODS … from our iconic Welsh Lamb …
  5. 5. WELSH FOOD and Black Beef …
  6. 6. WELSH FOOD to a variety of Cheeses …
  7. 7. WELSH FOOD and Welsh Seafood.
  8. 8. UK FOOD AND DRINKINDUSTRYImportance of the Food and Drink Industry in the UK In 2010 the contribution of approximately 7% (£79.4 billion) of UK Gross Value Added. Creation of employment in the food supply chain: Primary Producers – Food Processors – Food Wholesalers Food Retailers – Chefs and Food Service Personnel (Hospitality and Tourism sector)Wales is now frequently identified by reference to it‟s
  9. 9. SUMMARY ECONOMIC STATISTICS BY INDUSTRY, 2008The share of Employment in the various food related sectors in Wales iscompared to Great Britain. Share of National Total Employee Jobs Employee Jobs Employee Jobs Employee Jobs („000) („000) WALES GREAT BRITAIN WALES GREAT BRITAINAgriculture 18.3 270.4 1.5% 1.0%Food Manufacturing 23.0 379.8 1.9% 1.4%Hotels and Restaurants 83.7 1,802.4 7.1% 6.8%Retail and Wholesale 188.8 4,427.1 16.0% 16.6%Transport and 50.6 1,547.9 4.3% 5.8%CommunicationOther Sectors 818.6 18,249.6 69.2% 68.4%Total 1,183.0 26,677.2 100.0% 100.0%
  10. 10. SUMMARY ECONOMIC STATISTICS BY INDUSTRY, 2008The share of GVA in the various food related sectors in Wales is compared toGreat Britain. Share of National Total GVA GVA GVA GVA (£ billions) (£ billions) WALES GREAT BRITAIN WALES GREAT BRITAINAgriculture 0.2 8.7 0.5% 0.7%Food Manufacturing 1.0 21.5 2.4% 1.8%Hotels and Restaurants 1.4 34.6 3.2% 2.9%Retail and Wholesale 4.9 137.4 11.2% 11.6%Transport and 2.4 85.5 5.5% 7.2%CommunicationOther Sectors 34.2 896.1 77.4% 75.7%Total 44.1 1,183.8 100.0% 100.0%
  11. 11. BRANDING WELSH FOODThe Wales the True Taste brand has been successful inestablishing the unique identity of Welsh food and it‟sinherent connection with the landscape. Foster more diverse products Build more diverse routes to market Deliver greater value to food producers and processors
  12. 12. BRANDING WELSH FOODThe government and industry need to work togetherand support product applications for EU provenanceschemes. Such as: PGI – Protected Geographical Indication PDO – Protected Designation of Origin TSG – Traditional Speciality Guaranteed
  13. 13. BRANDING WELSH FOODAt present, Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef are the only TWO food items which have been accredited with PGI but there are at least TEN more Welsh Food Products ready for submission to the European Union.
  14. 14. BRANDING WELSH FOOD  Welsh Cider  Welsh Perry  Welsh Milk  Caerphilly Cheese  Anglesey Sea Salt
  15. 15. BRANDING WELSH FOOD  Cardigan Bay Prawns  Gower Salt Marsh Lamb  Carmarthen Ham  Laverbread  Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes
  16. 16. PROMOTING ENTREPRENEURIALINITIATIVES IN WALES Support and encourage more new food and drink businesses to start up and develop new products for the domestic and overseas market. Retain and develop a database of producers offering fresh/quality Welsh products to be made available to local restaurants and hotels. Progress towards a clear, standardised branding for restaurants and other food service outlets offering local ingredients, this could include the Wales the True Taste brand and an enhanced role for the EU Protected Food Brands.
  17. 17. WELSH FOOD PROMOTIONACTIVITIES  Gwledd Conwy Feast  The Great British Cheese Festival  Abergavenny Food Festival  Narberth Food Festival  Festivals Events Wales  International Craft Cider Festival  The Wales the True Taste Food and Drink
  18. 18. MICHELIN STAR RESTAURANTSIN WALES Wales is now home to FOUR “One” Michelin Star Restaurants: Tyddyn Llan, Ynyshir Hall, Llandrillo Eglwsfach Bryan Webb Shane Hughes The Crown at Walnut Tree Inn, Whitebrook, Llanddewi Monmouth Skerrid James Shaun Hill
  19. 19. WELSH GASTRONOMY ATCOLEG LLANDRILLOSample Welsh Menu prepared and served at Coleg Llandrillo Welsh Rarebits Smoked Conwy Salmon Parcel of Crabmeat with Gooseberry Vinaigrette Sea Trout in Carmarthen Ham with Leeks and Laverbread served with Grain Mustard Sauce Char-grilled Welsh Lamb Burger with Tomato Relish and Mint Sauce Hotpot of Pembrokeshire Lobster, Smoked Chicken and Asparagus with Lemongrass Breast of Guineafowl with Wild Mushrooms Strudel of Welsh Farmhouse Cheeses Elderflower and Lavender Water Ice Bara Brith and Butter Pudding with Mulled Red Fruits and Siôt Ice Cream Coffee
  20. 20. “ One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,if one has not dined well.” Quote by Virginia Wolf THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION