“STUDIO GANGSTERS” | Tunde Olufemi aka PoeticSoul


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“STUDIO GANGSTERS” | Tunde Olufemi aka PoeticSoul

  1. 1. Tunde Olufemi | PoeticSoul “STUDIO GANGSTERS” Source: poeticsoul (c) 2013....... The Second single off the New Upcoming EP CYPHER/WEBSITE/e-STORE
  2. 2. Tunde Olufemi | PoeticSoul STUDIO GANGSTERS July 23, 2013 Killing your own people for money, that dumb shit is senseless I’m moving that speak life shit from New York to Memphis Anyone that knows me know that I stay solo in these trenches Grinding to help an unhealthy child to eat and grow a few more inches You say that you are a gangster, another Al Capone Man, you’re nothing but another token for the skulls and bones An advocate of death, homicide and genocide While they rip your heart and soul out from the inside Then leave you to walk the streets under their command Destroy your community, turn her out and kill the next man Because you didn’t like his style or the colors he chose to wear But won’t point the gun at those creating black on black warfare That’s why they wanna imprison me, they say my mind is a threat To the American conspiracy that is designed to keep blacks down and in debt American history say that we are 3”5th of a man, the bible say we were cursed But my DNA is not even of this world, its from the atoms of the universe I’m spiritual nigger, the son of an iron God
  3. 3. Tunde Olufemi | PoeticSoul Who uses the mic like a rod to even make the walking dead think and nod Yo,come closer and feel the heat And step into my cipher if you think you can compete (studio gangster) Besides kill the weak and the sick, take their life to sacrifice their soul While men like me be moving through these streets like we’re out on parole Half of yall claiming that yall are gangsters aint really nothing but snitches Trying to convince me that yall are real when all I see in yall is fiction I’m about this life, a warrior to the core, ready to shoot the gift Like Malcolm I have something more powerful then cocaine to get you lifted All this money yall claim yall be getting, all these women yall claim yall be hitting All these records yall claim to be selling, all these new cars yall claim to be whipping Don’t mean shit to me, yall don’t impress me because yall say that yall are armed Unless yall are protecting someone like Trayvon Martin from harm What yall fools know about these days putting in real steady work Up to your neck in these trenches covered in mud and dirt Yo real shit here, I spit it, because I have seen it I spit real life poetry because a poet like me mean it You see I can feed thousands with a loaf bread and a few fishes like Christ Get paid by the devil to give his punk ass legal advice Yes,believe it, my man when I tell you that I’m that nice
  4. 4. Tunde Olufemi | PoeticSoul My thoughts are precise, light on my feet like steamed rice Solid as the planet Jupiter frozen in ice That’s why these so called studio gangsters better think twice Before they get their egos stepped on and crushed inside my vice And get their American asses sold out like a closing price poeticsoul (c) 2013....... The Second single off the New Upcoming EP Greetings, https://www.facebook.com/Poeticsoul70 My name is Poetic Soul, I am an independent recording artist and I would like to take a brief moment to introduce myself to you. I am a firm believer in the power of music, I think it can be an antidote for a lot of the ills that we face. Instead of complaining about what some say is not in the music today (soul, respect, etc.), I am striving to do my part to put more love, enlightenment, and soul back into the music. As a respected leader in the music industry, I know that you are not only aware of where music is but also how we got here. I am reaching out to you, with the hope that you are looking for alternatives to the status quo. I would like you to be aware of the release of my new reggae single, "How We Roll", coming August, 13, 2013. Thank you for your time and for your love of music! Poetic Soul
  5. 5. Tunde Olufemi | PoeticSoul POETICSOUL SOUNDCLOUD https://soundcloud.com/poeticsoul70 More like this RBG Raptivist, Revolutionary Poets, Playwrights and Writers Studies Collection