RBG Defined: The Music, The Movement, The Communiversity (All on RBG4Lif Report BlogTalk Radio)


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RBG Defined: The Music, The Movement, The Communiversity (All on RBG4Lif Report BlogTalk Radio)

  1. 1. Defined: The Music, The Movement, The Communiversity RBG4Lif Report BlogTalk Radio Hosted by RBG Street Scholar Healing is work, not gambling. It is the work of inspiration, not manipulation. If we the healers are to do the work of helping bring our whole people together again, we need to know such work is the work of a community. It cannot be done by an individual. It should not depend on people who do not understand the healing vocation….The work of healing is work for inspirers working long and steadily in a group that grows over generations, until there are inspirers, healers wherever our people are scattered, able to bring us together again. --Ayi Kwei Armah—The Healers RBG DEFINED: No matter if one relates R.B.G. with Red Black and Green, Righteous Black Guerillas Revolutionary But Gangstas, Redeemed By God, Read Bout Garvey, Revolutionary Black Gangstas, Real Black Girls, Ready 2 Bust Gats or Riders Basic Guidelines, etc We must know that the principles and guidelines were passed down from great leaders like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Huey P. Newton. They must know that the RBG Family consists of real leaders that will forever ride for our Black and Brown People worldwide. See: Black Nationalism and Rap Music, by Dr. Errol Henderson (Journal of Black Studies/January1996)
  2. 2. In the words of Sekou Toure “to us, Revolution means the collective movement initiated by a group of men or by a whole people, and supported by their conscious determination to change an old degrading order into a new, progressive order in view of ensuring the safeguard and development of collective and individual interests, without any discrimination whatsoever. The People’s Revolution, to us, remains thus a collective consciousness in motion, and a collective movement guided by conscience and whose ultimate aim is the continued progress of man and the People.” Sekou continues “to take part in the African revolution it is not to write a revolutionary song; you must fashion the revolution with the people. And you fashion it with the people; the songs will come by themselves, and of themselves. ... In order to achieve real action, you must yourself be a living part of Africa and of her thought; you must be an element of that popular energy which is entirely called for the freeing, the progress, and the happiness of Africa. There ¡s no place outside that fight for the artist or for the intellectual who is not himself concerned with and completely at one with the people in the great battle of Africa and of ail suffering humanity.” (From: SEKOU TOURE Revolution and Religion—Excerpts from Enhancing the People’s Power) THE MAIN GOAL OF RBG COMMUNIVERSITY IS NOT MASTERY OVER OPPRESSION. SUCH A GOAL, EVEN IF ACCOMPLISHED TO ITS FULLEST EXTENT, WOULD ONLY LAND AFRIKAN PEOPLE IN A VACUUM. RATHER, THE PREEMINENT GOAL OF THE RBG STREET SCHOLARS THINK TANK'S CORE CURRICULUM IS SELF-MASTERY BY WAY OF AFRIKAN-CENTERED CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION FOR THE PURPOSE OF SECURING BLACK POWER. NONETHELESS, THIS GOAL MANDATES THE ACTIVE NEUTRALIZATION OF ALL OPPRESSIVE YOKES WITHIN AND WITHOUT THE AFRIKAN SELF AND COLLECTIVE. GIVEN THAT WE ALL ARE DECENDENTS OF A PEOPLE THAT WERE TAKEN THROUGH THE EUROPEAN'S EVIL GENIUS THREE STEP PROCESS OF DERACINATION, I.E. DEAFRIKANIZATION, DEHUMANIZATION AND INFERIORTIZATION, THE INDIVIDUAL SEARCH FOR SECURITY UNDER OUR PRESENT CONDITION AND THE QUEST FOR PERSONAL HARMONY AND PRIVATE SUCCESS AT THE COST OF BETRAYING OUR COLLECTIVE ASPIRATIONS FOR SELF-DETERMINATION REQUIRES LITTLE COURAGE, VISION OR RISK. SUCH EFFORTS ACCEPT THE SOCIAL ORDER (DISORDER) AS IMMUTABLE. BUT, IN ORDER FOR AFRIKAN PEOPLE TO BE ABLE TO DEFEND, DEFINE AND DEVELOP IN OUR OWN IMAGE AND INTEREST; A NEW COURAGE, NEW VISION, NEW CONSCIOUSNESS, COMMITMENT AND CONDUCT IS REQUIRED. THE DEHUMANIZING ENEMY WITHOUT MUST BE NEUTRALIZED—AT LEAST PSYCHO-CULTURALLY AND SOCIO-MATERIALLY, JUST AS THE ENEMY WITHIN MUST BE EJECTED. NEITHER CAN OCCUR WITHOUT SERIOUS STUDY AND WORK THROUGH OUR OWN AFRIKAN EYES AND ORGANIZED TECHNOLOGICALLY SOPHISTICATED INDEPENDENT INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT. BOTH ENTAIL RISKING A SOCIAL, POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, EDUCATIONAL AND SPIRITUAL CRISIS; AND EVEN PHYSICAL DEATH. FOR THEM AND ONLY THEN CAN A NEW AFRIKAN WORLD UNION BE ESTABLISHED? FROM THE OFFICIAL EDUBLOG OF RBG BLAKADEMICS http://rbgblakademics.blogspot.com/
  3. 3. POSTSCRIPT FROM Zalute Orbg Outlaw