RBG Communiversity Blueprint for Black Power Interactive


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RBG Communiversity Blueprint for Black Power Interactive

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RBG Communiversity Blueprint for Black Power Interactive

  1. 1. BLUEPRINT FOR BLACK POWER INTERACTIVE RBG Honorable Dr. Amos N. Wilson Studies Collection
  2. 2. FROLINAN’S NATIONAL STRATEGY An application of Dr. Amos Wilson’s “Blueprint for Black Power” combined with Marcus Garvey’ and MX ‘s Black Nationalism and the contributions of the 1960s Black Power and New Afrikan Independence Movements. Abstract: In this paper my thesis is a prescriptive one. It is a "Theory and Practice to Break the Chains of National Oppression" that represents an application of Dr. Amos Wilson’s Afrikan Liberation psychology teachings and his “Blueprint for Black Power” reclamation of Black selfdetermination paradigm. I argue that because the masses of New Afrikan* people live under “de facto colonization and third world nation status”, with strategic implementation of a New Afrikan revolutionary theoretical framework and program of decolonization, based on a Nation-within-a-Nation consciousness, commitment and conduct, the New Afrikan Independence Movement can be pushed forward towards our ultimate objective of national independence. Within the context of the aforementioned notions i.e., colonization and nationwithin-a-nation, a “National Program of Decolonization” can be implemented and propagated throughout New Afrikan (Black) communities across the United States that will positively reflect and impact the cultural, political, socioeconomic and moral needs of the masses of New Afrikan people and thus, serve as a template for present and future New Afrikan Education and Nation-building paradigms and praxis into the 21st century. 2
  3. 3. RBG Communiversity Required Textbook RBG Blueprint for Black Power Study Cell Guide Book-2011 Updated In Blueprint for Black Power Dr. Amos Wilson's (video) main thesis is "economic destiny determines biological destiny"; and in order to secure politico-economic power (Black Power) in the 21st Century, we must see ourselves as and function as "a Nation-within-a-Nation" and solidify a "Afrikan American / Caribbean / Pan-Afrikan bloc" to generate Black power in the United States. 3
  4. 4. RBG Communiversity Curriculum Standards ACCESS THIS DOCUMENT FOR THE LESSONS’ INTERACTIVE VERSION RBG BLAKADEMICS: Curricular Domains, Fields and Aims Outline and Links to Content “Akoto’s Afrikan Centered Thematic Inventory provides [the major themes of Nationalist / Pan-Afrikanist centered theories of liberation…and the philosophical foundation of Afrikan centered curriculum” Blueprint for Black Power, pg. 130, 2000 AWI 4
  5. 5. RBG Communiversity Curriculum Outline The interdisciplinary curriculum fields are listed below under the curricular Domains, and include the subject areas that comprise the respective Fields of learning/teaching and Aims in RBG Street Scholars Think Tank’s curricula. RBG-BLAKADEMICS-Curricular-Domains-Fields-and-Aims-Outline-and-Links-to-Content I. Cultural Ideological A. Culture and Ideology B. Creativity II. Spiritual Psycho-Affective A. Self Knowledge B. Ethics and Morality III. Socio-Political and Economic A. Political Economy B. Cognition and Inquiry C. Technology D. Mathematics E. Sciences F. Computer Sciences IV. Technology A. Mathematics B. Science C. Computer Science D. Functional Skills V. Nation building (Practical Applications) A. Career Development Apprenticeships B. Research Theory and Practicum’s C. Community Development Projects (FROLINAN) 5
  6. 6. “The Afrikan American Community as a de facto Third World Nation” (Wilson, Blueprint for Black Power 1998, pg. 507-509) Things that can be traced back to us as a Nation with a disorganized economy  Inadequate education, recreation and socialization institutions  Lack of employment opportunities  Family instability and disruption  Inadequate housing  Anti-social and criminal behavior  Drug addiction  premature death and disease “A set up for exploitation and colonization by stronger nations” Dr. Wilson’s Black “National Debt” Concept “…Many Problems exhibited by the Afrikan American Community reflect more its inadequate economic organization and management as a nation than its outright poverty or impoverishment of human resources…” pg. 508 6
  7. 7. Afrikans in America as a de facto Nation-within-a-Nation Blueprint’s Thesis “ Economic Destiny Determines Biological Destiny” In his Nation-within-a-Nation chapter Dr. Amos Wilson seem to be saying Afrikans in America are a politically disenfranchised, economically exploited, socially degraded, and alien culture dominated Nation-within-aNation, in large part, borne to its lack of a Afrikan Nationhood consciousness, commitment and conduct. At one juncture he makes this point by saying: “except for its mainly second-tier alien employment status, its cultural entertainment contributions to the American market economy, its role as a mass consumer market for White American manufactured products and services, its RBG WW 1 Nation Blueprint full-spectrum participation in and integration into American for Black Power Study Cell Guidebook society is negligible.” (Wilson, Blueprint for Black Power 1998, pg. 504) 7
  8. 8. Some History of the Afrikan in America “Nation-within-a-Nation Concept” In his essay “How Black Awakening in Capitalist America laid the foundation for a New Internal Colonialism Theory” Pinderhughes states the following; “There is a 180-year-old tradition of black activists viewing African America as a "nation with a nation." The slogan is notable in the national black convention movement's first call to unite in 1830, as it responded to the program against the blacks of Cincinnati in 1830. Martin Delany utilized it in his colonization appeals. In 1853, Frederick Douglass embraced the formulation in his call to black national consciousness. Cyril Briggs employed it in his Amsterdam News assessment of the contradiction between the African American condition and President Wilson's World War I peace proposals. And it was the title of W.E.B. Du Bois's call in 1935 to sidestep Jim Crow segregation during the Great Depression with a cooperative economic program.” (Outline and emphasis of Mines) From: How Black Awakening in Capitalist America laid the foundation for a New Internal Colonialism Theory (Pinderhughes, Charles 2010) How-Black-Awakening-in-Capitalist-America-laid-the-foundation-for-a-New-Internal-Colonialism-TheoryPinderhughes-Charles-2010-Reprint 8
  9. 9. What are the requirements of National Sovereignty (To be an Independent Nation) ? Dr. John Henrik Clarke use to teach to be Free and Sovereign a people must have their: 1. Own Land 2. Own Economy 3. Own Name 4. Own Language 5. Own Culture 6. Own God RBG DR. JOHN HENRIK CLARKE STUDIES COLLECTION 9
  10. 10. “A National Committee or Council of Leaders” In Blueprint for Black Power, based on Dr. Chancellor Williams “A Master Plan /next slide”, Dr. Amos Wilson calls for “A National Committee or Council of Leaders” he says member organizations should be unequivocally Afrocentric in composition. He adds further “They should avoid like a plague the significant influence in or the leadership of their organization by persons tied to the Democratic or Republican parties, Marxist groups, proselytizing or overzealous religious groups, Eurocentric socialist and assimilationist” Blueprint for Black Power, pg. 55, Sept. 2000 [emphasis mines] 10
  11. 11. CLICK HERE FOR FULL WEBPAGE STUDY Tutorial 1 DR. AMOS WILSON’S DESCRIPTION IN BLUEPRINT OF DR. WILLIAMS MASTER PLAN RBG BLUEPRINT FOR BLACK POWER ON DR. CHANCELLOR WILLIAMS: A MASTER PLAN The Shape of Things to Come: A Master Plan Tutorial 2 Ch. XV, Destruction of Black Civilization, Dr. Chancellor Williams TWP, 1974
  12. 12. Frolinan is a Program of Decolonization offered to; reverse Our National Debt & Mass psychopathology by way of attacking 7 Cardinal pathogenetic factors, that block our politico-economic development as a Nation The pathogenesis of the present day ill-condition of the masses of New Afrikan (Black) people and community inside the U.S. can be, in large part summarized, as a combination of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. disunity, dependency, fear, ahistorification, a lack of vision, politico-economic disorganization, and most importantly, the all consuming "underdevelopment" of our state of mind , will and intent as a Nation of Afrikan people (“New Afrikan Nation-within-a-nation”) These are the “ 7 CAUSES (cardinal pathogenetic factors) OF OUR NATIONAL OPPRESSION, To reverse our “POWERLESSNESS” ECONOMIC EXPLOITATION AND COLONIAL DOMINATION” 12
  13. 13. RBG-Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness, Poignant Extracts (Dr. Amos Wilson) 13
  14. 14. “THE QUEST FOR BLACK POWER- 21st Century” “THE FIGHT FOR BLACK POWER MUST TAKE UP WHERE WE WERE DEFEATED” …without this common national consciousness and perception of our existence, based on history, our practice will continue to be confused and chaotic, without the historical continuity which serves to give practical guidance to our struggle and movement on the road to independence… “OUR OTHER 4 POLITICO-ECONOMIC LIBERATION SEEDS” The Honorable Marcus Garvey’s UNIA-ACL The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's NOI Program Organization of Afro-American Unity-Minister Malcolm X and the OAAU Aims and Objective The Shape of Things to Come- A Master Plan -From the Destruction of Black Civilization Frolinan’s initial objective is to evolve a united strategy and direction amongst the many New Afrikan nationalist formations / organizations / movements of local, regional and national significance. Once this has been achieved, the second objective will be to implement a transitional program for New Afrikan liberation whereby we will strategically demand and tactically secure control of the socioeconomic and political institutions of the urban and rural areas where New Afrikan people comprise the majority by pointing our economic decisions as a Nation-withina-Nation. 14
  15. 15. To Summarize with remarks from Dr. Wilson FROLINAN: Front for the Liberation of the New Afrikan Nation An application of Dr. Amos Wilson’s “Blueprint for Black Power” combined with Marcus Garvey’ and MX ‘s Black Nationalism and the contributions of the 1960s Black Power and New Afrikan Independence Movements. “The actual empowerment of Black people under the banner of Black nationalism cannot occur as long as the two main ingredients necessary for power-definition and organization-are missing or underdeveloped” (Wilson, Blueprint for Black Power 1998, pg. 855) “Even if Black Nationalist motives and purpose were perfectly defined and matched, Black Power would still prove elusive without organizational appropriateness and a sufficiency of human and material resources” (Wilson, Blueprint for Black Power 1998, pg. 856) Blueprint for Black Power Video 15
  16. 16. Related Learning Object RBG Street Scholar's Scribd Documents RBG Blueprint for Black Power Interactive RBG Communiversity Courses of Study Collections 2012, Summer Semester African Centered Eduaction- A Cornerstone of Liberation, By LaTsha Levy The RBG Quest for Black Power Reader a Luta Continua a Frolinan Primer, By RBG Street Scholar The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness (Multimedia), Dr. Amos N... Decolonizing the African Mind: Further Analysis and Strategy by Dr.... “WRITTEN POETRY” By The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey... and More Malcolm X/Malik Shabazz Study Guide, By Dr. Abdul Alkaimat (RBG Reprint)
  17. 17. End of Presentation Asante Sana (Thank You Very Much) for your Attention FROLINAN ESSENTIAL DOWNLOADS: Companion essay to this presentation: FROLINAN’S NATIONAL STRATEGY: Scholars Version, with a new "Blueprint for Black Power" Preface Comprehensive background publication: The RBG Quest for Black Power Reader: A Luta Continua, A Frolinan Primer Feedback rbgstreetscholar@gmail.com 17