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Frolinan’s Ten Point Platform- What We Want


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No matter if one relates R.B.G. with
Red Black and Green,
Revolutionary But Gangstas,
Redeemed By God,
Read Bout Garvey,
Revolutionary Black Gangstas,
Real Black Girls,
Righteous Black Guerrillas,
Ready 2 Bust Gats or
Riders Basic Guidelines, etc
We must know that the principles and guidelines were passed down from great leaders like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Huey P. Newton. They must know that the RBG Family consists of real leaders that will forever ride for our Black and Brown People worldwide.

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Frolinan’s Ten Point Platform- What We Want

  1. 1. Page 1 of 8 “Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.” FROLINAN’s Ten Point Platform: WHAT WE WANT Frolinan’s National Strategy is based on a Three Phase Theory for National Independence. Frolinans National Strategy is exemplified in our Ten Point Platform and Theory and Organizational Program for Decolonization. Our strategy and practice will serve to manifest in reality the Ten Point Platform, a program accepted in principle by all members of Frolinan. Frolinan Studies CollectionPROGRAM FOR DECOLONIZATION Over the past six years the advent of open access1. National Union of New Afrikan internet and the accompanying dissemination New Workers2. National Alliance of New Afrikan Afrikan consciousness raising information has Students resulted in rapidly growing revolutionary3. New Afrikan Independence Academy sentiments among many Afrikans in America.4. Panther Youth Corps Consequently, an increasing numbers of Afrikans in5. New Afrikan Children Center6. New Afrikan Community Health America, especially among our youth and young Clinic: adults, are ready, willing and able to devote their7. New Afrikan Food Co-Op Program lives to the building of a revolutionary nationalist8. The New Afrikan Community movement to win political economic power for the Alert Patrol9. New Afrikan P.O.W. Assistance masses of our people; with the ultimate goal of Program national independence. We are now forced to10. National Organization of New Afrikan Women grapple with the extremely complex problem of FROLINAN’s Ten Point Platform: WHAT WE WANT
  2. 2. Page 2 of 8 “Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.”how this can be done. Without a properly historically contextualized and realisticperspective for carrying on the struggle for self-determination based on a clearoverstanding of the present objective conditions in the United States, thousands ofpotentially excellent revolutionary prospects run the risk of disorientation orwasting time and energy while trying to achieve the goal of self-determination.In the wake of our heighten consciousness we clearly see the necessity of breakingaway, once and for all, from both the Democratic and Republican parties and thenecessity of forming a “Black Nationalist Political Party” which will not onlyenter candidates in local, state and national election campaigns, but also mobilizeNew Afrikan communities across the United States in actions to attain demands ofcommunity control as articulated in our ten point platform. However, we must seeclearly how to link struggles for the pressing immediate needs of the masses of ourpeople with the revolutionary goal of national independence. We must work as acollective (Nation-within-a-Nation) to alleviate and solve the most pressingproblems of our people such as housing, education, employment, and poverty thatare cause by racist U.S. national oppression, economic exploitation and terroristiccolonial domination. We realize that a fundamental transformation (destruction)of the whole “U.S. capitalist-imperialist multi-national corporation, internationalbankster controlled” economic, social and political system is required for this.What we now know beyond any shadow of a doubt is that these ruthless parasiteshave no intention of removing the causes of discrimination, poverty and miseryamong the masses as these plagues are the driving force of their capitalist-imperialist system. FROLINAN’s Ten Point Platform: WHAT WE WANT
  3. 3. Page 3 of 8 “Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.”Historically, in our search for an answer to this difficult problem we have swungfrom one extreme to the other without finding a logical and practical connectionbetween the two ends. Thus, in the past we talked about armed struggle by small,highly disciplined, and trained groups of militants as the only really revolutionarymethod of action. When we run up against the unrealism of guerrilla-type actionsin the United States, where the scale of revolutionary struggles demands huge andmuch more complex commitments of forces, we roll back to spasmodic anduncoordinated activities such as the largely spontaneous uprisings and rebellionsthat flare up in our various communities over issues that often do not serve to befar-reaching or sustaining.It is true of course, as the current U.S. anti-Afrikan political and economic climateindicates that the New Afrikan conscious community is more ready to fight fortheir freedom from national oppression and colonial domination than any othersector of society. But it requires the active backing and participation of themajority of our population along with our activist, intelligentsia and leadershipto achieve lasting political and economic power. This level of organizationcertainly has not yet been reached. Moreover, the political understanding of ournumbers is far less advanced than their combative frame of mind. Thus, the Frontfor the Liberation of the New Afrikan Nation (Frolinan) is a “from the garss-roots up New Afrikan Peoples self-determination and Nation-building program”that proposes a two prong approach. Presently, our primary objective is toevolve a united strategy and direction amongst the many New Afrikan nationalistformations / organizations / movements of local, regional and nationalsignificance. Once this has been achieved the second objective will be to FROLINAN’s Ten Point Platform: WHAT WE WANT
  4. 4. Page 4 of 8 “Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.”implement a transitional liberation program that will strategically demand andtactically secure control of the socioeconomic and political institutions of the urbanand rural areas where New Afrikan people comprise the majority, independent ofcolonial and alien control. Once these transition activities are underway we willhave established a solid foundation to completely break the chains of nationaloppression and colonial domination. Our strategy and practice will serve tomanifest in reality the Ten Point Platform.WHAT WE WANT 1. We want National Independence and the power to determine the destiny of the New Afrikan Nation. We believe that New Afrikans will not be free or able to determine their own destiny until they have end neo-colonial and capitalist-imperialist domination. It hereby becomes essential that our struggle commences with the fight for Black community control, a fight that will be the first step towards self-government, which is prerequisite to national independence. 2. We want full employment of our people. We believe that the federal government and this system of monopoly-capitalism are responsible for the abject poverty and the basis for unemployment existing in the New Afrikan community. This provides the basis for underdevelopment in the New Afrikan community, giving rise to socioeconomic and political disenfranchisement of New Afrikans. Thereby, the fight for Black community control encompasses a fight for community development in FROLINAN’s Ten Point Platform: WHAT WE WANT
  5. 5. Page 5 of 8 “Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.” which the federal government and multi-national corporation provide economic incentive to produce jobs in the New Afrikan community. This is the major formulation revolutionary nationalist are to establish a relations with the colonial (U.S.A.) government, to assure federal funds are allocated to the New Afrikan community for constructive development and jobs.3. We want the end of capitalist exploitation of the New Afrikan community, national liberation of the national territory of Kush, and reparations for over four hundred years of national oppression. We demand all tax money expropriation from New Afrikan people be appropriated for the development in national territory of Kush.4. We want decent housing and control of the land in which New Afrikans reside. In the past the landlord who owned the property of New Afrikan residences, usually live outside the community, and did not care for the land and housing dwelling. Based upon that experience and the struggle for Black community control and self -government, we demand ownership of the property in which we reside, to- be developed in cooperatives and communal central.5. We want education for our people that exposes the true nature of monopoly- capitalism and imperialism, but also provides the historical foundation in which our cultural development is based in this country, in relation to other people of color throughout the world; such an education that provides our FROLINAN’s Ten Point Platform: WHAT WE WANT
  6. 6. Page 6 of 8 “Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.” youth with the essential skills and incentive to become a part of the independence movement. As we demand control of the community in which we reside, the development of academic institutions becomes a fundamental part of the security of the independence movement, to build leaders for the future, in preserving the prospects for self-determination. Hence, education is to evolve understanding of the development of the struggle for self- determination, but also the historical and practical academic foundation in which the New Afrikan Nation is to preserve its destiny.6. We want all New Afrikans to be exempt of military service in the colonial (U.S.A.) government as it is our position that all wars by the colonial government are wars of aggression for the colonial domination and imperialist exploitation of lesser developed nations/countries; and other people of color victimized by the same forces of racism and capitalist exploitation New Afrikans are currently under subjugation. -we demand exemption from military service in the colonial government and call for the building of a New Afrikan Peoples Liberation Army to fight for and establish the security and well-being of New Afrikans.7. We want an immediate end to police brutality and murder of New Afrikan people. We believe that the police of the colonial (U.S.A.) government acts as an occupation force to maintain control and order for the benefit of the colonial government. That the police motives are not in the basic interest of New Afrikans and their community, but rather, for the interest of the capitalist class who have businesses and own property in the New Afrikan FROLINAN’s Ten Point Platform: WHAT WE WANT
  7. 7. Page 7 of 8 “Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.” community. In the course of establishing Black community control, we call for the immediate withdrawal of the occupation police army from our communities, and for New Afrikans to establish their own security system. We also maintain the right of self-defense against racist police repression and brutality, the right to bear arms, and the right to organize self-defense groups to preserve the security of the New Afrikan community.8. We want the immediate release of all New Afrikan people held in federal, state, county and city prisons and jails. We believe that the system of national oppression has not provided New Afrikans with fair and impartial trials or hearings, in which the bias and prejudice inherent in the system served to assure their imprisonment Furthermore, the judicial system is one of the major tools by which the system of oppression uses to stifle the fruition of the national liberation struggle and every aspects in which New Afrikans fight for civil and human rights. It is therefore held that the police, courts and prisons are all a part of the system of oppression and are unable to dispense justice and impartiality towards New Afrikans who might come before them for a trial or hearing. We call for all New Afrikans when brought to trial to be tried by a jury of their peers or people from their New Afrikan community, and if found guilty of a charge for them to be sentence to areas of confinement in or near the New Afrikan community. We maintain the colonial (U.S.A.) government has no right to try any New Afrikan for as long as a state of war exist between two nations and colonial domination persists; and that all captive members of NAPLA or the Black FROLINAN’s Ten Point Platform: WHAT WE WANT
  8. 8. Page 8 of 8 “Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.” underground be recognized as political prisoners of war and afforded Geneva Accord status.9. We want the right to be free of colonial domination, capitalist exploitation and national oppression. We demand full control of the New Afrikan community where we are a majority, for the express purpose of self- government towards nation independence. We call on the United Nations and the Organization of Afrikan Unity to recognize the existence of a nationally oppressed New Afrikan people and nation in the United States and for them to conduct a national plebiscite for the purpose of a vote of independence, giving recognition to the New Afrikan nation in the western hemisphere.10. We want the right to migrate to the national territory of Kush and establish an independent nation separate from the colonial (U.S.A.) government of the United States of America. We believe New Afrikans have had enough of over four hundred years of national oppression and are willing to establish their own nation employing the resources and labor inherent in the New Afrikan nation. We claim the five (5) states of the black belt as our national homeland in this country having named the national territory Kush and are bound to liberate this territory in a national liberation struggle; to eventually migrate to the national territory and establish the government of the Republic of New Afrika. FROLINAN’s Ten Point Platform: WHAT WE WANT