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Geri's Mobile Presentation

  1. 1. MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHYFor photos or video - the best camera is the one you always have with you
  2. 2. GROUNDBREAKING Citizen JOURNALISM - 2009An anonymous cell phone video of Neda Soltan’s death in Iran won a PolkAward for International Reporting
  3. 3. 2010HIPSTAMATICGOES TO WARThe New York Times’ Damon Winter’saward-winning war images:
  4. 4. The Rise of Raw Video 42% of all news video views in 2012 were “raw” or eyewitness accountsCBS reporter Carter Evans recorded the Dorner shootout with his Smartphone
  5. 5. Verification Separates journalism from the crowd
  6. 6. verifiCation of social Video
  7. 7. Verifying and OBSCURING IMAGES for HUMAN RIGHTS REPORTINGInformaCam - Creates enhanced encrypted information (time,place,camera)verifies context of image capture for witness of human rights violationsObscuraCam - redacts faces in photo and videosAndroid OS only
  8. 8. TIP #1: For audio or video:RECORD IN AIRPLANE MODE
  9. 9. TIP #2: Manage your memoryApps are a memory suck - close them when you use a heavy app *Double-click the home button to display open apps. Press and hold an icon to get close mode - then press minus to close apps
  10. 10. Today’s assignmentWorking in teams, create a video on today’s mobile workshop on the iPad bythe end of classLength of less than one minuteWe’ll use VideoliciousUse up to 10 photos or video clipsUse natural (ambient) sound or voice-over narration
  11. 11. CAMERA RESOLUTIONWhat is your phone camera’s resolution?iPhone 4/4s - 2.2 mb photosNew generation Smartphones - up to 8 mb photosVideo - semi HD (1080 x 720)iPhone5, new gen iPad & mini - full HD (1920 x 1080)David Pogue is da man!
  12. 12. IMAGE IS EVERYTHINGGet close - fill the displayDigital zooms are worse than useless - crop inpostproduction if you mustSee if your app allows you to select the point of focus -tap & move the boxSame with exposure control - tap & move the circle
  13. 13. Focus Box and Exposure ring
  14. 14. FOLLOW THE LIGHTUse the lighting to your advantage - natural orartificialIf you have a flash, experiment with turning it on andoff in different lighting situationsLearn to use white balance if your phone has it
  15. 15. Using the light Stand between the light sourceand the subject & manage your shadow
  16. 16. BE STEADYLearn to hold the camera steady - important forboth stills and videoWhere is the lens? Hold the opposite sideKeep your lens clean - it mattersShoot video in 10 second sequences
  17. 17. Practice, PracticeLearn how to make classically beautiful compositions - rule ofthirds - use the grid option on phone if you have itHDR - “Ansel Adams button” makes multiple exposures andcombines them for an expanded range of light and dark tonesLearn how to push the envelope - embrace failure and learn
  18. 18. EDIT (DELETE) LATERLook at your images on a computer,see how they can be adjusted andonly then decide to delete
  19. 19. Did I SayTAKE A LOTOF PHOTOS? Yes Yes Yes
  20. 20. Best Free APPS - iOS Camera Awesome!Camera Awesome - still and video, independent focus and exposurecontrols, Awesomize (toning)Instagram - Hipster-ize your photos, social photo sharingVideolicious - combine up to 10 video clips & photosadd voice-over
  21. 21. Make your day – followKoci Hernandez on Instagram
  22. 22. BEST ANDROID FREE APPSSnapseed - photo and video, toning and sharingInstagram - Hipster-ize your photos, social photo sharingMultimedia - let me know if you find one you like! YouTube Capture coming soon!
  23. 23. ADD-ONSiOS battery pack: Glif tripod adapter: GorillaPod: mic adapter: stereo mic:
  24. 24. APPS WORTH $pending ONiMovie - $4.99 for iPhone & iPadFiLMiC Pro- $4.99 - video focus, exposure, white balance, frame rate, audio meterPro Camera - $ 3.99 - powerful photography appRecorder Pro - $.99 - audio recorder
  25. 25. RESOURCESMobile reporting: to mobile reporting tools: iPhone mobile reporting guide (PDF or free iBook) :