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Maximize productivity before you sleep.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. * How many times have you come up with a brilliant idea just before you fall asleep? You are just in that right place to fall asleep and don’t want to write it down but you swear to remember it. And the next morning you wake up without a clue as to the idea? *
  2. 2. This is the average sleep cycle of a professional adult and post- secondary students. During the period between being awake and stage 1 sleep is called the period of hypnagogia. Some of our most intelligent ideas come to us during this period of time.*
  3. 3. * Thomas Edison was a master of the hypnagogia sleep process.* When faced with a difficult problem he would find a comfortable chair and settle into one of his naps.* On the table in front of him he would place a pad of paper. In each hand he would grip a steel bearing, and on both sides of the chair he would deposit a tin plate.* He would then sit back in his chair, dangle each hand over its respective plate, and doze off to sleep.* As he began to drowse, one or both of the bearings would fall out of his hands and hit the tin plates, waking Edison with a startle and he would be able to note down his thoughts *
  4. 4. * This period of the sleep cycle is a separate reality that allows your imagination and creativity to go wild!* Many famous thinkers and artists have benefited from the great creativity offered through these separate realities and enjoyed passively observing their dreams forming right in front of their eyes.* Data suggests that willful use of hypnagogia increases creativity and well being. *
  5. 5. * A revolutionary sleeping/thinking aid – You can’t just dream up a great idea in your sleep!
  6. 6. * Pill-o-Thought® provides dual comfort zones for maximizing your hypnagogic sleep as well as allowing for optimum rest when desired.* Smartphone & Tablet Integration through Bluetooth* Integrated Dolby Surround Speakers within the Pill-o-Thought®* Integrated sensors *
  7. 7. * Soft yet firm wood exterior to allow a person to feel comfortable yet stay awake to optimize hypnagogic periods * Bluetooth pairing allows your smart device to record any thoughts said outloud during this period*
  8. 8. * Soft and comfortable construction allows a person to fall asleep at a moments notice* Bluetooth pairing allows your smart device to play ambient music to help fall asleep* Internal sensors within the pillow send sleep cycle information your device for later analysis*
  9. 9. • Pill-o-Thought® easily integrates with our standalone app available for iOS, Android, & BlackBerry handhelds.• Easily share ideas with friends and colleagues with Facebook and Twitter integration.• Bluetooth connectivity syncs the pillow’s built in microphone and speaker to your handheld device. Speech recognition software converts your ideas to text for indexing.• Allow for ambient music to help drowsiness or to have a powerful alarm to get you alert in the morning *
  10. 10. * The built in accelerometer tracks your sleep patterns and reports them back to the application* The application can track when your most optimal period is for a wake up based on your circadian rhythms and will set your alarm accordingly within a threshold of your actual wake up time. *
  11. 11. * Pill-o-Thought® - is a revolutionary sleeping & thinking aid that allows you get to the most out of your hypnagogic ideas.* Try our product for 30 days and if you don’t find yourself more productive and creative return it to us for a full refund!http://www.pill
  12. 12. * Raman Bawa* Curtis Ching* Puleen Patel* Edward Andrew Robinson* Keval Shah *