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How to Nail an SDR Interview: 7 Tips


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These 7 tips will help Sales Development Representative (SDR) candidates nail the face-to-face interview, and ensure a next step in the hiring process.

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How to Nail an SDR Interview: 7 Tips

  1. 1. 7 Tips to Help Prepare for an SDR Interview Senior Director, Sales Development @rbarsi in/ralphbarsi
  2. 2. #1 Know Your Audience • Company intel: Corporate initiatives, industry trends, product plans, competition • Interviewer(s) intel: Industry involvement, tenure/career path, connections, team goals #2 Prepare A 30-60-90 Day Plan • Month 1: CRM workflow, process, protocol, AE/territory alignment, key people • Month 2: Target accounts, prospecting approaches, monthly/quarterly goals • Month 3: Weekly cadence, industry association involvement, seeing results #3 If You’re On Time, You’re Late • Time / Place: Time, address is confirmed? Easy parking? Check-in required? • People: Who’s meeting with me? How many people? Do I have names, titles? Ralph Barsi
  3. 3. #4 Look Sharp • Present the best version of myself • Outfit, copies of resume, notebook & pen, firm handshake, eye contact, smile #5 Keep It Conversational • Three relevant points: 1) ____________, 2) ____________, 3) ____________ • Macro questions: Corporate initiatives, industry trends, product, competition • Micro questions: SDR team, recent performance, team/role expectations, manager • Open-ended questions. Avoid yes-no questions. #6 For God’s Sake, Smile! • Exude enthusiasm, confidence, and leadership. • Speak in terms of solutions, not problems. • Smile! Sales Development is freaking hard work! Ralph Barsi
  4. 4. #7 Close ‘Em! • Based on what you’ve learned about me, are there reservations that I can address right now?” • Considering what we talked about today, how do I compare to current SDR’s on the team?” • "If it makes sense, can I spend a few minutes talking with your best SDR?" Send a follow-up email and handwritten thank you note to everyone involved. Senior Director, Sales Development @rbarsi in/ralphbarsi