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5 Barriers that Block Salespeople from Hitting Quota


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The majority of salespeople continue to miss quota; and blame often falls on everything and everyone...but the salespeople themselves. One or all of these five barriers are usually the problem.

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5 Barriers that Block Salespeople from Hitting Quota

  1. 1. in/ralphbarsi @rbarsi
  2. 2. @rbarsiSources: SaaS Benchmark Report, Xactly (2014); Inside Sales Metrics & Comp Report, The Bridge Group (2015)
  3. 3. @rbarsi*They’re all self-imposed
  4. 4. @rbarsi The state of being unknown, inconspicuous, or unimportant
  5. 5. Hint: It’s not just about HAVING a LinkedIn or Twitter profile @rbarsi If you Google yourself and there are NO search results, do you REALLY exist?!
  6. 6. The goal is not to achieve social media greatness, but rather to achieve your goals by being great at social media. @rbarsi
  7. 7. Publicly recognize (and tag) your successful team The more people tagged, the more exposure @rbarsi
  8. 8. @rbarsi Publicly recognize (and tag) your successful team
  9. 9. @rbarsi Want to find the best? Strive to BECOME the best!
  10. 10. Help people learn about you • Optimize your social media profiles • Share on LinkedIn, SlideShare, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Use social media as another way to reach your goals • Recognize your customers, prospects, and team • Use hashtags and tags to expand your reach • Stay in the stream Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself • Contribute more value than you consume • Teach others what you’ve learned • Earn a reputation of service for others, for your customers and industry @rbarsi
  11. 11. @rbarsi If you chase two rabbits, they will both escape
  12. 12. @rbarsiSource: David Rutherford, *Unless, of course, you’ve not written them anywhere
  13. 13. @rbarsiSource: Brendon Burchard,
  14. 14. @rbarsiSource: Brendon Burchard,
  15. 15. @rbarsi You can’t win if you don’t keep score Measure daily, weekly, & quarterly progress – as an individual & as a team Post weekly goals in your desk area Create individual dashboards
  16. 16. Actually write down your goals • Consider the outcomes you want • Make them measurable, keep them visible, be accountable Own your day (or it will own you) • Work on no more than 3 wildly important projects at a time • Reach people you must speak to, as well as people you must hear from • Do what must be done today, no matter what – work the priorities Measure your progress – daily, weekly, quarterly (think “x to y by when”) • Know where the #’s need to be by when, then work backwards • Pin notes to your monitor, schedule alerts in your calendar • Build an individual dashboard in your CRM – stay in your own lane @rbarsi
  17. 17. @rbarsi Don’t just do something, stand there!
  18. 18. @rbarsi You can’t take a fishing boat out and just EXPECT fish to jump in the boat! Know your fishing spot Territory at-large Major metro areas (“NFL Cities”) Top 5 industries in the territory Know when to fish Most B2B’s buy in Q1 & Q2 Most execs talk on Tues & Thurs Call between 10am & 4pm Know why to fish Find relevant trigger events Similar companies = similar pain There’s no bait like yours Know who to invite Ask senior leaders for intros Leverage channel partners Bring a customer on your call Know what type of fish you want Company size Target Industries Exact titles, roles Know your bait ROI analyses Personal, brief messages Customer references Referrals Get a fishing license Get certified as an Inside Sales Professional (CISP) Complete a Sales Development Workshop (Sales Hacker) Sources:,,, Set multiple fishing lines Concentrated effort on Tier 1 accounts Calculated effort on Tier 2 accounts Schedule your social media outreach
  19. 19. @rbarsi Consider a “bookends” approach to each week Mondays & Fridays are admin days – Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays are blocked for sacred prospecting Source: VorsightBP
  20. 20. @rbarsi Along with SLA’s: Demand Gen  SDRs & SDRs  AEs Source: Velocify
  21. 21. @rbarsiSource: Joanne Black, The Bridge Group Read this book ( And start dialing!
  22. 22. Make outbound prospecting an activity, like fishing • Don’t expect prospects to just appear – work hard to attract them to you • Optimize all your tools & resources (CRM, sales intel, dialers, auto-emails, etc) Calendar your prospecting & daily work • Use the “bookends approach” to your weeks – every minute counts • Mondays & Fridays = admin days, internal meetings; Tues-Thurs = phones! Pick up the damn phone • Conversations = relationships = pipeline = sales = referrals • What you put into your work is exactly what you’ll get out of it @rbarsi Every disappointment in your life is a result of not taking enough action • Business leader, Grant Cardone, said that…
  23. 23. @rbarsi With one breath, with one flow, you will know synchronicity The Police
  24. 24. Source: Art Sobzack, #1 Making it about YOU and not THEM #2 Not getting or using any INTELLIGENCE about the prospect #3 Trying to go through, AROUND, or above the gatekeeper #4 Using OPENING STATEMENTS that create resistance #5 Using VOICEMAILS that create resistance #6 & #7 Inadequate QUESTIONING, and inadequate ELABORATION #8 Not RITUALIZING your calling #9 Feeling REJECTED after calls #10 SOUNDING like a cold caller @rbarsi
  25. 25. Think in terms of tweets and texts @rbarsiSource:
  26. 26. Stop asking yes – no questions @rbarsiSource: Barry Rhein, Selling Through Curiosity How does this / that compare to what you’re ideally looking for? How does this / that compare to your ideal situation? Tell me about... What do you mean... How so... Why is that... What does that mean to you... How would you… Elaborate… Give me some examples... I don’t understand... What other things... What else... What additional items... What are some other reasons... In what other ways...
  27. 27. @rbarsi By Title By Industry By Location By Source By Company By Offering By Connection By Event
  28. 28. Make the conversation about them • I challenge you to not mention your company’s product in that first call • Leverage sales intelligence to know the when it’s time to engage Consider every detail of your messaging • From email subject lines to voicemails to emails to in-person, know your rap • Keep your writings brief, concise, and actionable Ask open-ended questions • Is this a good time to talk? “No.” Now what? • Are you currently using a product like ours? “Yes.” Now what? @rbarsi Have the same conversation over and over, to build momentum • Talk to the same titles, areas in the territory, & verticals at one time
  29. 29. @rbarsi If we did things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves Thomas Edison
  30. 30. @rbarsi
  31. 31. @rbarsiSource: Best Sales Books: 23 Great Reads that Give Salespeople All the Answers,
  32. 32. Anticipate plateaus • Raise your standards. Change your beliefs. Create new strategies. Sales leaders: Surround yourselves with winners and serve their teams • Recognize your team, get to know them personally, help them develop • Show your team the many great paths their careers can take @rbarsi Sales reps: Stay in the present and master the role you’re in right now • Embrace the grind, learn as if you need to teach someone else • Work to improve yourself 1% a day • Skills you master today will get used deep into your career
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