Five Barriers that Block Sales Reps from Hitting Quota


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If you're a sales rep or sales leader not hitting your number, perhaps improvement is needed in these areas.

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Five Barriers that Block Sales Reps from Hitting Quota

  1. 1. 5 BARRIERS that BLOCK SALES REPS from HITTING QUOTA RALPH BARSI @rbarsi Orange County Chapter May 8, 2014 in/ralphbarsi
  2. 2. @rbarsi Sales career began in 1994; Built 1st Inside Sales team in 2000; ~50 direct reports since Individual contributor at UPS,, Compliance 360 Leader at Vertical Networks, Elsevier, InsideView, Achievers Today, overseeing 11 reps at Achievers in San Francisco; scaling in US & Europe VP, AA-ISP Silicon Valley since 2011, Top 25 Inside Sales Professionals (2014) Specialties: #motivation #playbooks #sla #saas #prospecting #branding #millennials #b2b PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL Born and raised in the Bay Area (Niners! Giants! Warriors!) Communication degree from St. Mary’s College of California Married 18 years Father of 3 boys Drummer for 40 years (founded Segue 20 years ago) Inconsistent Blogger ( Board Member, Gable Heart Beats Foundation ALLOW MYSELF TO INTRODUCE…MYSELF
  3. 3. @rbarsi THE 5 BARRIERS* OBSCURITY LACK of FOCUS INACTIVITY NO FLOW FAILURE to IMPROVE *They’re all self-imposed.
  4. 4. @rbarsi HOW MANY REPS MISS QUOTA? Source: The Bridge Group, Matt Bertuzzi
  5. 5. @rbarsi WHY ARE THEY MISSING QUOTA? Source: Inside Sales Experts (LinkedIn Group)
  6. 6. #1. OBSCURITY The state of being unknown, inconspicuous, or unimportant. @rbarsi
  7. 7. @rbarsi HELP PROSPECTS LEARN ABOUT YOU Hint: It’s not just about HAVING a LinkedIn or Twitter profile
  8. 8. @rbarsi The goal is not to achieve social media greatness, but rather to achieve your goals by being great at social media. #KloutTip
  11. 11. @rbarsi
  12. 12. CELEBRATE COMPANY, TEAM, & SELF @rbarsi Want the best employees? Raise your standards. Strive to BE the best.
  13. 13. @rbarsi
  14. 14. @rbarsi #2. LACK of FOCUS If you chase two rabbits, they will both escape.
  15. 15. @rbarsi
  16. 16. @rbarsi TAKE OWNERSHIP of YOUR DAY Source:
  17. 17. @rbarsi TAKE OWNERSHIP of YOUR DAY Source: List Your Top 3 PROJECTS 5 big things I must do to move this project forward PEOPLE I need to reach out to today No matter what PEOPLE I’m waiting on People you need something from, to move forward PRIORITIES DO these before getting trapped in your inbox
  18. 18. MEASURE PROGRESS You can’t win if you don’t keep score. Measure daily, weekly, and quarterly progress: as an individual & as a team @rbarsiNIMS = New Initial Meetings, OPPS = Sales Opportunities
  19. 19. @rbarsi #3. INACTIVITY Don’t just stand there, do nothing!
  20. 20. @rbarsi You can’t take a fishing boat out and just EXPECT fish to jump in the boat. Photo: Anton Sulsky #prospecting
  21. 21. @rbarsi PUT TARGETED PROSPECTS IN DRAWERS Target Accounts Tier 1 = The Top 25 prospective accounts; the cream of the crop (Top drawer) Tier 2 = The 75-100 next best prospective accounts (2nd, 3rd drawer) Ideal Customer Profile Tier 1 & 2 accounts must match the ideal customer profile Tier 1 & 2 accounts require 3-5 key contacts each
  22. 22. CALENDAR YOUR PROSPECTING Consider a “bookends” approach to each week; • Mondays & Fridays are admin days • Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays are blocked for sacred prospecting @rbarsiContributing Source: VorsightBP
  23. 23. Sources: Speak2Leads, Velocify @rbarsi ESTABLISH A FOLLOW-UP CADENCE
  24. 24. HIT THE PHONES! @rbarsiSource: The Bridge Group, Matt Bertuzzi
  25. 25. @rbarsiSource: @grantcardone
  26. 26. @rbarsi #4. NO FLOW With one breath, with one flow, you will know… synchronicity. - The Police
  27. 27. @rbarsi CONCISE SUBJECT LINES THAT POP Source: Salesforce/ExactTarget, Chad White
  28. 28. @rbarsi SEND BRIEF EMAILS Source:
  29. 29. @rbarsi OPEN-ENDED, CONVERSATIONAL QUESTIONS Stop Asking Yes / No Questions! Source: Barry Rhein, Selling Through Curiosity How does this / that compare to what you’re ideally looking for? How does this / that compare to your ideal situation? Tell me about... What do you mean... How so... Why is that... What does that mean to you... How would you… Elaborate… Give me some examples... I don’t understand... What other things... What else... What additional items... What are some other reasons... In what other ways...
  30. 30. @rbarsi HAVE THE SAME CONVERSATION To establish flow By Title By Industry By Location By Source By Company By Offering By Connection By Event
  31. 31. @rbarsi #5. FAILURE to IMPROVE Think training is hard? Try losing.
  32. 32. @rbarsi MASTER YOUR CRAFT?!
  33. 33. @rbarsi MASTER YOUR CRAFT!!!
  34. 34. @rbarsi GET INVOLVED
  35. 35. THANK YOU! RALPH BARSI @rbarsi Orange County Chapter May 8, 2014 in/ralphbarsi