20 Motivational Quotes for Salespeople


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Quotations contain seeds and principles of ideas that can be applied to a variety of challenges. When you find the seed of one idea, you find many ideas. - Michael Michalko, Thinkertoys

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20 Motivational Quotes for Salespeople

  1. 1. 20 Motivational QUOTES for SalespeopleCompiled byRalph Barsi
  2. 2. If you ACT like a champion, youwill BECOME a champion.Georges St-Pierre
  3. 3. Think TRAINING is hard?Try LOSING.Davee Jones
  4. 4. I could walk out my door RIGHT NOW and run a marathon.And that’s what SEPARATES you from me.Diddy Hal Koerner
  5. 5. Life can be VERY comfortable.Sammy Hagar
  6. 6. Endurance is one of the most DIFFICULT disciplines,but it is to him who ENDURES that the final VICTORY comes.Buddha
  7. 7. To give anything less than your BESTis to sacrifice the GIFT.Steve Prefontaine
  8. 8. Luke: I dont BELIEVE it.Yoda: That is why you FAIL.
  9. 9. Nothing GREAT can be accomplishedwithout ENTHUSIASM.Ralph Waldo Emerson
  10. 10. You’re not here to SURVIVE this,you’re here to TAKE CHARGE of it.US Navy SEALs
  11. 11. Set things in ORDERBefore there is CONFUSION. Confucius
  12. 12. PRESSURE is something you feel whenyou DON’T KNOW what you’re doing.Peyton Manning
  13. 13. Your income is determined primarily by your PHILOSOPHY,not by the ECONOMY.Jim Rohn
  14. 14. You can’t WIN if you don’t KEEP SCORE.
  15. 15. You can get to ANYONE if you’re DETERMINED.Chet Holmes
  16. 16. Measure TWICE, cut ONCE.
  17. 17. If we did the things we are CAPABLE of,we would ASTOUND ourselves.Thomas Edison
  18. 18. If you want to be FIRST, then you must be LAST,and a servant to EVERYONE.Mark 9:35
  19. 19. Raise your STANDARDS!
  20. 20. People asking QUESTIONS,lost in confusion……I tell them theres noproblem, only SOLUTIONS.John Lennon
  21. 21. If you’re on time,you’re LATE.