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How To Cast Your Voice Into The Stream


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PowerPoint Agenda for MACUL 09 Hands-on session

Published in: Education, Technology
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How To Cast Your Voice Into The Stream

  1. 1. Barbara LaBeau Visiting Professor College of Education Grand Valley State University Russ Barneveld Affiliate Professor College of Education Grand Valley State University
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Introduction to Podcasting  Podcasting Hardware, Software  gCast  Let’s create a Podcast  FreePlay Music  Audacity Demo  Let’s create another Podcast  Upload your podcast to gCast  Sharing your podcasts  Wrap-up 
  4. 4. A podcast (not to be confused or equated with Apple's  iPod) usually consists of a combination of audio and/or video that is made available for download via syndication. It is this syndication aspect of the delivery that separates a podcast from a file available for download. The files are usually retrieved with software applications (generically known as podcatchers) such as Apple's iTunes so that subscribers can listen at their convenience on devices that do not have (consistent or slow) Internet access. The podcatcher reads an rss feed to identify and retrieve the podcast. Source:
  5. 5. Hosting Site  Computer  Microphone  Editing Software 
  6. 6. gCast – Free Online Storage   Let’s sign-up for an account  (write down your I.D. & Pin) Write down your gCast site address  i.e. ( )
  7. 7.  Hopefully everyone has a cell phone and it is turned on!
  8. 8. On gCast you can create a simple podcast  using your telephone! 1-888-65-GCAST (1-888-654-2278)  Create a podcast where you introduce  yourself: - Who are you? - Where did you go to college? - Where do you teach? - What do you teach? Save & Publish 
  9. 9. We have to be aware of copyright issues  (Creative Commons) There are many “Podsafe” music sites  Today we will use “” 
  10. 10. Download a short (10-30 second) music clip 
  11. 11. Audacity is a free download for windows,  mac, and linux You must also download the LAME driver!  Audacity Portable is on your session CD 
  12. 12. Start Audacity  Record the Script  Hints: - Speak load, clear, and slowly - If you make and error “PAUSE” before continuing Edit errors  Add music  Export as mp3 file  Upload file to gCast 
  13. 13. Read it just as it is written! Say your name where the asterisks appear. Hi I am ************ and I will be your host for the EDtech Podcast series. In future episodes we will discuss the use of technology in the classroom. Oops! I made a mistake! In these podcasts we will be interviewing teachers from local K-12 schools. Oops! I made another mistake! We will discuss how they use technology in their classes. Look for a new episode every month. Goodbye for now.
  14. 14. Edit errors  Add music to beginning and ending  Export as mp3 file 
  15. 15. Login to your account on gCast  Upload your mp3 file 
  16. 16. Share your gCast URL  Have users subscribe through iTunes, RSS feeds, or  be informed of new episodes through email Embed your podcast on your website or blog 
  17. 17. Materials for today’s session can be found at:  Email us:  Russ – Barbara- This PowerPoint available at: 
  18. 18.
  19. 19. I Podcast……. Therefore I AM!