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TDD with Python and App Engine


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An easy way to test your App Engine Python applications

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TDD with Python and App Engine

  1. 1. TDD with App Engine and Python the easy way
  2. 2. Show of hands ● Who already uses App Engine with Python? ● Who does TDD with App Engine and Python? ● Who writes tests?
  3. 3. O que é o Google App Engine
  4. 4. O que é o Google App Engine
  5. 5. O que é o Google App Engine
  6. 6. What is Google App Engine ● A PaaS - platform as a service ● Specific APIs and libraries o but can run Django, Flask etc adapted apps ● You don't worry about the server ● Google's team manages them for you ● A local development environment ● Deployment using the SDK (or git - for Java)
  7. 7. What else is in Google App Engine ● Automagic spin-up and spin-down of servers ● Pay-as-you-go ● Datastore (NoSQL) + Google Cloud SQL ● Queues - for asynchronous tasks ● NDB - asynchronous data access (and more) ● Authentication ● A framework that encourages good practices
  8. 8. More? ● A management interface ● You can keep multiple versions deployed o And split traffic between them ● A brand-new management interface o Integrated with the other cloud products family
  9. 9. What we had before? ● GAEUnit o Deploys testing code to production o Does it still work? ● SDK testbed o Batteries not included ● NoseGAE, pytest-gae o Some batteries included ● ?
  10. 10. Why build another one? ● Include more batteries ● Being opinionated can be good o Conventions over configuration helps newcomers ● Some things are missing from the vanilla SDK o Examples o The way Django uses its fixtures is amazing
  11. 11. Why build another one? (continued) ● Virtualenvs are cool o To break the system Python is always painful o Built-in Python may not be an option ● If it's hard to test, people won't o Laziness is one of the virtues of a programmer (even if, in this case, it may not be) ● A little bit of support goes a long way
  12. 12. What was done? ● A skeleton project (on GitHub) ● Creates a virtualenv ● Runs sanity tests ● Loads data from a JSON file ● Assemble everything with a Makefile ● Tests do not rely on the development server ● You can run ipdb (in your tests)!
  13. 13. How do you use it? Demo 1. git clone o 2. make venv 3. nosetests (or py.test)
  14. 14. O que falta fazer ● Importar hierarquias de objetos para testes ● Tornar mais fácil usar em projetos já em andamento o Sobretudo manter o maquinário atualizado o Se bem que isso pode nem ser importante ● Precisamos de mais usuários o Que dêem mais palpites
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. Contact @rbanffy