Rebels2 Withoutapplause


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Action Research

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Rebels2 Withoutapplause

  1. 1. ls e b t e u R o h e t i s w lau p p A & Politics Time, n n Actio Irony i h esearc R
  2. 2. els b Re wi A Radical View? th ou t wi th e s ou lau p t Ap Simple to Advanced Capitalism: C-M-C to M-C-M Committed to Instrumental Research: R-M-R to M-R-M
  3. 3. ls e eb wi R th ou t wi th e s ou lau p t Ap C R O E V A E L R S S Hallelujah, Hallelujah T I did my best, it wasn't much T O I couldn't feel, so I learned to touch O I've told the truth, I didn't come all this way just to fool you R R And even though, it all went wrong Y Y I'll stand right here before the Lord of Song With nothing nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah
  4. 4. els b Re wi th Research Rebels ou t wi th e s ou lau p t Ap ‘‘As thought is conduct, the results of thought inevitably reflect the quality of the kind of human situation in which they were obtained’ Clifford Geertz ‘ANTHROPOLOGICAL IRONY’....THE TENSION BETWEEN ATTITUDE AND PLATITUDE
  5. 5. els b Re wi Sex in the (Steel) City th ou t wi th e s ou lau p t Ap “We expect you to be propagandists “On the one hand, you could describe for a bunch of wanky consultants to my relationship with Richard as a help them make more money ‘marriage’. ....or as ‘prostitution’. On out of Steelmaking Oz’’ the other hand, I could just do it . myself!” Steelmaking Oz, OD Consultant, ‘Kick Off’ meeting for ARC Linkage Project Plant Manager, Steelmaking Oz, Presentation to (now Program Director, Senior Executive Academic-Industry Collaboration Workshop, Program, a leading Australian Business School) University of Melbourne
  6. 6. ls e eb wi R “Look at the deep structures of th ou t power...they can swat you like a fly.” wi th e us ou la p t Project 1 Project 2 Ap “Permission is for collection .. “What is the payback on Richard? Every now and and analysis by themes only. then, I see him walking past my office down to the There is to be no validation or plant. An hour or so later, people walk up looking red cross checking ... There is to be faced and angry. And I know he is doing his job!” no engagement by the University I saw the University as helping us to reflect on what we are of the (Steelmaking Oz) political doing—they are the expert reflectors. ... This is a difficult system with respect to the role for the University. I can see some of the University continuation of the Leadership people just squirming— you can see it in their face that they Programme.” want to intervene. They know something about what we are doing but are not imparting the knowledge. This can piss people off. They are with- holding what they know and not “we expect you to be helping. But it can also piss people off if they come in too propagandists for a bunch of early and tell us what is going on and what to do and not let wanky consultants to help them us wallow around for a while, and learn. This is what I see as make more money a major problem for the University. As you observe us, at out of Steelmaking Oz’’ what point do you reflect the learning and feedback, and yet not prostitute the learning or dirty the data. …We are the rats, the factory is your laboratory. But when we are looking at the role of the University, you are the rats. “
  7. 7. a project that provides benefit to both audiences – without ‘‘spinning out’’ to become an els industrial ‘‘consultant’’ or a ‘‘traditional’’ extractive academic researcher. b Re wi Action Research Spiral Secondly, the issues that the action researcher has to address in playing this th bricoleuring role will vary depending on the stage of the project and the academic ou and industry client ‘‘systems’’. If we employ a ‘‘social worlds’’ framework for exploring these issues, as we have done elsewhere (Garrety and Badham, 2000), academics and t industrial managers can be understood as inhabiting different social worlds, that wi possess and lobby for alternative views of existing and desirable project trajectories. th While the actual trajectories are often complex amalgams of plans, actions and e s ou lau outcomes, with fuzzy time-lines, a rough periodisation helps us focus on the issues that p t Ap emerge at various times. In the early stages, the main issue is ‘‘getting in’’ (Buchanan Problems c l a s h o f t i m e , p ro b l e m solving, and outputs; difficulties increase with pressure on academics to get industry funds, business wary of fads and fashions wanting delierables, and not clear about ‘practice’ focus Benefits provides money & access, b e t t e r t h a n s1. a k e o i l Figure n salesmen, nothing as Action research spiral theoretical as a good practice - process and content
  8. 8. ls e eb wi R th ou t The Reflective Bricoleur wi th e s ou lau p t Ap Public Performance Backstage Activity University Managerialism Publication Vampires Performance Management Dominant Grant Prostitutes Ethical Risk Management ‘I am my CV’ Culture ‘Play the Game’ Corporate Managerialism Machiavellian Cabals ‘Servants of Power’ University Liberalism & Potential of informal, Subordinate Formal ‘Work Arounds’ covert and messy Corporate ‘Authenticity’ research to support Culture ‘Leadership’ and critical action and ‘Learning’ ‘Leadership’ reflection
  9. 9. ls e eb wi R th Project Background: ou t wi th Any Port in a Storm e s ou lau p t Ap UNIVERSITY Engineering ‘Mobilisation of Bias’ ARC Grants and S.Oz funding INSTITUTE Port Kembla Link (Plant Managers) HR Involvement (Defensive OD) R&D T.A.C. PROJECT Evaluation of Leadership
  10. 10. ls eb e eb wi el ith R s th The Guts of the Change o o ith wi Ap th pp o p A o GETTING IN “This project… is not one that has been proposed for us by academics. It has been a truly joint development… The University has worked with us to define an approach to evaluation in a way that embodies the learning principles of the program itself.” Requiring ARC ‘sign off’ and ‘success’: (used the ‘evaluation v storytelling’ tension - 4th generation evaluation - balancing TAC v OD interests shifted, some alliance with OD,university uninterested, academic credibility but personal distrust from head of OD) Broader Restraints: politics of HR, positivist view of social science, restrictions on ‘research by walking around’ (ethics etc.), problem of relevance with 2 year time-lag GETTING ON “ Permission is for collection .. and analysis by themes only. There is to be no validation or cross checking ... There is to be no engagement by the University of the (Steelmaking Oz) political system with respect to the continuation of the Leadership Programme.” Restrictions: Restricted ‘Evaluation’; Restricted ‘Access’; Restricted ‘Intervention’; Restricted Access: ‘Publication’ v ‘In There’; ‘Internal PR as Corporate Citizen’; ‘Freed Up’ to do other projects; ‘Restriction’ was itself data; Restricted data also good GETTING OUT ‘the collection of stories on the program and the appreciative inquiry processes were of significant value and interest to the business.’ Mobilise other parts of the ‘client system’, Good data and time for publication, autonomy of publication depends on mobility of people, policy etc., protected website, minimal ‘feedback’ -
  11. 11. ls e eb wi R Anthropological Irony: th ou t wi Tension between Platitudes & Attitudes th e us ou pla t Ap The Flippant The Serious quot;The next necessary neither the construction of a universal Esperanto-like culture...nor the Clifford Geertzʼs internship as a invention of some vast technology of copyboy for The New York Post human management. It is to enlarge dissuaded him from becoming a the possibility of intelligible discourse newspaper man. between people quite different from one another in interest, outlook, quot;It was fun but it wasn't practical,quot; wealth, and power, and yet contained So he switched to philosophy! in a world where tumbled as they are into endless connection, it is increasingly difficult to get out of each other's way.quot; ʻInterview with Gary A. Olsonʼ, in Clifford Geertz, C., 1988, Works and Lives: The Geertz on Ethnography and Social Anthropologist as Author Construction, 1991
  12. 12. ls e The Creative Researcher: eb wi R th ou t Not 5 Point Zero! wi th se ou u pla t Ap Doesn’t Buy the Act and Colour Between the Lines
  13. 13. ls e eb wi R th ou t Recommending the Mudpit! wi th e s ou lau p t Ap ....not because career needs a grant, top tier journal article or need travel money and an R.A. for dirty work BUT: ‘‘As thought is conduct, the results of thought inevitably reflect the quality of the kind of human situation in which they were obtained’ .....and this should be our focus, our end, our ‘thing-in-itself: for without it we become mere functionaries - and we know where that ends up! But ‘mind the gap’!