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R Babione Experience Overview Rev4 27 12


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R Babione Experience Overview Rev4 27 12

  1. 1. Robert Babione Experience Overview• Over 30 years professional experience• BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering• Professional Engineer status multiple states
  2. 2. Robert Babione Experience Overview• U.S. and international project management and consulting roles – power generation, nuclear, industrial, Department of Defense installations, national laboratories -- management, operations, program support – operational safety program development and assessments, power technology research and development, plant operations performance improvement assessments, plant modification and life extension evaluations (advisory support to utilities on funding decisions).
  3. 3. Robert Babione Experience Overview• Experience working with a variety of government, power industry, and utility customers – Duquesne Light Company, Grand River Dam Authority, Public Service Company of Colorado, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, Pacific Gas & Electric, Electric Power Research Institute, Energoatom (Ukrainian national nuclear power utility), U. S. Dept. of Energy, U.S. Naval Reactors, U.S. Navy, NASA
  4. 4. Robert Babione Experience Overview• Operational risk management consulting for US DOE and U.S. Navy – project management – remote office startup – sensitive customer interface – risk based funding decision management tools, operational and management program assessments, program development – nuclear and industrial operations safety management, facility operations security/vulnerability, quality management systems (ISO 9000, etc.).
  5. 5. Robert Babione Experience Overview• International experience, project management, consulting, nuclear safety projects in Ukraine – for Ukrainian national nuclear power utility – U.S. DOE funded
  6. 6. Robert Babione Experience Overview• Consulting support to U.S. DOE assisting with departmental decisions on funding for research and business development support for emerging environmental remediation technologies associated with DOE laboratories – development and implementation of stage / gate decision process and performing “due diligence” assessments of technologies and projects – included commercialization viability and private funding (e.g., venture capital) potential.
  7. 7. Robert Babione Experience Overview• Project management and key technical support on geothermal power generation technology research and development projects.
  8. 8. Robert Babione Experience Overview• Fossil fuel and nuclear power plant engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC). – Lead engineer for design and procurement of critical power cycle and balance of plant systems for 300 - 500 MW coal fired power plants. – Lead engineer for detailed Best Available Control Technology (BACT) study for permitting 500 MW coal fired power plant. – Lead engineer for engineering and procurement of $80 million state- of-the-art dry scrubber air quality control system for 500 MW coal fired power plant. – Construction engineer during completion of advanced concept 300 MW High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR) nuclear power plant – responsible for completion of critical systems. – Construction engineer on 500 MW coal fired power plant project. – O&M engineering support and EPC for facility modifications for operating nuclear power plants and government nuclear facilities.
  9. 9. Robert Babione Experience Overview• Detailed reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) and related technology assessment and life cycle cost studies – project management and key project roles, direct consulting to utilities and EPRI – experience with NERC GADS. – Advanced and current technology combined cycle gas turbine systems including assessment of advanced once-through HRSG design and component level O&M / outage data assessment of CCGT power installations throughout US. – Advanced solar power systems (NASA). – Fossil fuel power plant performance improvement and life extension evaluations. – Advanced natural gas fuel cell power generation systems. – Advanced compressed air energy storage systems utilizing caverns (power generation load leveling). – Development and refinement of the UNIRAM power plant RAM modeling software (EPRI).