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  1. 1. THE HITLIST<br />RESEARCH <br />AND <br />PLANNING<br />BY <br />RAZ HOQUE<br />
  2. 2. CODES AND CONVENTIONS<br />And<br />Mise-en-scene<br />I have done research on the movie “Seven” as it has similar opening title sequence to mine. <br />The colour used were mainly black and white for both films.<br />Font was gothic style for se7en .<br />Location used for se7en was in like a office with puzzle solving pieces.<br />The sounding used and effects for both opening title sequence was dark, mysterious and moody soundtrack. <br />The camera techniques were close ups of images and mid-shot of scenes. <br />
  3. 3. Most thriller films are 15+<br />Most thriller films are watched by male than females<br />Students find thriller films more interesting<br />TARGET AUDIENCE<br />15-24<br />WHY?<br />Majority of students aged 15-24 mostly go cinema to watch thriller films<br />
  4. 4. HELL<br />THRILLER<br />CRIME<br />BLOOD<br />LOVE/LUST<br />PUZZLES<br />
  5. 5. ANALYSIS OF SIMILAR GENRE<br />The title sequence I researched that helped me on my opening title sequence was the film “ Se7en”, which was designed by Kyle cooper who has designed many title sequences e.g. The Orphan, The Mummy etc. <br />The opening title sequence of se7en gave me inspiration for my opening title sequence as it had the thriller theme with black and white colour effects with a puzzle solving. <br />The way the mise-en-scene was used in the movie se7en portrayed our opening title sequence, such as the theme, colours.<br />I had also researched the opening title sequence for Goodfellas which was designed by Saul Bass. It has a different type of title sequence compared to most thriller films because it is a gangster/thriller type genre, which compared to my one is different. It also starts of with short opening credits and then begins with the start of the film.<br />However during my research I had noticed that majority of the thriller films have the same theme and colour used, black and white. Fast action paced movement of scenes. <br />Links – Goodfellas<br /> Seven<br />
  6. 6. ANALYSIS OF SIMILAR GENRE<br />Saul bassSaul bass is best known for his design on animated title sequences. They are normally easily recognisable as they tend to feature rough strips of torn up paper, or paper cut arms of what has been described as heroin addicts arms. Saul Bass saw the title opening sequence as a chance to condition the audience so that when the film actually started they already have some sort of emotional connection to it.The man with the golden armThe music used is rather fast paced and uplifting but there seems to be no continuity of the notes in this piece of music which suggests come concept of misguidance or false leading paths. As part of an audience member I wouldn’t know what to expect next. Because the tempo of the music speeds up quite quickly I noticed I found myself constantly waiting for some sort of loud, sharp, or dangerous noise to arrive, but it never did. This is good as it keeps the audience engaged. The background music is somewhat similar to a spy movie such as the well known James bond.The colours used throughout the opening title sequence do not reflect what the music tells us. Throughout the whole sequence there is a blackwash. The images on top of the black canvas change however they are all white. There is a consistent slide of white straight lines tilted at different angles to create different still images. There seems to be no specific placement of these lines as if they’ve been placed their without much thought. The only other image we see is at the end where there is a hand displayed. The hand appears to be made from the tearing out of a white piece of paper.Black and white are contrasting colours but can become boring when that is all the audience are presented with. Unlike the music it creates a dull laid back mood.There is no live action just still images. Sometimes the images adjust their position on the screen with a ‘crawl’ type transition. The credits tend to feed themselves between these images.The tone and the mood of the sequence seems to me like the film would consist of a mixture of different emotions. The inconsistency of the music mixed with the images could represent an emotional rollercoaster ‘never knowing what to expect after each bend’. As an audience member I would believe that there will be some light hearted elements such as humorous jokes or reflections of life’s positive aspects but also some not so nice moments such as death of a loved one or heartbreak.Themes that can be withdrawn from the title sequence would be clues, murder, betrayal, and secrets.<br />
  7. 7. ANALYSIS OF SIMILAR GENRE<br />I have also researched the film ‘Batman’ opening title sequence and experienced the heroic type of thriller genre. Its not much different compared to others as it still uses dark colours/theme and drum/bass music in the background. In fact throughout the whole title sequence black was used and no other colours . It shows during my research that alot of thriller films use only black colour/theme. <br />I have researched the film ‘ Law Abiding Citizen’, which surprised me because on the opening title sequence it only shows very short credits for approx 5 seconds and then the film starts. It still uses black and white colours however the film starts straight away.<br />So during my research i have noticed alot the crime/thriller genre type of films start the film straight away and use black and white colours. <br />Links -<br /><br />
  8. 8. Se7en,<br />Law Abiding Citizen, Goodfellas, The Unborn, War<br />Saul Bass and Kyle Cooper<br />Codes and Conventions and Misc en scene<br />Mind Map and Ideas<br />Themes = Horror, black and white, red <br />Age = 15 - 24<br />Location office, woods, alleyway<br />Colours = Black, white, red<br />Fonts = Gothic, horror<br />
  9. 9. USE OF INSPIRATION<br />The film Se7en gave me inspiration on my title sequence as it is more of a puzzle thriller theme. It also has the colour scheme which have been used within our title sequence, which are black and white theme with a bit of colour. The opening title sequence of se7en influenced me on the mise en scene used within the title sequence. The way it was designed with effects of colour and music in the background, props and equipment used and also camera shots. <br />
  10. 10. “THE HIT LIST”<br />SYNOPSIS<br />Equilibrium - The story shows us about a girl who has four past friends in her life who have been mean to her. The four people have no connection with each other except with the girl.<br />Disequilibrium – In this story she murders the four people with torture and beating. The four people have no connection with each other except with the girl. The psycho has a diary with pictures of them and targets the four people one by one.<br />New Equilibrium – After the torturing and killing the four people are dead . <br />
  11. 11. Raz Parris Shanique Lynne<br />
  12. 12. CHARACTER PROFILE<br />Zakariyya Wattar<br />We chose Zak as the bully in the title sequence because his dress code suited his look. He showed us the opposite side to a bully which encouraged us to use him for that part. He currently studies within Greenwich College aged 20 studying Politics, Law, French and Spanish A2. <br />Asma King <br />We chose Asma as the Main character as we liked her dress code because it suited the role of a mad physco girl. This encouraged us to use her for the main role. She is aged 18 and studies as Greenwich College studying English, History and Sociology AS.<br />Caroline Ibuwo<br />We chose Caroline as the victim of a murder in the toilet scene as she had the bitchy and popular girl look with the outfits she wore. This too encouraged us to use her for that role. Aged 18, currently studying Sociology, Physcology and English at Greenwich College. <br />
  13. 13. SHOTLIST SCHEDULE<br />Wednesday 8th December 2010<br />Directors – Raz Hoque, Shanique Campbell, Parris Rochford, Lynne <br />1.00pm – Actors on scene Asma . Props used diary book . Camera shots close up. Location Lynnes (Executive Director) House . Ask permission to use the house and carry out some health and safety procedures. <br />1.30pm – Location Alleyway Plumstead. Camera Shots used medium range shot, frame shot, point of view shot. Actors and Actress on scene, Zakaryyia Wattar and Asma King.<br />2.00pm – Location Greenwich Community College toilets. Ask permission to use toilets. Medium close up shots, close ups. Actress on scene, Asma King and Caroline Ibuow. <br />2.15pm – All scenes finished <br />
  14. 14. RESEARCH AND DESIGN<br />Shanique working on the diary book.<br />Parris working on the fonts<br />Raz working on sound and effects<br />
  15. 15. LOCATIONS USED<br />
  16. 16. STORYBOARD<br />As you can see above is my storyboard, which shows from scene to scene and what shots are been used and effects. The storyboard was to help us identify exactly what shots to be used for a particular scene, also for evidence of research and planning.<br />