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This is the presentation for 'Koala: Ultra-Low Power Data Retrieval in Wireless Sensor Networks' presented at IPSN 2008.

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  1. 1. Koala Ultra-Low Power Data Retrieval in Wireless Sensor Networks Răzvan Musăloiu-E. Chieh-Jan Mike Liang Andreas Terzis Johns Hopkins University
  2. 2. Low Power Probing (LPP) Flexible Control Protocol (FCP) Koala
  3. 3. Story
  4. 4. Life Under Your Feet
  5. 5. Dozer Nicolas Burri, Pascal von Rickenbach, Roger Wattenhofer ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  6. 6. Repeated Research
  7. 7. Goals Medium Permille No clock Size Simplicity Duty-cycle Synchronization Networks
  8. 8. Sleeping
  9. 9. Wake up