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Thanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle


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Thanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle

  1. 1. Thanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle Solution Guide
  2. 2. Use the first clue to determine thatMac & Cheese was the 1st dish finished
  3. 3. Use the Mac & Cheese clue todetermine the numbers for the corners
  4. 4. Note the Fruit Salad clue for later; Use the Candied Yams and Buttered Rolls clues to solve for Cornbread.
  5. 5. Use both the Cornbread and Fruit Salad clue to determine that the Sweet Potato Pie was finished 17th
  6. 6. Because all of the fourth column dishes are odd numbers (Candied Yams clue), the pies were the last four dishes eaten (Fruit Salad clue), and the Sweet Potato Pie wasfinished 17th, the Pumpkin Pie was therefore finished 19th. Also, because all the fourth column dishes are odd and the dishes in the fourth row were all finished in the firsthalf (Sweet Potato Pie clue), the Apple Cider must have been finished 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th or 9th, and only 9 remains.
  7. 7. Note the Pumpkin Pie clue for later; Because the Gravy was finished after the Stuffing(Apple Cider clue) and the Stuffing had to be finished in the first half (Sweet Potato Pie clue), the Stuffing was finished 10th and the Gravy was finished 11th.
  8. 8. Use the Stuffing clue to determine the Cranberry Sauce’s number. The Cornbread was finished 3rd and the Buttered Rolls were finished 5th; therefore the Cranberry Sauce was finished 4th.
  9. 9. Note the Cranberry Sauce clue for later; Use the Sweet Potato Pie clue to determine that the Mashed Turnips were finished 2nd (at this point, all of the other numbers 1 to 10 have been determined).
  10. 10. Use the Mashed Turnips clue to determine that the Squash and Apple Pie numbersadd up to 31 (45 minus 14). Now use the Fruit Salad Clue to determine that the ApplePie was finished 18th or 20th. If the Apple Pie was finished 20th, the Squash would havebeen finished 11th, but 11 has already been determined. Therefore the Apple Pie was finished 18th and the Squash was finished 13th.
  11. 11. Now recall the Pumpkin Pie clue to determine that the Green BeanCasserole was finished 15th (the last remaining odd number). Recall theFruit Salad clue to determine that the Pecan Pie was finished 20th (the last remaining number from 17 to 20).
  12. 12. Use the Cranberry Sauce clue to determine that the Mashed Potatoes were finished 14th. Use the Green Bean Casserole clue to determine that the Corn on the Cob was finished 12th [(11+19+2+4)/3)=12)].
  13. 13. Now use process of elimination to determine that the Brussels Sprouts were finished 16th.
  14. 14. Congratulations! You’ve solved theThanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle.