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The Evolving Role of Social Media Technology in Delivering Improved Results


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The social media technology industry has changed significantly over the last year and further significant developments will take place this year and in the years to come. In this presentation, Ian Cleary from explains how the landscape is changing and how this will affect your business.

You will also discover the tools that are leading the way and how they can be leveraged by your organisation for improved results from social media.

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The Evolving Role of Social Media Technology in Delivering Improved Results

  2. 2. Social is still growing in importance
  3. 3. Social media was once treated as an experimental island by marketing departments, but for most brands today it’s an important part of a broader, multi-channel engagement strategy
  4. 4. The Tools Market is maturing
  5. 5. It’s going to be easier to become more effective on social media and show ROI What this means to you?
  6. 6. More Integrated Products
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Influencer Platforms Get Smarter
  9. 9. Influencer Automation
  10. 10. Messaging apps will continue to grow rapidly
  11. 11. Slack will continue to explode
  12. 12. Google Trends
  13. 13. Content Curation Tools Get Smarter
  14. 14. Discover the Content that is Trending - Buzzsumo
  15. 15. Self learning engines to find the best content for you
  16. 16. We’ll see more predictive analytics
  17. 17. Trendspottr predicts what is going to happen
  18. 18. Image Recognition & Analytics Increase in Importance
  19. 19. Example: Photo analysis looking for logos
  20. 20. Example: Search for Images of a Drinks Can
  21. 21. Image Creation Moves More In-house While still maintaining a strong brand identity
  22. 22. Canva for Work - Define your Brand Kit Define a brand style to achieve consistency across all your designs
  23. 23. Create templates to speed up your image creation Makes image creation possible for all skill levels
  24. 24. Live Streaming is going to grow massively
  25. 25. The average time new users are on the platform for is 65 minutes per day – CEO of Blab….
  26. 26. Content Optimization & Content Predictive analytics
  27. 27. InboundWriter - Check the competition See what the competition is like and where you come in the pecking order!
  28. 28. Check its popularity with InboundWriter Helps you determine the success of your topics before you put pen to paper
  29. 29. Acrolinx – Content Optimization Platform
  30. 30. Massive Increase in Enabling and Tracking Social Selling
  31. 31. It Doesn’t Stop on The Social Channels
  32. 32. The buy button is coming to all social networks…
  33. 33. In Summary 1. Tools more ROI focused 2. Predictive analytics is key 3. Livestream is one to watch
  34. 34. THANKS ! Keep in contact @IanCleary