How to increase e mail newsletter subscribers by 200% 2


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Details on how to increase email subscribers through your website.

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How to increase e mail newsletter subscribers by 200% 2

  1. 1. Ian Cleary@ianclearywww.razorsocial.comBY 200%HOW TO INCREASE
  2. 2. Despite all the talk about social media eMail is notdisappearing and is still a very valuable way ofmaintaining contact with readers of your blog.
  3. 3. If you have a ‘subscribe now to my newsletter’ box onyour website and have not focussed on increasing emailnewsletter subscribers, you can easily increase theconversion rate by at least 200% if you follow some of thefollowing tips.
  4. 4. 1. Implement Social ProofWe are conditioned and influenced by other peoplearound us.We have a herd mentality and are more likely to followthe herd than stick out on our own.This can be used to our benefit when we want toincrease our e-mail subscribers.
  5. 5. Social media examiner displays thelarge number of subscribers they have.This helps improve conversion.Action – Implementsocial proof on yourwebsite to improveconversion.If your number ofsubscribers is small thenget a quote fromsomeone reallyinfluential in your nichethat is prepared to saygreat things about you.
  6. 6. 2. Provide an incentive.You need to think of ‘What’s in it for me’.Think of an incentive you can offer that will helpsubscribers.A common approach is to provide a free guide that yoursubscribers get when they subscribe. This can beapplicable to any business, for example:• Business Consultancy• Tourism Blog• Entrepreneur Blog
  7. 7. Business Consultancy – Sign up now and get a strategicmarketing planning template.Tourism Blog – Sign up now and get a free tourism guidefor your areaEntrepreneur Blog – Subscribe and get 20 tips from someof the leading entrepreneurs around the world.
  8. 8. Mari Smith- (FacebookMarketing Expert) provides 2 freebonus reports to incentivizepeople to subscribe.If Mari wanted to improve thissubscription I would provide alittle more information on whatthe bonus reports will do for me!
  9. 9. Neil Patel- (founder of CrazyEggand Kissmetrics) provides a greatincentive for people to subscribe.When you subscribe you get a freecourse that will double your trafficin 30 days.There’s also a value put on whatyou will get at $300. This gives youa further incentive to subscribe.
  10. 10. 3. Use a PopupTo catch people’s attention a popup can be useful.You have to be careful that you don’t annoy people withthe same popup appearing every page of your websiteand when the popup appears it’s not providing any greatincentive to subscribe.But popup’s can be very effective if used right. Thefollowing page shows an example of Amy Porterfield’spopup (Facebook Marketing expert).
  11. 11. This popup provides social proof and incentives to subscribe.
  12. 12. 4. Add More Subscription OptionsDavid Halpern from Social Triggers and David Risley fromBlog Marketing Academy have some great informationabout where to put subscription boxes on your blog. Thefollowing pages provide some tips we gleaned from themthat is working for us:
  13. 13. a). Right hand side of all pages – This is the mostcommon place to find subscription boxes. Your visitorsgenerally read top to bottom left to right. So over on theright hand side of the page is a good place to put asubscription box.b). Footer – If someone has scrolled all the way to thebottom of your page they can’t go any further. This is agood place to put a subscription box.
  14. 14. c). End of Blog Post – If your reader gets to the bottom ofa blog post then you have a good chance to convincethem to subscribe by having a subscription box.d). About Us – Quite often your visitors may leave yoursite after reading the about page so this is a great place toincrease subscribers.e). Feature Box – David Halpern more or less inventedthe feature box which is a subscription option thatappears on the home page generally under the bannerimage.
  15. 15. 5. Test with WordsThe words you use for subscription can have a seriousimpact on your subscription rates.What words do you use in your headings, content or callto action button?For example, in your call to action button do you saysubscribe now, get updates, join now etc.This is something you really need to test out to see whatworks for you.
  16. 16.