Building a Global Netwok


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How to build a global network using a good content marketing strategy, an influencer engagement programme and social media.

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  • What is social media
  • Who is a purple cow?
  • Commitment and consistency – e.g. car sales, raising the price at the end and you’ll still buy.
  • Commitment and consistency – e.g. car sales, raising the price at the end and you’ll still buy.
  • Commitment and consistency – e.g. car sales, raising the price at the end and you’ll still buy.
  • Building a Global Netwok

    1. 1. Building a GlobalNetwork Using Social Media Ian Cleary Dublin Chamber of Commerce 6th February 2013
    2. 2. Building a Global Network A strategic approach to Content Building relationships online Leveraging Social Media
    3. 3. Important Trends
    4. 4. Google Panda and Penguin 4
    5. 5. Effect of Google’s changes.. Traffic took a drastic dip 5
    6. 6. Google Plus 6
    7. 7. Personalisation of SearchResults
    8. 8. Personalisation of SearchResults
    9. 9. Google Authorship
    10. 10. Facebook Social Search 10
    11. 11. Up and coming platforms 11
    12. 12. Mobile We’re getting 17% of all traffic from mobile, what about you?
    13. 13. Summary Content is distributed Search is becoming personalised Ranking of individuals will be a factor in 2013 Mobile is very important
    14. 14. Discuss.. How is social media effecting your business? What’s the effect of personalisation for your business?
    15. 15. Building a Global NetworkMrs Brown built a global network through content thatwas based on comedy. 15
    16. 16. Building a network People Content Find people to Something to network with talk about Social Technology to share it with
    17. 17. What’s different aboutyou?
    18. 18. Content Marketing 18
    19. 19. What is Content Marketing? Create content that is educational and related to what you sell Your customers begin to know like and trust you which leads to sales
    20. 20. Content Strategy• Develop Personas• Develop Content for each stage of the buying cycle• Decide on the format of the content• How to distribute the content• How to repurpose the content
    21. 21. Examples..
    22. 22. Hilton Suggests
    23. 23. Tablespoon
    24. 24. Tablespoon
    25. 25. Amazon Price Check App
    26. 26. Closer to Home..
    27. 27. The Experts..Great Content + Other People – Marketing Message
    28. 28. Recent Subscribers.. Karen Social Media Manager for Fortune 500 company Pamela Director of Marketing Experian Karin Digital Strategist
    29. 29. Content Marketing Tips..1 • Download free eBook on www.thesaleslion.com2 • Follow www.contentmarketinginstitute.com3 • Buy “Managing Content Marketing” (Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose)4 • Become a Youtility! – Provide useful content5 • Read content on www.copyblogger.com6 • Create a content marketing strategy7 • Buy “Launch” by Mike Stelzner
    30. 30. The Influencers…
    31. 31. Weapons of Influence Reciprocity Social Proof Authority You are persuaded People listen to by other peoplepeople of authority you like
    32. 32. Influencer power… Ability to spread content Ability to influence purchase decisions Have strong influencer networks
    33. 33. Influencers have a Platform PlatformContacts, Customers, Prospects, Followers and Fans Benefits Connection – can Credibility – be heard Visibility engage in about the noise conversation
    34. 34. Building a Relationshipwith an Influencer
    35. 35. How did I know? Keynote speaker at key events 2 Books on his subject – both best sellers Quoted a lot in press, TV, etc. Highly engaged website Large following on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn High Klout/Peer Index Score
    36. 36. How did I know?
    37. 37. Building a Relationship Retweet his content Respond to his queries Comment on his blog Socialise with him at events Help him in any way I could We became friends
    38. 38. Becoming an Influencer Networking with influencers Creating Content  Your site  Other sites (accelerate influence) Become a speaker Become an author
    39. 39. Tools to NurtureRelationships
    40. 40. NimbleSocial Relationship Management
    41. 41. HootSuiteSocial Media Management
    42. 42. Buffer AppScheduling
    43. 43. Engag.ioTrack Conversations
    44. 44. My Daily 5’s…. Comment on 5 Blog Posts Share 5 pieces of other people’s content Start conversation with 5 people
    45. 45. Question… How can you identify your influencers online? How can you build relationships with them? How can you become influential
    46. 46. Influence Tips..1 • Identify Your Influencers2 • Build relationship with the influencers3 • Become an influencer4 • Speak at events5 • Guest post6 • Buy “Return On Influence” by Mark Schaefer7 • Buy Michael Hyatt’s – “Platform”
    47. 47. Social…
    48. 48. Blogging
    49. 49. Blogging Tips Engaging Title Lots of images Short Sentences and Paragraphs Finish with a question Link to other posts Make social sharing available Focus on email subscribers Write consistently
    50. 50. Email Subscribers..
    51. 51. Welcome EmailThis is not an automated e-mail, its apersonal one from me to you! (its12:12 am and Im sitting in the office inDublin munching on a chickensandwich!)
    52. 52. Big Blogging TipHi Ian,LOVE the personal touch! Is that plain chickenor have you got some mayo in there too? ;)Thanks so much for the warm welcome, I feellike part of the family already! Now, let meanswer your questions!
    53. 53. Big Blogging TipThanks for the email - from your sofa inIreland at 10.30pm!I am replying from my Kitchen Table inManchester at 2.52pm whilstencouraging my three year old tocomplete his jigsaw!
    54. 54. Big Blogging TipYou serious? You send one of these toeach and every one of your subscribers?Truly? If so, Im impressed! :)
    55. 55. Big Blogging TipUr messg mustve awoken me. (2:20am). Looking forward to replying l8r thisam...Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTEDROID
    56. 56. Email Subscription…
    57. 57. E-mail Subscription…
    58. 58. Footer
    59. 59. Social Proof and Youtility
    60. 60. Blogging Tips1 • Keyword Research – Google keyword tool2 • Download headline guide on www.boostblogtraffic.com3 • 80% promotion 20% writing!4 • Read Social Triggers5 • Read Copyblogger
    61. 61. Building a Global Network Develop a Strategy for Content Identify your influencers and grow your online network Embrace Social – It’s not going away
    62. 62. LinkedIn: @ianclearySkype: icleary THAT’S ALL FOLKS....