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carrot washing peeling slicing machine Food Processing equipment central kitchen Razorfish


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Razorfish Solutions
specialist manufacturers of fresh produce preparation, slicing, dicing, washing and drying systems.
Our extensive engineering and manufacturing resource has made us a trusted and
reliable supplier of innovative processing solutions to the food processing industry throughout the world.
We design innovative, highly automated appliances that help you save energy and resources.

Fruit Vegetables Potato Carrot Tomato Lettuce Washing machine
Ability to customise the brush configuration to suit your vegetables and your washing and polishing needs
Built strongly to stand the test of time and to provide a low total cost of ownership
Easy access for cleaning and maintenance via sliding doors,
side removable shafts and clip on/off panels*
Separate variable speed controls for the brush and barrel rotation giving you the ability to control the intensity of the wash.
Enhanced bearing protection features to maximise the lifespan of your equipment,
Durable drive belts and gear motor systems,
Numerous safety components such as door locks and drum retainer.

Potato Onion Apple Pepper Cutting Machine
Razorfish Solutions only makes Simple, sturdy design:
Large hopper allowing bulky vegetables, such as lettuces and cabbages, to be processed.
Wide variety of cuts:
Comprehensive range for slicing, ripplecutting, grating and cutting into sticks,
strips or dice with optimum quality and precision every time.
ideal for processing delicate foodstuffs, dicing or making french fries,
as well as guaranteeing a wide variety of slicing, grating and julienne cuts.
successfully reconciling speed and cutting precision.


Razorfish Solutions Ltd.

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carrot washing peeling slicing machine Food Processing equipment central kitchen Razorfish

  1. 1. mm 5"‘ I‘: if: I; lit ti 1:: : 'l: W‘ llii 1;; 3>000l'G 'l~ li~l PC"l500i‘. '.}. i'l'iiPl1{}flJI('Lm. ill; ill 2: ill ill I I lit J= .Ti ll‘) hi )5: . ii‘! 11 5'31. 2T30.950xl570 mm 2200 min _ _ _ __ _ i _ 131; -; £J‘§“l| -3 IJE-1?} I; '. I.. l l ‘E’! l‘ 4’<. bc': i'i iJL | ‘ 7' ii. -3.; ,3")1'3: ’l7_. v‘I"‘ W U: l500kg, :“h 9}‘ Hill J‘: 2500’*‘1U00‘l"950lllll‘. J11"? -1: '2. Skit in i‘ V This machine is a large scale closed type washer and peeler for vegetable roots. Materials are push- ed forward by the slow rolling brushes. There's hig- h pressure spray-washing system inside the mach- ine. It's mainly used for washing and peeling carro- ts, potatoes and taros. If using soft rolling bushed, it can polish vegetables. This machine can be con- nected with automatic producing line. Dimension: 2730x950x1570 mm Length of Brush: 2200 mm Capacity: 3000KGlh r 73' r ‘ ‘xx v? f"u/ ’ _ .4 1, ‘ ‘7’, ,:| : C“ 30}. ‘, illi1(~ 3-‘ '05”; Cl on Lin: '>". '~>iZlll4<iEi'l*l: l;Cll‘z. ‘-1€lLw. 'l3'>i§lllft. lllfiltl‘£. llifl3'. Hill] l‘f't. 'u'. I'. ~ll'. l‘l‘-J| :}il“‘lH _, '.iox800x2»1oomn. J‘lJ»"$—“». : l.1Kll' Frame of this equipment is made of stainless steel. Conveyor belt is made of food-grade rubber. It's suitable to be used in raw material lifting ’ - part of food processing ‘ industries. 3 T Dimension: /~ 2240x800x2400 mm / - , ‘ _ ‘V’ 7 / _ _g V 4’ 4 / F — Y‘ ~' 9 » . _.. . - T , ‘ ~ 2 —— iv T / V / A 0 t V l ‘/ / , ~ '_ ' V. _ ' ‘ g . ‘ . , f p| fi—A __ L = ;'_; ~' ’ ‘. ‘ Ji 1 ‘ 1 ‘__ - ‘Ii ‘ I. A‘ ‘ § 1 ‘ i ‘T x 1} _ ' ' "f I) / "' « ill. will 2.. (' . V g , I '~ _‘*’I. l’~J‘l#‘. .;. ':llIi. ;I‘-:31; -i"-“'5: ill’-fl-9‘l': ‘5’t; I-311-lll l"5’i’; >.‘~’-. .lll'L' l~. '. l.5‘j<”-': flll". “-: - P _ -. ¢i. %lr2ldlKJi. 'jiJL. li§': l£i. l1lli’»UlJ§’ifi”Klr‘J E‘lIl. uJ"lli. !gi= |J '-' .5 f: ‘»lit'ri£lL'J: )'t l: ll". ll<J:2iL'»l'. : 133 J“ ‘U; ‘ll ll 1;i'}lt1’lii"'*§’JEi . is I. '. ,,i. fill l‘ . 'Lr"" / J: 1500kg»‘° h 5'Hl3 R 2500*l000*950mm 1.3175-: 3. 3k-. '1 -: This machine uses imported high-quality nylon for brushes, with strong bounce, anti-acid & alkali. high -temperature endurable. It can wash potato, carrot, radish. and polish those vegetables. Capacity: 1500kg/ H Dimension: 2500 x1000 x 950 mm Power: 2.2/2.8KW nnxmmummmuga. wym, mmm, mmm. El Il®iM&&nWi|1PNiHfi%lh
  2. 2. 1000 Ewiltjgifitll 1000 Attrition Type Vegetable Peeler aémnwmu, HHE In ii %3s Il»§$%fi¥7J<%H"]2*E}3'Z“l3T%)3l1I. , $'HTéRv“= 2480x850x1150mm EEiaiLIJJ$= 2.2/2.8KW This machine uses attrition rollers to peel off the deeper skin of vegetables, such as carrot potato, melon or fruits. , - Dimention: 2480x850x1150mm ’ Power: 2.2/2.8KW Roller Quantity: 8pcs (quantity can be changed at the request of customer) ‘ "1 I -' ‘ V 0 r _ 1 K N I 1 ‘ ‘ ‘ . .r. ' ' V‘ l » T ‘T £1 . . - ‘v _ f * V I * ’ , l l *- ~. ., - , .', -,-"'
  3. 3. mmmm= , 7 - 1.w%. w$xwmgmmm. u&%. #gtru, mviw ‘ , 2. / labial’, -ill‘J: i’ia‘}E. all-rill. ililstj. ii. -mi, £3.-. z. mfi%mmm. mm. mw. J m¢%mw+fiwm. s.M%mmmw. 3 Mkflfi: “ -. ‘.‘; - Wu til 1‘: «J 11 it; .19; 5.‘; at 1.1; Ill 313: 12—16kg. ~~"3— 56H«'l- lit -1*‘ ": = 16—50kg. .“‘3*5’; }‘i-’l' Nl= ?’; I: l20~l60kg. »~". |ll‘I ii! ’-. ’>I: ‘#‘ii! ~»’</ }"i~_”’:3: 4O0‘500kg. ‘Vlil~]' . -,-. 9lli£)~d -1': 162ox1255x11oo (mm) l~‘-: <'riw: *.{«‘: i . ;* 5l, *T§:250kg ,2 = Scope ofApplication ‘ , , 1. Washing vegetables of leaf. rhizome types, such as spinach. celery, potato, carrot, etc. 2. Washing fruits, such as apple, Chinese hawthorn. grape. pear. etc. 3. Cleaning meat, such as fish. meat, etc. 4. Cleaning other types. such as cleaning of various roots. stems. leaves in production of traditional Chinese medicine. Technical Specification: - Washing time and volume of one-time cIeaning:12-16kg/3-5 min. B - rhizome types: 16-50kg/3-5 min Leaf type: 120~160kgIhour _ _ ‘, j:_. _ - rhizome types and fruits types: 400~500kg/ hour overall , ['C—(; __ _': ’—"" _"“ - dimension: 1620"1255'1100(mm) length'Width'Height __-3,‘, ’ ‘ ‘_. _ ff . ‘ . -Weightofmachine:250kg -‘* "30?’ " " . ‘. .4 _¢
  4. 4. 80 ; :”; ‘%; ‘7&li5‘tl*itlL 80 Fresh Ginger Washer & Peeler ' ii-5.é3‘@¥% %’f‘%% 33% l*’= £"}l‘E%%’«S%ir? riB‘Jl%i5'fililE&E4fi1‘E’Xl$5E lfillfilblifilfihlfiflffit Hi? |‘}7IZ17"(: ., | t’s suitable for washing and peeling vegetable roots like fresh ginger, potato or carrot. By equipping soft brush rollers, it can wash Chinese water chestnut and polish carrots. . . . IjJ$ Power: 1.5KN -' 2 / ' I I FE Capacity: ‘ ' w’ 5. 150—250KG/ H (fi¥% for fresh ginger) . / . 300-500KG/ H (3)3? I‘ j: §_ for potato or carrot) " It 1.) :5 Net Weight: 200KG . ' ‘ ! ' ' fitliféfifi‘ Dimension: 1180x780x1080mm « at ‘ - . - *’
  5. 5. Jfiltl iéllllfltffi ll! $~’$3. iii“. 4x. ‘t£fiI2"i- is5l"l".3:tNI? iF:2i‘l*n‘£? .t1I‘-Ir. filth ti‘aElll‘1'. i&1,l‘lA2 iLIlTI*l'i1. lfi[li'Q_i”_;8'l"fi. fl.’l'Jt. ’flff- lHi'! '.i9H*l‘+*. !:'tQlt‘1ll1!IS: :iIi: ’». :_ 2>. 'tll‘liJ1lllilifii3§lll£tf+. ll! f’rUlI: .i: ‘lluBilt; I¢_i4l. mrtrasgrta. tllfrfi-Ii‘»t<ifiil§N. nllit'. ‘&ti'l! i3lz! £i£'lz- litfvifili» 3'1 tflié ’. S'Y1I’Pi£Il| |“lIlzI. Frkfiééfitnfi. ir’i'«'i‘r"fila‘i= Available It's suitable for those central kitchen or vegetable processin industry which deal with washing vegetable leaf/ root, sea products and lruits. Feature.1) Use of a bu ble cycle surfing, high pressure spray three cleaning combinations, so that the vegetables get a lull range ol thorough cleansrng.2) Discharge action is enhanced by the conveyor hoist on high-pressure spray to second wash vegetables. flow adjustment valve next to the machine In control ot the vegetables torward speed. easy to operates) Conveyor belt is made of imported PP mesh, which measures looo»graae standard, easy to clean 1000 P‘ 5. Capacity SOOKGIH ’ Itw; Voltage. zoowaaov . °Ht‘. ."£¢ Drrnonsioh 2500l800xtl00mm . fi, "5}, "1:V- N’ Pt-3!~1=, P9:"r ' _iWf—l- ? r. in Cycle Pump Power‘ i saw ’ if-‘-1lI'. l $’ Conveyor Power 0 lBKW . 2000 _ ‘:3 Capacgty. 100gKGIH . Ilw~ Voltage 38OVI5OHZ "l"lf. ‘.'. it Oimens-on" 3400xl160x1480mm _'6'.9.U’J $’ Arr Pump Power" 3 TSKW M H. #. 91 Cycle Pimp Power 3KW ' trill: -Tl7‘1". W Conveyor Power 0.37l<W IMO V‘ ‘i Capacity. ZOOOKGJH IlI. ‘lv. Voltage: 300V I "§. ”l? CM Ivae-phase tour-wire) "Ht*'l~l Dimension 533DiIl300xl550mm "'. fi‘.1’. ' 1‘ Air Pump Power. SKW til if $1 9" Cycle Pump Power‘ 3l(W
  6. 6. 500 % $IJ; ‘%; ‘5'EJi‘5£i§iIL 500 Carrots Washing & Peeling Machine 1H: i913i’<Ffi1iii)fii£EI)Efifi| J. ’fi'éi9ei$fiM%%99< j: Ei%E / "T if iii. %E| J3$i$€§. fifitéz %i‘*a’7EfiF? §%§. i%‘i*§7J<'% ii Q . tb; ~ V‘ _'. __: £i= _?“fiEjJ: 700-800/AI? //Ma‘ / / 9» P ; -X ériflfinfi 1600x780x1050mm ‘ ‘- L E E: 22OKG ~ £5 7:: 1.5KW » ' ‘ fiiiflifififilfifiiiiiififliéfiiuifio Capacity: 700—800KG/ H ’ Dimension: 1600x780x1050mm ~. ‘ Weight: 220KG ‘ ‘ Power: 1.5KW in *4“!
  7. 7. IT]: Hi. ll] ‘Ni. ill’. t 7 Jill flit J’ A . _I. :i'1‘ it ‘l’ FF] HF _. fi_’. 'ii . 52.1] l7) A33‘ fill 591 v H‘ iii ll? ifrii £5 . 1*. k::3i; §*; . in ifti r"' flu’: .. The equipment washes dirt attached on the surface of vegetables, by air bubble washing. It imitates human washing motion and avoids collision or friction damages caused by human washing. Efficiency will be increased because this machine change human labor to mechanized process. It is suitable for washing fresh vegetables, preserved vegetables. fungus. marine products, ect. According to different weight of different materials. we design two models: Model WA and Model WB. Model WA is suitable for those materials lighter than water, while W8 is for those heavier than water. F“ iii. Capacity: 800kg, v’h "L‘. friI)J«‘%‘i Air Pump Power: O.75KW i. ‘l"v‘«fi/ l<>‘: £ Cycle Pump Power: 1.5KW $'iiu]ié§'. 'iT1f}j-*4’-5 Conveyor Powen 0.18KW $'l~ llélil xl‘ Dimension: 2000 X 900 X 1340 mm ‘till; Voltage: 220V/380V nl-lllllii ‘Mk 'L. "1;}'<Jl"i 71:1 5& iii. ~. ‘t', "; ‘F: . Iii ’: ¥IJJis'E. We can add ozone. scalding, coollngand other functions according to client requirement. n_ ri- L l"J 315 {T ii" '31 5} ii‘; 3155 fl‘; ifiliim Ilil HI 4'? 133. BUY! A 1'. iii‘ 23*; 1.1; 492151 ll? T l‘. f‘l= "R‘2 "9?
  8. 8. amp §§’i§. .%; ’¢tiii’, Ziiil T 3000 L- e Twe Vegetabie Washer 8: Peeieir lfizfiiflib jCfl1‘E%§%fil§}‘Ji‘§: ?5‘Ef)3‘Z7iJL. . , This machine is a large scale closed type washer and peeler for vegetable roots. Materials are pushed forw- auiwiwaisiu, mum 2'? a”. L"aesi': %“; °!12%. '1L‘; ?3§iiZT§; §.fir'? ;‘? 'it%, '$s§: ie 9A%'%fi11IiU‘isJtH’*E1<J"3‘z§'E ifi3‘L3d<flI§fdJii: $F‘% " V 9 V - V yam 5' " ° ’ used for washing and peeling carrots, potatoes and t- 5,Hf3'RTJL_ 2730x950x1570mm aros. If using soft rolling bushed, it can polish vegeta- %fi. &E; 2200mm bles. This machine can be connected with automatic gfrfigjg, 3000KG/ /jB= j‘ producingline. Dimension: 2730x950x1570mm Length of Brush: 2200mm Capacity: 3000KG/ h
  9. 9. 4-lIHlLl_t> lt’i‘tl€Flilll1 . iidl lllIClJlI't"‘i7.'Ilill iii ’l i" l Zi"t‘rt. i’li4M~»}'&-Iii. Ii)? !-‘t4’t‘Ji t; t&[. 4—1i'il i1’MH<L'4‘. lftllilltul-_. tfillll Hf)» lblll " '»‘i ’l 1.'»}tlLl1’. i 4| T l: J.’r)l’Ai*Jl1‘>lIli : l M1. - , t_’i. l Frame al this machine is made at cast steel. Roller is made at high quality PVC pipe Machine is strictly menulectured, not easy to bedelormed. good grad lng effect. do no harm to material surface and low price. This equipment is mainly used lor grading ra- und materials like orange. potato. ect. It's popular with larmers and production base. Capacity. 1-1.5T/ ll Grading Level: 3-8 levels Dimension. to be made under reguiieineiit 1.5:] b It's mainly used lor washing away waste llke hair or lioei lroni long or piece shape vegetables. Dimension: 3.5'1.5'1.6 m Power: 1i85KW Brush Roller ls pcs 1160 It's used to wash and polish while carrots without damage, which enables next preservation. Dimension: 3200X1150X|160 mm Power: 1.5KW ‘v~ lillg. JM)U'lli%Z'l‘ l'_'F;1'l.9lE‘. ’i‘ fiEliTiI‘t‘J). l1$ti‘i'ii)l. / ’i‘: m7’(. . liflilflikllili Ill‘! 3 290$-lfliiil llttll (2 ’l‘ fit 1/Jl‘iltl’i‘i*il1 ltl 4~fMl1 H lli fi‘t1‘H‘c'l‘ ‘K. i‘il 1’; ‘All it: Ullilt H. ’i‘ ll : J1f‘l‘< it’. 1'} ill “I till The peanut almond Slicer machine is made of stainless steel It can slice nuts like almond, peanuts automatically. with adiustaole slicing thickness. Iull—('nll: lg0) zoo/ :lilnt' J/ }:*: (PtIlIlL‘X‘) l still I|1.rJlllW~: JlI! ~lMlIiltl tlzib. uiiii. i- siiiiis tllLll| t‘lI l1ltl(ll'€t‘ l'(t| itIilll lR1dlll‘S))l'l'(l)’ 0 taooiiiiii iiiiii islii-iiii; Tliiitiii-ss) .0 05 l. uiinii lliii iiiliiitit) ziilllliii hi (Ininhil lioka ll ~l (Dlml*l}| (lll) "LZO'(1K3lKqUlIll| l AH’. “£! ll‘ Hill. i ’| W] A’ tf%lilZ’Lih’(.4‘1 ljithlil 9”t'l'»2lllZt' [Ui'i7tiil. lit’): Hliltkili 1’ ml l ll’. Joe’; Jll it This machine should be equipped with an aircoinpressor Because of the strong airllow produced by aircampressor. Ihecyclene peels oflsklri of cashews smoothly. with low damage late It is suitable for Ihosa garlic processing industries. ‘I>l(rt)-! l')' 220i‘ iiiiulii | 'llrtI’.4ll will ihii-e iili. i~» Luv hIWxtlIlll‘<|5(llI iiiiii il‘i’i"'; 'li. tlt<irrniiipriiuari " ‘Ml, lunii ’ill. <,lii PlU_~‘: |.Ifl: ),9’1kLI (ml +47|rA(“rllt‘lIrl). llllvllldli1lldULAl(‘I"tlA>llIg ullh 22301 . |xIl]t‘ stt-i~I. II‘ , maul: l't2‘lll UR} la l~ ¥l1:”. 'i Miliiitlzlltu, -iefrl’/ Jrri we. aim: Jlfl’l -iilnii. '£(’i‘lil'kll'J1-‘i. >.‘-. it-llll‘»l1'lih. W;‘_lsKx . i.*-2 LlWlll ii . lJlw: til. l.. V17. 'arJli! ‘:? llll l l -. l3‘. ’f: fti'ii‘. ll; :H. Mainly used lor square shredlng and segmenting meIons. trult and tuber vegetables like polatos. redishes, Iaros and yams as well as caring and segmenting cucuiiitaerslt is characterized by high efliclency , savIng much Iabounsalety and convenience. Suitable lor the prolesslonal lood products lactories to process preserved lrull. plckles, canned icon and idea in bags. Also in snacks. dlnning halls and lamllies. the machine can be used to prepare potato chips and aquare shed other yams.
  10. 10. g <, ,.g? . '7‘_*j. u-jr_°i: vv‘«: ;llt>lt: ti~'iii, tl» lbtfitliifiililllj F‘li_ii, itli; llrlil Ltlii . ‘«. .’ i. ii Mfiiitl i. .‘iil. fiiiiié i“i‘. : tt: iii fIiii. il£i§‘liti’i1. ll] ‘=1! li. ‘ii‘i l ii'l‘i'Ji liiii 0XN(ill. ’ lililililli 1. li'i Frame olthts equipment is made ol loed-grade rubber. part Dlfood processing industries. Dimension‘ 2240 X 800 X 2400 mm made at stainless steel. Conveyor belt is It's suitable to be used in raw material lilting ’ ea . I . . A J: :i4‘. <~ll ‘/ J l. ".“i1i . — t- M rhxiiiti Vail i“‘ii_ Elli M/ ill ‘ ii iii l‘i’ii'i l ‘Fill 'i ’wi. ll’: i‘i. ll. iil£. Lliiiiii U! ‘ l ‘iliiiliilil i i: i"i ’l VH1» iifll 1 i: ‘l“I'i. ii1‘it‘i l‘ ». '. ttlaaitwtl lllill . , ' _ tlti i-iin ‘ titty. iiltiitiii '}~il»] Ni L . i‘iliii"i'i. nilllizti l‘i; ilL>iiii Milli/ i‘ ‘iUl'. ‘li_1l' . zit) . iii~lwilt. i‘ ii"i ': iJil»r)i)llll*‘l5ilrllll ii: -'3 I U. Jilin l~. it b imklk. ii. 1 iii lint‘, , - l3U0i. u h i. iilli*illlltl*'I3ilir. nl This machine is a large scale closed type washer and peeler tor vegetable roots. Materials are push- ed lorward by the slow rolling brushes There's hig- h pressure spray-washing system inside the mach- ine. It's mainly used tor washing and peeling carro- ts, potatoes and taros. If using solt rolling hushed, it can polish vegetables. This machine can be con- nected with automatic producing line. Dimension: 2730X950x1570 mm Length at Brush: 2200 mm capacity. 3000KG/ h 2 Skin This machine uses imported high-quality nylon tor brushes, with strong bounce, anti-acid or alkali. high -temperature ertdurable. It can wash potato. carrot, radish, and polish those vegetables. Capacity, t500kg/ H Dimension: 2500x 1000 x 950 mm Power:2,2i2.8KW til! i‘i‘i. k‘». "iiéi ll-‘ stir ‘iiir'1ii’i‘)ili"‘l J/ J's’: lfinrl l1il00i This machine adopts three way conbination to wash vegetable by bubbles, waves and sprays so it has another name " triple-purpose washer‘, Bottom oi washer container is lnclinable so that sands and waste will be discharged easily. Sldeview cl machine has waste discharge case. which has two layers ol littering nets. Water will come back to washing container after littered by those two nets. That can save a lot water. This type olvegetable washer is an origlanal type and suitable tor most olvegetable or lruiis Many other type washer 3-~ ts designed basic onthis equipment. |tke, ultrasontcdevice islmproved to a. V be ultrasonic washing machine. or ozontzer is designed to beozonizer washing machine. ‘i_“i— 380V fly-i: "lci'i. U 9|~ 'i3,’l ‘J 2 5330mm! 1360rnm><155Drnrn ilrilitf» 3% 't‘~ ‘l ‘ii Ca acity'2000-2500kg/ h ‘ voltage: aaov three-phase tour-wire Dimension: 5330x1360x1550mm Circulating pump power. 3|(w Pump Power: 3.75kw Ozone production 20gIi1 lili'lL. iLl"U‘lvlI‘Jil1lln: 'r ‘ ‘-xiii’ v we can make the machine in various size according to client requirement. llii'ZiL'ii£’iiivl’ . tiinutlxl l"iii)‘(it‘| .iiU tiiiriil 0tl. li7liitlt)ill5tii1ll tiinii 7n' There's a timer that can set dehydrating lime. Dehydrating rotation speed can be adjusted. There’re tour baskets inside machine. There’: salety switch at the lid. Capacity:10-12KG/ Everyllme Dimension: 730(L)x740(W)x1150tH) (mm) Motor: ZHP/220V Frequency Converter: ZHP Basket Dimension: (Upper circla Diameter) 500 x (Lower Circle Diameter) 410 x (Height) 340mm 5i . ,i r L-: , ‘ iii i. hlr'iittliilli'rixi’li imll). ,r“* , 5 . . , ' ‘ l Fy. ¢ 3*: ‘;: ~'. "
  11. 11. uiii” ~. . . ~- —. -. . , 1‘ M’ t, ,,', &_‘, m€“. fim‘ “mat fix‘ J‘ m_w| ‘.', ;> : Ii"ll! lqlH ‘: ‘i’M¥. MWl~»‘i‘tlt? >3$l| Urltil‘Jii’i1rt| l'lZlk&1l‘14ltl‘ltlillllblvnrlllll‘. NW Hlléll. 2. rl< wt. «tram. meet. that. mat. " “ ll. rt . Itiifii, iii‘-‘ _ rt , ,, v 1. l ‘ . nirvat4ut’; .~uivt+i: it+tt. ax. uixrm'. '.r, t:t. 30., Z3;; ,5,, l.lZ. l$fi, %_ . .,, , 4 ltrtfit: Ttltir 2002/: H i': €:§A{n_H_g&1‘£m’§i%/ gfw m *y 50k 3 5,)“. WVKN ll30.l1HOX700lllllI II . -»i—ita~’— 31:: 16- <"— . . . . iii )3 1~z0—153yK )Jt]“—' iii fitflfi/ idgfiggfi . rQ0—: ,‘,0gkK, r], |'. l Itssuitahlelorwashrng and peeling vegetable ieguxi axiiao (mm) i; :‘; t;»t, .., roots Itlte fres'ltbgingher, fo| otato_‘ort: arrot. "Ecyh> l-<, :250kg equipping so ms ro ers. i canwas mesa Scope oi/ tpplication water chestnut and polish carrots. 1 Washing vegetables oi leal. rhizome types. such as spinach. celery. potato‘ carrot. etc. Power: t.5KW 2. Washing fruits. such as apple. Chinese hawthorn. grape. pear. etc. Capacity: 3. Cleaning meat, such as iish. meat. etc. 150-250 KG/ n (iorlresh ginger) 4 Cleaning other types, such as cleaning oi various roots. stems, leaves in production of traditional 300-500 KGIh (tor potato or carrot) Chinese medicine. Net Weight: 200 KG Technical Specification: Dimension: 11BOx780><700 mm - Washing time and volume oi one-time cleaning:12-16kgI3-5 min. - rhizome types: I6-5Dkgl3-5 min Leaf type: 120-160kg/ hour - rhizome types and fruits types: 400~500kglhour overall - dimension: 1620'1Z55"1100(mm) lengih'Width'Height ~ weight at machlne:250kg H1 lwli ii7i. lfiil’JilIirl< i ll’. lifii'i‘1fi'ltLliii . ' i‘lilJv"‘l'n’l, ¢‘ilM‘5:’ i This machine IS a large scale closed type washer and A F M Ki M ' ’ peeler for vegetable roots. Materials are pushed iorw- 9M. .N ,1. oooxmoxlzsomm ard bythe slowrolling brushes. There's high pressure imam; , _; t5k. spray-washing system inside the machine. It's mainly used rcrwashing and peeling carrots. potatoes and t- . .. . . 7 aros. If using soil rolling hushed, it can polish vegeta- §§fi8‘, :’; °‘ ' ” ° '"'“ hles. This machine can be connected with automatic . 3090]“; 4."; producingline. Alter washing vegetables tor dry of! the water, a lormer ten 01 electric heating, hot air generated will be used after washing dried vegetables. Dimension: 2730x950x1570 mm Length 0! Brush: 2200 mm Capacity: 3000KGIh Size: 5000! 8 I 0* |250mm Power:3,85kw Capacity'1-2TIH Vo| tage:38DV three phase Net Weight:6fl0kg Wl~Ill"M'P? ta‘lfiil. Ill i it in l"J. li? t’ET'Tm‘liX/ l<'l‘ii‘iLiil>. ‘Uii 1.. 5'llt£l( »l8UX850><ll50mtii iutilili 2.2 2.8kw This mac e uses Attrition rollers to peel oft the deeper skin of vegetables. such as carrot potato, meIon or lruits. Dimention: 2480X650><1150mm Power: 2.2I2.8kw Roller Quantity: B pcs(quarIlity can he changed at the request at customer) A