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Design Matters: A Mobile UX Manifesto


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A mobile UX manifesto delivered by Razorfish's Senior Information Architect Kyle Outlaw at the 2009 Think Mobile Conference in New York.

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Design Matters: A Mobile UX Manifesto

  1. Mobile Clients : Adidas, AOL, Audi, Axe, Best Buy, Carnival Cruiseline, Citi, Dow Jones, eBay, Godiva, JC Penney, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Visa, XM Radio and others Platforms: Mobile web, iPhone OS, Android Razorfish + Mobile Photo by DJ-Nike on Flickr
  2. prologue
  3. For the past several years our clients in Europe and Asia have been embracing mobile….
  4. Europe - Adidas
  5. Europe - AXE
  6. Asia - Nike
  7. But in the U.S. there wasn’t much demand for mobile, until….
  8. Photo by Vedia on Flickr
  9. All of a sudden, clients are interested in mobile (particularly iPhone) and are beginning to ask us a lot of (the same) questions…
  10. … so here are 5 principles to address the questions that clients are asking us.
  11. 5 principles For mobile UX
  12. Principle no. 1 – Get your hands dirty
  13.  Invest in innovation  Build skills, learn by doing  Ideally give money, or time  Freedom to fail  Share knowledge, archive experiments Principle no. 1 – Get your hands dirty
  14. Principle no. 2 – Choose your platform carefully
  15.  Know the target audience: what phones, OS, carriers customers are using  Device agnostic or native application (or hybrid)?  iPhone is probably the best bang for the buck (stability, exposure in iTunes) Principle no. 2 – Choose your platform carefully
  16. Sometimes mobile web makes more sense…
  17. Principle no. 3 – Embrace “mo-jile” Photo source:
  18.  Agile development seems particularly suited for mobile.  Cross-functional disciplines (creative, ux, tech)  Control of feature set  Rapid development process  Test early and often  Hybrid process – “mo-jile”? - Principle no. 3 – Embrace “mo-jile”
  19. A hybrid agile approach for mobile ux • High-Level Functionality • Contract • ProductBrief • Prioritized Features /Functions • High-level App Architecture & Roadmap • Prototype (key functionality) • Businessrules • Visual styleguide • Visual comps • Wireframes • Task flow diagrams • Code production • Supporting infrastructure Set-Up • Rapid User Testing • Release SOW > Visioning Phase > Agile Build Phase Sprint1 > Sprint2 > Sprint3 > Sprint4 >
  20. Core team snapshotFA • Supports Management of the Backlog • Explains functionality between the prototype and the real site • Attends both the Tech and UX scrums PM • Ensures alignment with business objectives and throughout process • Keeps project on track (timing and budget) Developer • Building the prototype into a real site • Bug fix of the real site • Launch Support Designer • Partnering with UX to fulfill the early development of comps, wireframes and copy decks that enable prototype development Experience • Creates a draft of stories for the planning meeting • Creates work flow through prototype • Leads Consumer Testing ContentandCopy • Validates that evolution of the prototype can be supported from a content feed perspective.
  21. v v v Principle no. 4 – Sweat the details
  22.  Don’t throw out the standard experience deliverables just yet  Application architecture diagram, wireframes, task flows, feature matrix  Gestural methods, sound, microphone, camera, accelerometer  UX suddenly got a lot more complicated - Principle no. 4 – Sweat the details
  23. Principle no. 4 – Sweat the details
  24. Principle no. 4 – Sweat the details
  25. Principle no. 5 – Be Unique
  26.  Difficult to stand out from the crowd  Take risks  Push the envelope technologically  Focus only on core features (strengths) - Principle no. 5 – Be Unique
  27. Principle no. 5 – Be Unique
  28. Principle no. 5 – Be Unique
  29. Principle no. 5 – Be Unique
  30. Principle no. 5 – Be Unique
  31. Principle no. 5 – Be Unique
  32. Principle no. 5 – Be Unique
  33. 1. Get your hands dirty 2. Choose your platform carefully 3. Embrace “mo-jile” 4. Sweat the details 5. Be unique Rinse + repeat 5 principles recap
  34. epilogue
  35. The iPhone has set a new benchmark for user experience Photo by duncandavidson on Flickr
  36. But is it just the tip of the iceberg? Photo source:
  37. Augmented reality was available first on Android… Photo Source:
  38. Advanced telecommunications services on iPhone have been problematic… Photo source:
  39. PCs and Phones continue to converge
  40. New devices and platforms bring enormous possibilities coupled with potentially huge usability headaches.
  41. Welcome to the golden age of mobile usability…
  42. e: t: @koutlaw