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Sleeping Giants: Digital Awakens TV and Media


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Sleeping Giants: Digital Awakens TV and Media

Television has looked pretty much the same since its inception in the early 40s, give or take a few rabbit ears and a hundred pounds. But, the revolution has already begun. Recently Razorfish has been doing some significant research on the importance television plays in our lives, and what we think the fundamental shift that is taking place in TV and media, in general, will mean for advertising and marketers. As a digital agency, you might expect us to forecast the death of TV (and :30 spots), but you'd be wrong. We think TV's DNA will be alive and well, you just might not recognize it from how it looks today, and this digital impact will have major implications, not just for TV, but for media as a whole: technology, content development, distribution, advertising and brands.

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Sleeping Giants: Digital Awakens TV and Media

  1. “End of the :30 spot!”<br />The Future of TV<br />“End of the :30 spot!”<br />“TV is dying!”<br />or is it??<br />
  2. Study 1: TV Deprivation <br />
  3. Study 2: Digital Natives<br />
  4. Study 3: Bleeding Edgers<br />
  5. TV’s 9 Genes<br />Passivity <br />Conversation <br />Water Cooler Currency <br />Social <br />Stimulation <br />Fantasy <br />Passion points <br />Participation <br />Consumerism<br />
  6. Scenario 1: The Couch Potato<br />What are you in the mood for?<br />
  7. Scenario 2: The Social Butterfly<br />
  8. TV will be portable<br />
  9. Scenario 3: The Culture Vulture<br />
  10. Scenario 4: The Fan<br />
  11. The future is already here – it is just unevenly distributed.- William Gibson<br />
  12. Thank you!<br />Domenic Venuto, <br />Managing Director, Head of <br />Media & Entertainment Practice<br />Andrew Pimentel, <br />Strategy Director<br />