Lucagbo, chap2 case3


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Lucagbo, chap2 case3

  1. 1. PORTABLE MEDIA PLAYER Next Phase Electronics Raziel B. Lucagbo ACT-1
  2. 2. FEATURED MODEL GPS NavEx 5inch Touchscreen GPS Navigator + MP3 MP4 player Avatar - 7 Inch Portable 3D Photo and Video Player (Stereoscopic) Watch cellphone, stainless steel, quadband GSM connectivity  Built in camera  Bluetooth ear piece  1GB mini SD card  Video camera  FM radio GPS DvD – SG 7inch touch screen Car Media System and GPS Navigator
  3. 3. USER INTERFACE Canola is an all-around media  Zune portable media player is the next player for pictures, music and best alternative outside of that brand that videos developed specifically for falls on Newtons head. It has a very the Nokia Internet Tablet series. slick interface and a looker too.  entirely streamlined for finger use  GUI is very nice and Apple-y for lack of a • provide two-dimensional navigation • has sections for music videos, pictures, social better term radio, podcasts, marketplace, games and settings  supported and coupled with the • can add songs to a quick playlist without free Tversity reconnecting to the desktop software •.
  4. 4. FINDING AND LOADING SONGS Sheet Music Consortium An Open Archives Initiative collection of digitized sheet music from a group of libraries, including the Library of Congress, the National Library of Australia, Duke University, Indiana University, Johns Hopkins University, UCLA, and the University of Maine. African-American Sheet Music, 1850-1920 (Library of Congress) This collection consists of 1,305 pieces of African-American sheet music dating from 1850 through 1920. The collection includes many songs from the heyday of antebellum black face minstrelsy in the 1850s and from the abolitionist movement of the same period. American Memory Collections: Performing Arts (Library of Congress)The Library has a stunning amount of materials available online. "American Memory provides free and open access through the Internet to written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience. It is a digital record of American history and creativity." Historic American Sheet Music The Historic American Sheet Music Project provides access to digital images of 3042 pieces from the collection, published in the United States between 1850 and 1920. IN Harmony: Sheet Music from Indiana (Indiana University) Harmony: Sheet Music from Indiana is a search and discovery system for accessing sheet music from the Indiana University Lilly Library, the Indiana State Library, the Indiana State Museum, and the Indiana Historical Society. Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music (John Hopkins University) The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music consists of over 29,000 pieces of American popular music. The collection spans the years 1780 to 1980 Sheet Music Collections (Duke University) Duke University Music Library and Media Center provides an extensive list of links to collections of sheet music at other institutions. Sheet Music From Canadas Past This site is a source of sheet music published in Canada before 1921, selected from Library and Archives Canadas historical collection.