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Boreal forest


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about the forest taiga

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Boreal forest

  1. 1. GroupNo.3 BorealForest or Taiga
  2. 2. Boreal forest Biophysical environments Biotic interactions Fire regimes & post-fire succession Floodplain succession & paludification Forest clearance and succession Climate change: natural & anthropogenic
  3. 3. Boreal forest biome ------- Scandinavia 70% Russia 70% Alaska 50% Canada Fairbanks Pr. Albert Kapuskasing Chicoutimi Note latitudinal variation
  4. 4. Mean annual snowfall (mm)
  5. 5. Boreal forest Tundra Permafrostpatchy discontinuous continuous Mean location Polar FrontJulyJan 150 240 Mean #d <0°C tree growth pollen/seed viability 120 30 Mean #d >10°C
  6. 6. The boreal forest biome in Canada
  7. 7. Trees of the N. American boreal forest Evergreens Deciduous
  8. 8. non-accessed spruce pine balsam fir poplar birch other Boreal forest vegetation types (North America)
  9. 9. Forest structure Boreal forest Taiga spruce/birch/pine forest mosaic spruce-lichen woodland
  10. 10. Boreal forest soils south north Podzols, regosols gleysols, cryosols Underlain by coarse-textured deposits or bedrock. Well-drained, warm fairly rapidly in summer, more rapid breakdown of organics, strongly-leached, acidic, low nutrient availability. Underlain by fine-textured deposits / permafrost. Poorly- drained, cold in summer; little microbial activity, slow breakdown of organics, low nutrient availability. boreal forest taiga 0 100 O Ae Bf O BC Cg
  11. 11. Forest community segregation in the boreal forest site: wet mesic dry soil: gleys podzols active: thin (<0.3m) thick (>2m) layer (or no permafrost) organic thick thin layer black spruce tamarack white spruce - birch-aspen- balsam fir jack pine mosses
  12. 12. Floodplain succession ( pioneer phase)
  13. 13. Floodplain succession ( pioneer phase) Balsam poplar white spruce herbs
  14. 14. Floodplain succession (climax phase) mature white spruce on scroll bars