Facebook friends to google+ contacts


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8 easy steps to transfer your facebook friends to Google +.

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Facebook friends to google+ contacts

  1. How do I get my friends back??<br />A tale of mice wanting to run in circles<br />
  2. [ based on a true story, really! ]<br />
  3. Once upon a time, I had a mouse. In fact, I had 286 of them, running around in circles… oh, no… lets start again….<br />Once upon a time, I had 286 mice, boxed up in a little drawer. The mice wantedto run in circles, but couldn’t….<br />
  4. My mice are MY FaceBook Friends!<br />..and I couldn’t get them out…. <br />
  5. UNTIL…<br />
  6. …Came, and saved the day…<br />It was a fluke, of course. ..<br />
  7. So, how can one move his Facebook friends to Google+ ?<br />Not too difficult, just follow the white rabbit…<br />Log onto Yahoo! mail.<br />>> Contacts<br />>> Import Contacts<br />>> Choose – Facebook<br />Log onto Google +<br />>> Circles<br />>> Find and Invite<br />>> Yahoo! <br />You’re done!<br />
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  10. Easy, right?<br />Find out more on www.razchorev.com<br />