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Choosing the Right Women’s Footwear Important Tips


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Women love to buy fashion footwear and most of the times at the cost of health fashion almost always takes the front place.
Itching, scarring, swelling, painful and smelly feet at the end of the day! before wearing your footwear dry your feet well, apply talcum powder and then begin your day, your feet will smell fresh.
While buying designer branded footwear women can consider a few important tips and select the best type of footwear that will give them comfort as well as be a fashion statement.
As I share on my blog, still continuing in search of perfect many beautiful designs in womens footwear,
Sharing a few important tips here, enjoy and choose correctly, your feet will thank you!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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Choosing the Right Women’s Footwear Important Tips

  1. 1. Choosing the Right Women’s Footwear Important Tips for Buying Women’s Footwear By Rizwana A.Mundewadi
  2. 2. Did you look at your feet, are they like this after any event
  3. 3. Do you buy footwear by the physical appearance of the design and color At the end of the day how are your feet looking and feeling and smelling?
  4. 4. Balanced heels even if high are more comfortable to wear
  5. 5. Understand different types and sizes of heels and choose the most comfortable size We all are not models, unless you are in the modeling profession
  6. 6. Choose the right type of Heel you are comfortable to walk in Box heel Shoe Pencil pointed heel Shoe
  7. 7. Understand the different sizes of heels and choose what you are comfortable in
  8. 8. In the name of fashion women wear footwear even if they are most uncomfortable and painful Many times leading to serious health problems
  9. 9. Ankle straps help to give support to your feet
  10. 10. You need not compromise fashion for comfort Today we have a lot of fancy footwear in all types from women’s shoes to chappals and sandals and also different shaped heels
  11. 11. Flats and Platform Heels
  12. 12. Even Chappals and Slippers are available in fancy designs, heels and colors
  13. 13. Indulge in some fashion footwear keeping a few things in mind Buy the right type and size of footwear
  14. 14. Very High Heels put a lot of pressure on spinal column, calf and back muscles
  15. 15. Pointed shoes put pressure on toes as compared to box shaped box shaped
  16. 16. Buy shoes in evening, our feet tend to swell a bit till later part of the day
  17. 17. Always wear both of the pair of sandals and walk in them , then buy
  18. 18. Complete flat heels are also not so comfortable as our body looks graceful with some heels
  19. 19. If your feet sweat much go in for open designs in footwear
  20. 20. Walking or Trekking and attending Red carpet events require different types of footwear
  21. 21. Choose footwear according to occasion and how long hours you are going to wear them
  22. 22. Enjoy , and Choose the right footwear, your feet will thank you! Love Women’s Footwear visit my blog In Search of Perfect Footwear
  23. 23. All the Best from Rizwana!