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  1. 1. Irregular VerbsThis compilation © copyright Steven David Bloomberg 2006 progressive.elt@verizon.netFirst Form base form Second Form past Third Form past participle It doesnt change. It doesnt bet betbid bid bidbroadcast broadcast broadcastburst burst burstcast cast castcost cost costcut cut cutfit fit fitforecast forecast forecasthit hit hithurt hurt hurtknit knit / knitted knit / knittedlet let letproofread proofread proofreadput put putquit quit quitread read (pronounced as red) read (pronounced as red)rid rid ridset set setshed shed shedspit spit spitshut shut shutsplit split split
  2. 2. spread spread (pronounced as spred) spread (pronounced as spred)sweat sweat / sweated sweat / sweatedthrust thrust thrustupset upset upsetwet wet wet ends with silent /e/ ends with /en/ vowel changes to /o/ ends with /en/awake awoke awokenbreak broke brokenchoose chose chosenfreeze froze frozenspeak spoke spokensteal stole stolenwake woke wokenweave wove woven /i/ changes to /o/ ends with /en/arise arose arisendrive drove drivendive dove dived * exceptionhandwrite handwrote handwrittenride rode riddenrise rose risenstride strode striddenstrive strove striventypewrite typewrote typewrittenwrite wrote written
  3. 3. /a/ changes to /oo/ ends with /en/mistake mistook mistakenovertake overtook overtakenpartake partook partakenretake retook retakenshake shook shakentake took takenundertake undertook undertaken vowel changes ends with /en/beat beat (vowel doesnt change) beaten (vowel doesn’t change)browbeat browbeat (vowel doesnt change) browbeat / browbeatenforbid forbade forbiddeneat ate eatenovereat overate overeatenfall fell fallenforget forgot forgottenget got gottenforgive forgave forgivengive gave givenbite bit bittenfrostbite frostbit frostbittenhide hid hiddendisprove disproved disproved / disprovenprove proved proved / provenswell swelled swollen
  4. 4. ends with /ed/ or /t/ ends with /ed/ or /t/burn burned / burnt burned / burntdaydream daydreamed / day dreamt daydreamed / daydreamtdream dreamed / dreamt dream / dreamtkneel kneeled / knelt kneeled / kneltleap leaped / leapt leaped / leaptlearn learned / learnt learned / learntsmell smelled / smelt smell / smeltspell spelled / spelt spelled / speltspill spilled / spilt spilled / spilt ends with /t/ ends with /t/ /d/ changes to /t/ /d/ changes to /t/bend bent bentbuild built builtlend lent lentrebuild rebuilt rebuiltsend sent sentspend spent spent ends with /t/ ends with /t/deal dealt dealtfeel felt feltmean meant meantleave left left /eep/ changes to /ept/ /eep/ changes to /ept/creep crept crept
  5. 5. keep kept keptoversleep overslept oversleptsleep slept sleptweep wept wept /aught/ /aught/catch caught caughtteach taught taught /ought/ /ought/bring brought broughtbuy bought boughtfight fought foughtseek sought soughtthink thought thoughtwork worked (wrought - uncommon) worked (wrought - uncommon) /oo/ changes to /o/ /oo/ changes to /o/outshoot outshot outshotovershoot overshot overshotreshoot reshot reshotshoot shot shottroubleshoot troubleshot troubleshot ends with /d/ ends with /d/ ends with /d/ ends with /d/hear heard heardmishear misheard misheard
  6. 6. overhear overheard overheardslide slid slidhave had had /ea/ changes to /e/ /ea/ changes to /e/cheerlead cheerled cheerledlead led ledmislead misled misledplead pleaded / pled pleaded / pled /ay/ changes to /aid/ /ay/ changes to /aid/lay laid laidmislay mislaid mislaidoverpay overpaid overpaidpay paid paidprepay prepaid prepaidrelay relaid relaidrepay repaid repaidsay said (pronounced as sed) said (pronounced as sed)underpay underpaid underpaid /ell/ changes to /old/ /ell/ changes to /old/outsold outsold outsoldoversell oversold oversoldresell resold resoldretell retold retoldsell sold soldtell told told
  7. 7. /and/ changes to /ood/ /and/ changes to /ood/misunderstand misunderstood misunderstoodstand stood stoodunderstand understood understoodwithstand withstood withstood /i/ changes to /ou/ /i/ changes to /ou/bind bound boundfind found foundgrind ground groundrewind rewound rewoundspellbind spellbound spellboundunwind unwound unwoundwind wound wound /o/ changes to /e/ /o/ changes to /e/hold held helduphold upheld upheldwithhold withheld withheld /ee/ changes to /e/ /ee/ changes to /e/bleed bled bledbreed bred bredfeed fed fedflee fled fledmeet met metspeed sped / speeded sped / speeded
  8. 8. spoonfeed spoonfed spoonfed ends with /n/ /aw/ changes to /ew/ /awn/draw drew drawnoverdraw overdrew overdrawnredraw redrew redrawn /ear/ changes to /ore/ /ear/ changes to /orn/ /orne/bear bore born / borneswear swore sworntear tore tornwear wore worn /ow/ changes to /ew/ ends with /n/blow blew blowngrow grew grownknow knew knownoutgrow outgrew outgrownoutthrow outthrew outthrownovergrow overgrew overgrownoverthrow overthrew overthrownthrow threw thrown /ee/ changes to /aw/ /ee/ changes to /awn/foresee foresaw foreseenoversee oversaw overseensee saw seen
  9. 9. /ew/ and /ow/ /ew/ and /ow/fly flew flownsew sewed sewn / sewedshow showed shown / showed /i/ changes to /a/ /i/ changes to /u/begin began begundrink drank drunkoutdrink outdrank outdrunkoutsing outsang outsungoutswim outswam outswumpreshrink preshrank preshrunkring rang rungshrink shrank shrunksing sang sungsink sank sunkspin spun (span - uncommon) spunspring sprang sprungstink stank / stunk stunkswim swam swum /i/ changes to /u/ /i/ changes to /u/cling clung clungdig dug dugfling flung flunghang hung hungrehang rehung rehung
  10. 10. stick stuck stucksting stung stungstrike struck struckstring strung strungswing swung swungwring wrung wrung /o/ changes to /a/ It doesnt change.become became becomecome came comeovercome overcame overcome ends with /one/ /o/ changes to /i/ /o/ changes to /one/do did doneoutdo outdid outdoneoverdo overdid overdoneredo redid redone /o/ changes to /ent/ /o/ changes to /one/forego forewent forgonego went goneundergo underwent undergone /u/ changes to /a/ It doesnt change.outrun outran outrunoverrun overran overrunrerun reran rerun
  11. 11. run ran run The vowel changes. The vowel changes.shine shone shonesit sat satsneak snuck / sneaked snuck / sneakedspit spit / spat spit / spatwin won won one of a kind one of a kindlose lost lostlie lay lainslay slew slainbe was - were beenclothe clothed (clad uncommon) clothed (clad uncommon)